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Politics essay competition

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SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips. Are you taking AP World History this year? Or considering taking it at some point in high school? Then you need to read this AP World History study guide! Instead of cramming every single name, date, and politics essay place into essay your head, learn how to study for competition, AP World History so that you can learn the major ideas and be prepared for the test in May. Speaking of the exam, we'll also go over some key strategies for preparing for it. AP World History is challenging – just 6% of test takers got a 5 in 2015. But if you study correctly throughout the year, you could be one of the few students who aces this test. Below are six tips to follow in preparing for a thesis defence order to be well-prepared for the AP World History exam.

Read through each one and apply them to your test prep. You'll soon be well on your way to maximizing your exam score! Tip 1: Don't Try to politics, Memorize Everything. On Corporate Social Responsibility. If you start your AP World History class with the expectation of memorizing the entirety of human history, think again. Although AP World History tests a wide span of time, you aren’t expected to learn every tiny little detail along the way. Essay Competition. Rather, AP World History focuses on teaching major patterns, cultural and political developments, and technological developments throughout history. AP World History is organized into the following six time periods: Technological and Environmental Transformations (to c. 600 BCE) Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies (c. 600 BCE to c. 600 CE) Regional and Interregional Interactions (c. 600 CE to c. 1450) Global Interactions (c.

1450 to c. 1750) Industrialization and Global Integration (c. 1750 to c. 1900) Accelerating Global Change and Realignments (c. 1900 to the present) Within each period, you should know the major world powers and forces driving economic development, politics, and social change (including technology). However, you don’t have to have every detail memorized to do well on the test. Instead, focus on understanding major patterns and developments, and define research paper be able to explain them with a few key examples.

As an example, you don’t necessarily need to essay competition, know that in 1492 Columbus sailed the paper ocean blue, details of politics essay, his voyages, or the essay kill particulars of essay, his brutality. However, you should be able to explain why the European colonization of the Americas happened, the economic effects it had on Europe, Africa, and the Americas, and how colonization affected the opm resume lives of people on all three continents. Knowing a few concrete examples is essential to succeeding on essay competition, the new short-answer section. The short-answer questions which will typically present you with some information (a chart, a primary source, etc) and then ask you to provide several specific examples or reasons for opm resume, a broader theme or historical movement relating to the provided information. But you'll have flexibility in what you specific examples you choose, just so long as they are relevant. Essay. This new section is four questions long and opm resume worth 20% of politics, your exam score (so each question is essay, worth 5%), and you'll have 50 minutes within section 1 to complete it. Politics Essay. Concrete examples can also bolster your essays and improve your ability to define, break down any multiple choice questions on the topic. However, you should focus first on understanding the big picture before you memorize nitty-gritty details. If you’re coming from AP US History, this advice may seem odd. But unlike US History, which is more fine-grained, the AP World History exam writers do not expect you to politics essay competition, know everything since they test a much larger topic.

AP US History is essentially a test of define research, 400 years of history in one location, so it’s fair to expect students to know many proper names and politics competition dates. But for World History, that same level of detail isn’t expected since it takes place over define research thousands of years all over the world. Instead, you should focus on politics, understanding the general patterns of important topics through history. Not only research, will this save you time, but it will also keep you sane as your textbook hurls literally hundreds of names, places, and dates at you over the year. Competition. And speaking of your textbook… AP World History is not a class where you can sleep through it all year, skim a prep book in April, and still get a perfect 5 on on corporate social, the AP exam. Politics. You are learning all of human history, after all! Trying to cram for this test late in on to kill prejudice the game would be stressful and inefficient because of the sheer volume of material. And all that reading would hurt your eyes. Instead, keep up with your reading and do well in your World History class to politics essay, ensure you are building a strong foundation of knowledge throughout the year . This way, in the spring, you can focus on preparing for the AP test itself and the topics it’s likely to test, as opposed to frantically trying to learn all of human history in two months. To this end, if your teacher isn’t already requiring you to do something like this, make sure to keep notes throughout the year of your reading.

This could be in the form of outlines, summaries, or anything else that is helpful to you. Taking notes will help you process the reading and remember it better. Your notes will also be an invaluable study tool in the spring. As a last tip, check the website of define paper, whatever textbook your class uses. Many textbook websites have extra features including pre-made chapter outlines and summaries. These can also be excellent study resources for you throughout the year. Politics. Tip 3: Read a Prep Book (or Two) in the Spring. Even if you keep up with AP World History throughout the year, you’re probably going to be a bit hazy on topics you learned in September when you start studying for preparing thesis defence, the test in March or April.

This is why we recommend getting a prep book, which will provide a much broader overview of world history, focusing especially on topics the AP exam will test. If you’ve been learning well throughout the year, reading a prep book will trigger your background knowledge and politics essay competition help you review. Define Research. Think of your prep book as your second, much quicker pass through World History. And in case you’re wondering: no, the politics prep book will not fill you in on the necessary depth of knowledge for the entire test, so you can't replace reading your textbook throughout the year with reading a prep book in the spring. Cample Letter. The AP World History multiple choice section, in particular, can ask some pretty specific questions, and politics essay you would definitely have blind spots if you just read a prep book and for a thesis not a textbook. Furthermore, you wouldn't be able to explain examples in your essay in politics as much detail if you have only read a few paragraphs about kill a mockingbird prejudice, major events. Politics. Tip 4: Get Ready to Move at 1 M.P.Q. (Minute Per Question) To prepare for the AP World History exam, knowing the material is just half the battle.

You also need to be ready to tackle the test itself. The multiple choice section is challenging due to its pace. Essay Racial. The AP World History multiple choice section (Section 1, part A) asks 55 questions in 55 minutes and is 40% of essay competition, your exam score. This gives you just one minute per kill a mockingbird, question, which means you have to essay, move fast. To be ready for this quick pace, you need to practice. Taking the AP World History exam without practicing first would be like jumping into a NASCAR race without a driver's license. To be prepared for this, it’s crucial to scarlet, get a prep book with practice tests. Even if you have read your textbook diligently, taken notes, and reviewed the material, you still need to essay competition, practice actual multiple choice sections to define research, be ready for the test. Politics Competition. Most questions on AP World History are stand-alone with just a few two-part questions. This means you can move from question to question fairly quickly and feel free to skip and come back to tough questions (just keep on question social responsibility, eye on the time).

Also, there may be some images, maps, charts, and passages to work through as well, so some questions will take longer than others. Your teacher should be giving you multiple-choice quizzes or tests throughout the essay year to thesis defence, help you prepare. If they aren’t, it will, unfortunately, be up to you to find multiple choice practice questions from prep books and politics essay online resources. See our complete list of cover letter, AP World History practice tests here. You need to create your own multiple-choice strategy as you study, including using process of elimination, being ready to read and analyze pictures and charts, and politics competition being constantly aware of your time. We recommend wearing a watch when you practice so you can keep an eye on how long you spend on cover, each question. Politics. In short, make sure you practice AP World History multiple choice so that when you sit down to take the exam in May, you're confident and ready to move fast through a challenging multiple choice section. Tip 5: Speed Writing — The AP World History Free Response Section.

The AP World History exam has two essay questions that together are worth 40% of your score. On Corporate Social. You get 55 minutes for politics essay, the Document-Based Question (DBQ), including a 10-minute reading period. The DBQ is worth 25% of your exam grade. Then you get 35 minutes for scarlet, the Long Essay, which is worth 15% of your grade. For each essay, you need to be able to brainstorm quickly and write an essay that answers the prompt, is well-organized, and has a thesis. A thesis is politics essay competition, a one-sentence summary of your main argument. Essay Letter. For the politics essay competition sake of AP essays, it's best to put your thesis at the end of the introductory paragraph so the grader can find it quickly. To keep your essay organized, have each paragraph explain one part of the argument, with a topic sentence (basically a mini thesis) at essay question on corporate social, the beginning of each paragraph that explains exactly what you're going to say. For the DBQ, you need to bring all or most the provided documents into your argument in addition to politics essay, your background knowledge of the period being tested. For example, in the recent DBQ about effects of Spanish Influenza during World War I, you needed to demonstrate your knowledge of WWI as well as your ability to use the documents in your argument.

See our complete guide to writing a DBQ here. For the Long Essay, it’s up to you to provide the specific historical examples and cample show your broad understanding of historical trends. Essay Competition. (Again, this is why doing your reading is so important, since you have to provide and define explain your own historical examples!) Throughout the year, your teacher should be having you do writing assignments, including in-class essays, to teach you how to politics competition, write good essays quickly. Since you'll be writing your essays by hand for the real exam, you should ideally be writing your practice essays by hand as well. If you really struggle with writing by hand quickly, you can build up your writing fluency (your ability to letter, quickly translate thoughts to words) by writing additional practice essays on your own. If you need to work on writing fluency, it's best to practice with easier writing topics. So first, find a journal prompt to write about (this website has hundreds). Next, set a timer. Between ten and fifteen minutes is best. Finally, write as much as you can on the prompt, as fast as possible, without making big mistakes in spelling or grammar.

When time is up, count how many words you wrote. Politics. If you do this a few times a week, you will build up your writing speed, and your word counts will grow. Once you've built up this skill, it will be much easier to tackle the AP World History free response. You can also practice on your own with old AP World History free response questions (available here). However, you should note that the test was just revised for 2016-2017 and for a old questions will have old instructions.

There actually used to be three essays—in addition to the DBQ, there was a Change Over Time essay and politics essay competition a Comparison essay. Now there is just one long essay. So be sure to compare old questions to the most up-to-date question examples from the most current AP Course and Exam Description. Tip 6: Take Practice Exams and Set a Target Score. In the essay scarlet spring, you should take at least one full practice exam – ideally in late March or early April – once you’ve learned most of the World History material. By a full practice exam we mean the essay competition entire test – time yourself and take the test in one sitting, giving yourself a 15-minute break in between the multiple choice/short answer section and the essays. Cample. Why should you do this? It will give you a chance to experience what it’s like to take a full AP World History exam before the real thing. Essay Competition. This helps you build stamina and perfect your timing. All the practice in the world won't help you if you run out of steam on your last essay question and cover letter can barely think. Also, set a target score for politics essay, each section: multiple choice and free response.

Good news: you don’t need to be aiming for define research, 100% on the Multiple choice and 9/9 on every essay for competition, a 5 (the highest possible score). On To A Mockingbird Racial Prejudice. Far from politics essay competition, it. Essay On To A Mockingbird Racial Prejudice. A high multiple choice score (50/55) and average short answer and free response scores (say an politics essay, 8/12 on short answer, a 5/7 on essay letter, the DBQ and a 4/6 on the long essay) can net a 5. In contrast, an average multiple choice score (35/55) with high short answer and free response scores (say 11/12 on short answer, a 6/7 on the DBQ and a 5/6 on the long essay) could also get a 5. Based on your personal strengths, set realistic score targets. For example, a really good writing student might go the average multiple choice/strong essay route, but a strong test-taker might go the other way around. You could also be somewhere in between.

Also, don't be intimidated if your target score is politics essay competition, much higher than your current scores. You're practicing so that you can meet your target! Once you have your target score, practice, practice, practice! Use old exams and the practice exams included in prep books. Use the free response questions I linked to above. You can even ask your teacher for old tests and essay questions. The more you practice before the test, the preparing for a thesis more likely you are to meet — or exceed! — your score goal. Essay Competition. Although AP World History is opm resume, challenging, if you follow the advice in this AP World History study guide and prepare correctly throughout the politics essay year, you can definitely pass, or even be one of the few students who gets a 5! Make sure to keep up with your reading, read a prep book in the spring, and practice specifically for cample, the multiple choice and the free response sections. Politics Essay. With clear target scores for define research, each section and plenty of practice under your belt, you will have the strongest chance of getting a 5.

How many AP classes should you take total? Find out here. For more tips on doing well in all of your classes, from AP to IB to honors, read this detailed guide by PrepScholar founder Allen Cheng to politics essay, getting a perfect 4.0. Even if you're not going for perfection, this guide teaches you all the skills you need to work hard, work smart, and get better grades. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by cover 4 points?

We've written a guide for each test about the politics essay top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now: Have friends who also need help with test prep? Share this article! Halle Edwards graduated from Stanford University with honors. In high school, she earned 99th percentile ACT scores as well as 99th percentile scores on SAT subject tests. She also took nine AP classes, earning a perfect score of 5 on opm resume, seven AP tests. As a graduate of politics essay, a large public high school who tackled the college admission process largely on her own, she is passionate about helping high school students from essay kill a mockingbird racial, different backgrounds get the knowledge they need to be successful in the college admissions process. You should definitely follow us on social media.

You'll get updates on our latest articles right on your feed. Follow us on all 3 of our social networks: Have any questions about essay competition, this article or other topics? Ask below and for a defence we'll reply! Series: How to Get 800 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get to 600 on Each SAT Section: Series: How to Get 36 on Each ACT Section: Our hand-selected experts help you in a variety of politics competition, other topics! Looking for Graduate School Test Prep? Check out essay our top-rated graduate blogs here: Get the latest articles and test prep tips! © PrepScholar 2013-2015. All rights reserved. SAT® is essay competition, a registered trademark of the College Entrance Examination Board TM . The College Entrance Examination.

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Photography Business – Washington Taxes Part 2. Continuing with my discussion on Washington taxes, I wanted to give an overview of what interaction you will have with federal taxes conducting your photography business. Although this is not specific to essay competition, Washington, it is an important piece of being a compliant and credible business. Be sure to essay, understand the difference between your photography being a hobby or a for-profit endeavor. The IRS outlines points that may help you determine whether your activity is for profit or a hobby.

Consider the politics, following: Does the time and effort put into the activity indicate an intention to for a thesis defence, make a profit? Do you depend on essay competition, income from the question responsibility, activity? If there are losses, are they due to circumstances beyond your control or did they occur in the start-up phase of the business? Have you changed methods of essay operation to improve profitability? Do you have the knowledge needed to carry on the activity as a successful business? Have you made a profit in similar activities in the past? Does the activity make a profit in some years? Do you expect to make a profit in the future from the appreciation of opm resume assets used in the activity? An activity is politics presumed for profit if it makes a profit in at least three of the last five tax years, including the current year. If an activity is not for kill racial, profit, losses from that activity may not be used to offset other income.

Since you are running a photography business, you do need to pay tax based on the net profit. Your net profit is revenue minis expenses. Tax is paid on your personal tax return (called “pass-through taxation”) if you are registered as a: Being self employed as a photographer, you will use tax forms: 1040 basic tax return includes gross income, deductions, and basic tax credits Schedule C basic form used to complete a self employment tax return includes income made from photography deduction in your business (advertising, rent, utilities, insurance, etc.) Schedule SE used to politics competition, calculate social security and cample medicare taxes must be accompanied with the Schedule C Form 2106 business expenses – mileage for traveling can use standard mileage or actual expenses used if employed by another photographer who is issuing you a W2 (use Schedule C if self employed) Form 8829 business use of home write off a portion of your rent or mortgage based on the size of politics essay your home office form 4562 depreciation and letter amortization of equipment classification of equipment should be checked for rates of depreciation. basic expenses advertising insurance paid contracted labor repairs supplied rent or mortgage utilities travel travel relating to politics, photography includes airfare, lodging, car rental, etc. mileage must drive minimum 30 miles to destination write off travel based on scarlet, mileage rate determined by the state rate is determine by US General Services Administration (GSA) meal related to your work during travel if 50 miles from home and politics essay competition overnight stay 50% deduction of on to kill a mockingbird racial your meal expense on Schedule C gift gifts to clients no exceeding $25 per client depreciation education seminars or workshops. You are generally required to essay competition, make quarterly estimated tax payments during the tax year. Form 1040-ES (estimated tax) It’s important for you to preparing defence, keep documents (such as receipts) as you may be audited at essay competition any time. It’s best to stay organized not only helping you in the event of an audit, but helping you stay organized for your business as well.

For further information or clarification, should contact your accountant or tax specialist. As always, it is important to cample cover, stay abreast of the law and any changes that may occur. Have you hit any road-bumps trying to figure out your federal taxes as a photographer? What advice can you give to competition, make the process easier. Photography Business – Washington Taxes Part 1. In my last post I discussed how to become licensed with state and local entities. Essay Letter? However, it is important you understand the taxes that are paid to your state and city, as well as federal government, that you will now be responsible for as a licensed business. Politics Competition? It is always beneficial to consult a tax adviser but the essay scarlet, next few posts will give you an overview of what to expect. Your business will most likely be subject to politics competition, federal income tax – unless you are exempt as a nonprofit. Federal income tax for businesses is based on cample cover letter, net profit (revenue minus expenses). A sole proprietorship, partnership, most LLCs, and competition S-corporations tax on business income is paid by the owners through their personal tax returns – called “pass-through taxation”.

You are generally required to make quarterly estimated tax payments during the tax year. The state of Washington does not impose a corporate, unitary, or personal income tax. As a photography business, you will most likely be subject to a business and occupations (BO) tax, a retail sales/use tax, and state property taxes. There may also be additional taxes imposed by essay scarlet, the state (carbonated beverages, fish, timber, tobacco), which will probably not have an impact on your photography business. In my last post I discussed registering for essay competition, a state business license through the Department of Revenue. On the form that you register your business license, you will also register to pay tax – for no additional fee. You must obtain a tax registration if you answer “yes” to any of the preparing for a defence, questions listed below. Do you plan to gross over $12,000 per year? Will you be selling at retail any item or product to another person? Will you be repairing, installing, altering, decorating, or improving any item or product for another person? Will you engage in a business that is responsible for any other state taxes?

As a business operating in competition the county that Seattle is located, you are required to file a personal property tax affidavit. The King County Assessor’s Office is responsible for assessing personal property tax that a business uses. When operating in the city of Seattle your business is essay on to racial prejudice subject to the business license tax unless specifically exempted by the Seattle Municipal Code. Politics Essay? Seattle maintains a general gross receipts business license tax and a gross receipts utility tax. Any business whose annual taxable revenue is less than $50,000 is not required to remit a tax payment although a tax return still needs to be remitted. Follow me by e-mail to get updates when I post. What have you learned in the process of being licensed and letter scarlet registering to pay tax? Photography Business – Washington Licensing Basics.

In this post I wanted to politics, discuss how to become licensed for your photography business in cample Seattle. Prior to obtaining any licenses, you need check to see if you need to register with the Corporate Division of the Secretary of State. The kind of business structure you have will determine whether or not you need to register. You can review my post What Business Structure Will Suit Your Photography Business to see how the competition, structures differ in determining what structure is right for you. Washington Secretary of State provides a table that outlines which ownership structures need to letter, register and how each structure differs. Once registered with the Secretary of State, you will need to register with the politics competition, State of Washington and any local licenses pertinent to your business and question social responsibility location. You must file a Business License Application with the State of Washington Business Licensing Service when you first start your business, or when you change or update your business. You can file online or complete the Business License Application and mail it in. Politics Essay? The application fee is $19 as of opm resume July 2015 – this is a non-refundable fee.

You must be registered as long as you remain in business. If you employ one or more people, you must apply for: Industrial Insurance Unemployment Insurance. Trade Name or “Doing Business As” ($5 per name) must be registered if: Sole proprietor or partnership is using a name other than the full legal name of politics competition all the owners; or Corporation, limited partnerships or limited liability companies are operation under a name other than the name registered with the on to a mockingbird prejudice, Office of the Secretary of Sate. For more information on politics essay, state licensing, click here. King County does not require a general business license. Any business operating within the city limits of any of the major cities within King County is required to have a city business license.

For the letter, city of Seattle, each business engaging in politics competition activities in Seattle must obtain and on corporate responsibility annually renew a city business license unless the business activity is specifically exempted from licensing and taxes. Anyone engaging in business activities within Seattle is required to obtain a Seattle business license whether or not a place of business is maintained within city limits. You can apply online, in person, or by competition, mail. The fastest way to get your license is to visit the essay on to prejudice, Seattle Municipal Tower and essay competition apply in person where you can be licensed the same day. Applying online will take 1 to 2 weeks and by mail will take 1 to 6 weeks. As of July 2015 a standard license costs $110 per year in most cases. Define? For more information and to begin the application process you can visit Seattle’s licensing page here. What questions do you have about licensing? Filming and Photography Permits – National Parks. In my last post I discussed the politics, importance of being knowledgeable about filming and photography permits for State Parks. But let’s not forget about all of the on corporate social responsibility, beautiful National Parks we have in politics Washington!

The State of Washington is home to 3 national parks, 7 national forests, 2 national historic parks, 20 national wildlife refuges, and 3 national recreation areas. Research? 16 U.S Code Chapter 1 encompasses law for national parks, military parks, monuments, and politics essay seashores and opm resume it is the policy of the National Park Service to allow filming and photography when and where possible, while adhering to the mandate below: “The service… shall promote and competition regulate the use of…national parks…[its] purpose is to conserve the scenery and the natural and historic objects and the wild life therein and to provide for the enjoyment of the same in such manner and by such means as will leave them unimpaired for the enjoyment of future generations.” Filming and prejudice photography permits are generally required as outlined below: All commercial filming requires a permit. Commercial filming is defined as digital or film recording of a visual image or sound recording by a person, business, or other entity for a market audience, such as for a documentary, television or feature film, advertisement, or similar project. Commercial still photography involving product or service advertisement; or the use of essay models, sets, props; or when there is a potential for resource damage or disruption of visitor activity.

Generally, permits are not required for: Visitors using camera and/or recording devices for their own personal use. Still photography involving one or two people, no props, sets, or special effects. Sound technicians, and film or video crews at breaking news events. National Park Service filming or photography, Department of the Interior Audiovisual Center filming or filming/photography done pursuant to cooperative agreement or contract. For national parks, the below schedule has been provided: Restrictions may vary depending on where you are visiting and it is important to contact the opm resume, area prior to visiting. Often times advanced notice is required and additional fees may be charged for politics essay, short notice. As always, check online or contact the pertinent area to get the most updated requirements, fees, and research information regarding your planned visit. Share your national park experiences below! Filming and Photography Permits – Washington State Parks.

Living in essay the State of letter Washington presents many great opportunities of outdoor enjoyment. One of those is the essay, ability to have beautiful trails, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and forests right in your back yard for opm resume, you to photograph or use as a backdrop to your photography sessions with clients. Politics Essay Competition? If you’re a photographer in this state you need to letter, be aware of what and where you’re allowed to politics competition, photograph. The State of Washington is home to 186 State parks. Per Washington Administrative Code (Chapter 352-74) filming and photography permits are required for commercial filming, professional still photography, and education filming and photography at Washington state parks. Scarlet? The permit fee is politics $100 if purchased seven days or more prior to the date you plan to film or take photos. The permit fee is $200 if purchased less than seven days prior to the date you plan to film or take photos. A damage deposit, bond, or insurance binder is letter scarlet required and additional fees will apply depending on the project. To apply for filming and photography permits you need to complete the Film Permit Application or the essay, Professional Photographer Permit and contact the geographically appropriate region office listed on the Washington State Parks website. A Discover Pass is required when you choose to essay letter, access state parks via your vehicle.

This is for state parks managed by the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, the politics, Washington Department of essay kill prejudice Fish and Wildlife, and the Washington State Department of essay Natural Resources. As of July 2015, an for a thesis defence annual pass will cost you $30 (good for one year form the date of purchase), or a one-day pass will cost you $10. There are a few exemptions to the Discover pass including Discover Pass free days. Politics Essay? You can click here to view additional information. It’s always a good idea to check online for the most updated and accurate information. To remain a credible business in your industry you should always practice your business with integrity and legality. Being knowledgeable about how to perform your business within state and federal guidelines is a must to show credibility in your industry. What are your favorite places to define paper, photograph?

Leave pictures and politics essay competition comments below! In my last post I discussed how to opm resume, understand the basic competition in your area. By doing this you can begin to see how easy it could be to get lost among the competitors in your industry. If you’re considering whether or not your product is marketable, you should continue to research. Even reaching out to your social media community can help guide your way. In doing this, you can determine if the essay, product you are offering will satisfy customer needs. Researching can also uncover any trends that are present that can either benefit you or deter your business.

It is also important to focus on your target market to see if your product is viable in this segment. Focusing your target market will also help in your future marketing decisions. Your target market may be segmented by the geographical area. When I performed research on question social, the number of registered photographers, I stayed within my geographical area as that makes the most sense for the product offering. Be smart about how you limit this area. I chose Seattle and the surrounding areas as it is easy to travel from for Seattle to the surrounding cities to perform my business. Limiting my research to just the politics, city of Seattle wouldn’t give me accurate information.

Also, I researched the average number of marriages in year in my last post. Preparing For A? I couldn’t find the number of marriages in essay competition the Seattle area, so I proceeded with my next best solution. Question Responsibility? I used the average number of marriages in the United States and used that percentage with the population of the competition, Seattle area. It is simple to cample cover letter, go further with these segmented markets. Politics Competition? For different photography products that are offered, the social responsibility, age range or gender will help in determining the viability of your product. Politics Essay? Be sure to research current or as close to current information as you can obtain. On Corporate Responsibility? Being up to date on this information will help to paint a more accurate picture than if you are pulling data that isn’t current. What research have you done that has helped form your business? Knowing Your Location – Photography Competition.

In my first post I had you consider the following questions: What types of activities will you be performing? When do you plan to start your business? Where will your business be located? What business structure will you have? What do you plan to call your business? In this post I wanted to politics competition, focus on the location of your photography business. When I talk about define research your location I’m not necessarily speaking of the specific address of politics competition your business, athough this can also be important. In this post I’m speaking on the more general area that you will be located.

One thing you must keep in mind is the market of your business in your area. I had mentioned the importance of essay question social defining your photography style in my post Photography Business – What’s Your Specialty?, and I had mentioned the essay, importance of how marketable your style may be depending on where you live. Letter? As I had mentioned previously – being an event photographer in Las Vegas, or a fashion photographer in San Francisco may be of politics competition higher demand than if you were located in a small town lacking the clients needed to be viable. However, just because you’re in an area where your product is cample cover letter viable, doesn’t mean there won’t be competition among other photographers. I’ll give an example of the area I’m currently living – Seattle. Let’s say you want to be a wedding photographer. Politics? As of 2010 there are 608,660 residents with a population estimate of 662,440 for 2015.

Expanding to the county that Seattle is located, King County was home to 1.9 million residents in 2010. On average .68 of the population are married each year in the United States translating to about 13,000 marriages in King County. The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code for Photography Services is define 541921. In the State of Washington there are approximately 6,400 businesses registered with this NAICS code. Politics Essay? NAICS codes identify firm’s primary business activity in the State of Washington. The codes are established by the US Census Bureau and are generally assigned based on the taxpayer’s highest taxable activity. What does this information tell us? First off we need to understand that not everyone who is married will hire a wedding photographer and not everyone who is registered as a photographer is a wedding photographer AND not all wedding photographers may be properly registered. So although this data is not completely accurate for essay letter, our purposes, we can start to see the data that represents our market and politics competition competition. With the seemingly endless amount of thesis defence choices for essay, wedding photographers in the area you need to understand how extensive your competition is and cample cover letter what you must do to be competitive in this kind of politics essay competition market.

When you’re looking at the area you plan to do business, and the style of photographery you will be practicing, take a moment to do some research to see what the competition is like. What kind of competition have you noticed in a mockingbird prejudice your area and how you do separate yourself?

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resume townsville Australia#039;s #1 Resume Writing Services LinkedIn Profile Writing Service. Don’t even think about applying for politics essay jobs until you’ve read this! 3 Important Facts You Need to Know about scarlet Resumes. Searching the web for resume writers Townsville ? There are a few things to know, as you make the decision to essay competition order a new professional resume. FACT # 1: A Professional Resume Gets You to Interview Faster. Looking for Resume Writers Townsville ? If you’re looking for a good professional writer to essay letter scarlet help with your job applications, then you’ve come to the right place. The best resume writing services have demonstrated experience in competition getting people to preparing for a interview. When you consider that 91.5% of our clients get to interview within just 2 weeks of receiving their new professional resume – you know you can trust us to help you slide easily into a new great role.

Melbourne Resumes offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Gold Resume Writing Services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our gold resume writing services, which means you can feel comfortable you are making the essay competition, right choice. And best of all, you could have your new professional resume and paper, be applying for jobs in as little as 5 days. So we suggest you put your job search on hold until you have your new professional resume. We have been helping professionals from graduate and mid to senior and director level for nearly a decade, and have become Australia’s No. 1 Resume Writing Service. FACT # 2: Townsville has a Competitive Job Market. There’s no doubt that in Townsville ‘s current job market, you’ve got to politics essay be well organised with your job search. Competition for the great jobs is research strong within sectors such as IT, Engineering and essay, Middle Management. The candidates who are likely to be shortlisted are the ones with. a positive frame of essay letter mind, a polished personal brand (ie Social Media profiles), persuasive interview skills and a great professional resume and career portfolio.

FACT # 3: The Best Resume Format will Be Depend on Your Career Level. Our Resume Services have received International Awards for producing GOLD Standard Professional Resumes. When it co mes to the best resume format to use, a professional resume writer will evaluate your current skills, knowledge, experience and achievements and politics essay, then consider the types of job roles that you are targeting. Your resume writer will then ask you a series of customised questions that dig deep into essay letter scarlet, your experience so we can then create a plan of how we will present your career information. The value of the competition, investment you make on your new professional resume will depend on where your career is at – entry, mid, senior or director level. Our resume layouts vary dramatically depending on which level of career you are at right now: Choose the career level you are at: For graduates or young professional people who are in letter support type roles. For your first or perhaps second professional role, this is the best resume solution. Promotes you as a strong candidate by highlighting your key strengths and best personality characteristics.

Makes you stand out as the ideal candidate, in an over crowded job market. View Resume Samples of an Entry Level Professional Resume: The Best Resume Solution if you have more than 3 Years in the work force. This Resume Service showcases your experience, achievements and politics essay, successes. Pitches you as the ideal candidate based on your demonstrated level of skills, knowledge and experience. Click on the Resume Sample to letter scarlet see a Mid Level Professional Resume: Articulates leadership style and achievements. Politics Essay Competition! Focuses on proven results and the value delivered and concisely written, compels the reader to investigate you further.

Click on the Resume Sample to view a Senior Level Professional Resume: If you are a business owner or director level professional, our professional resume services will be exactly what you need to make the next step in your career. Click on essay question on corporate social responsibility, the Resume Sample to view a Resume Sample of a Executive Level Professional Resume. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Gold Resume Services. Once you’ve selected which stage or level you fit into right now, you’ll be offered to choose between 3 standards of professional resume service: Gold – for politics essay competition people who have achieved results and thesis defence, developed a great reputation within their industry, this is politics essay competition a premium resume service.

Silver – for people who have consistently done a good job, and want a resume that reflects their level of skill, knowledge and experience. Bronze – for people who are fairly happy with their current resume, but want a professional resume writer to use better language and a more professional resume format. Book a Professional Resume Writer Online: Entry Level Professional Resume Pricing. Mid Level Professional Resume Pricing. Other Professional Writing Services: Add 2 or 3 other documents to opm resume Secure Your Place for an Interview: Senior Level Professional Resume Pricing.

Director Level Professional Resume Pricing. Get a 10 – 25% Customer Loyalty Discount: We Love Our Customers! Professional Resumes are only the start of how we can help you fast track your job search and secure a great new position. Once you’ve chosen which type of professional resume you would like to order, you can also consider adding to your career portfolio including LinkedIn profiles , cover letters, key selection criteria and can also set you up with your own website. A professional LinkedIn Profile will get you noticed by employers across the competition, Country. LinkedIn Profiles – Get updated with the cample cover letter, latest on how to use LinkedIn to build your professional network and attract more clients into your current employer’s business, as well as a network of future employers for yourself. Nearly 50% of competition Australian professionals are using LinkedIn to find candidates for essay a mockingbird jobs that may never be advertised on Seek or mycareer. So if you don’t have a professional LinkedIn profile, then please get one! Cover letters – A cover letter is the key ingredient to politics competition any successful job application.

Sure you can have a great new professional resume, but without a cover letter, your resume just looks like a SPAM job application that will be discarded like 90% of resumes are. We’ll write outstanding selection criteria responses that will get you into the interview room. Key Selection Criteria – We help you write impressive selection criteria responses that you can use for essay letter multiple job applications. The key to success with KSC is that your selection criteria responses give a really impressive example of politics essay your competency. Most people make the mistake of opm resume giving too much of a basic or generic answer. They fail to demonstrate times when they have really stepped up and sorted out significant problems or achieved results – even in politics competition the face of adversity. Building Rapport in opm resume telephone interviews is the pre-requisite for gaining a face to face interview. Interview Training – If you are anxious about interviews, then it’s going to show and it could cost you the essay competition, job opportunity. Letter! We help you get rid of your nervousness and become a confident candidate – we’ll train you to put your best foot forward every time. Career Counselling – If you’ve deciding it’s time to make a change, or if you’ve just being made redundant, then this is the perfect time for you to evaluate what you want …..what you really want…. in your next job.

Imagine you could do anything you wanted….let your mind brainstorm all the politics essay competition, opportunities, and then call us if you want help deciding which direction you should go in. LinkedIn Profile Writing Services: A LinkedIn Profile is more than just your online resume, it is your key to networking with your ideal employers and clients. If you are short on time , or perhaps aren’t sure how LinkedIn really works, we can offer several different LinkedIn Packages to question social responsibility suit your needs. Essay Competition! We go through the opm resume, task of researching what keywords your target company will use to politics find a candidate with your set of skills, knowledge and experience. We’ll then write a professional and concise LinkedIn summary as well as filling in as many sections as we possible can of your LinkedIn Profile.

What’s included in scarlet our LinkedIn Profile Service? Privacy Settings – We upgrade your privacy settings so your connections aren’t alarmed of the politics competition, updates we do. Photo – Your professional photo will be uploaded. Cample Letter! We’ll photoshop the image to bring out the best light and image for you. Your Name – We’ll research other people with the same name as you and politics essay competition, create a strategy on the best way to differentiate you. Opm Resume! Headline – You’ll get a winning headline. This is the most important aspect as far as optimising your LinkedIn Profile so it is found.

Location – So you are found for jobs within the right geographical area, there are a couple of tricks to this section. Essay Competition! We’ll fill this in. Industry – Recruiters will search for candidates using this field, so it’s vital that the correct industry type is essay a mockingbird chosen. Summary – It is a paragraph or two that describes who you are, and what value you deliver to the companies you work for. Endorsements – We’ll set up a shortlist of the politics, skills for essay kill a mockingbird racial you to politics essay competition be endorsed for. so your most relevant skills are at the top. Define Research! Experience – Professional and politics, concise language will be used to showcase your experience and success over essay scarlet the last 15+ years.

Education – Your credibility is competition backed by your most relevant qualifications, we’ll put them in order of relevancy. Contact Settings – Your email and mobile number is listed. Letter! as well as websites such as your website, blog, or a particular company page. How to Use Your New LinkedIn Profile. You’ll be all set up with your new LinkedIn profile , and essay, from that point, you can start to connect up with all your new and/or old work colleagues and friends. Research Paper! You don’t have to connect up with these people, but it makes good sense. LinkedIn is politics great for developing a professional network. The beautiful thing about LinkedIn is that you’ll probably end up getting offered a job by someone who knows somebody that you know. Essay! Now that might be a little confusing at first, but basically, the more people who you are connected with, the higher the chance that your LinkedIn profile will be seen by a recruiter or employer who is looking to hire somebody just like you. The reason for this, is that your Profile will make it to page 1 of politics essay competition search results if you are a 2nd or 3rd degree connection.

We want to see you succeed in question on corporate social responsibility your career, so to explain how LinkedIn works, we’ve developed a Video guide on How to Leverage LinkedIn and politics essay competition, Create a Powerful Profile. It’s easy to follow , and if you take action on the steps, you’ll create a powerful network of contacts, and may never have to apply for another job again! 91.5% of our clients get into Job Interviews with 2 weeks of receiving their new professional resume. 91.5% of essay a mockingbird racial prejudice Our Clients Get to essay competition Interview Within 2 weeks. The secret lies in our award winning process, ensuring hundreds of our clients gain the job interview of their dreams….. Townsville Writing Service – Our Process.

Should you decide to essay on corporate social go ahead with the booking, our process is as follows: 1. A questionnaire will be sent to you within 5 business days from the politics essay competition, day we receive your receipt for define research paper payment. Essay Competition! The questionnaire is essay kill a mockingbird designed to gain a deeper insight into your relevant skills and politics, experience, in order to opm resume strategically target the desired career ventures and pitch you as the ideal candidate. 2. Once you have completed your responses to the questionnaire we move onto the next phase of essay creating your winning documents. The writing schedule is based on when responses to opm resume the questionnaire are returned and essay, these time-frames are fluid to ensure we produce quality work within fair time-frames. Please note: All questionnaires and documents are scheduled with the defence, next available and politics essay, appropriate writer. Where availability allows and/or if cancellations and rescheduling occurs, your work will be moved forward to for a thesis the next available writing slot. Essay! If you have a deadline or urgent need, please advise so that we can ascertain our availability to meet these requirements and confirm a booking schedule in on corporate social responsibility advance for you. Melbourne Resumes offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on all Gold Resume Writing Services. 3. Politics Essay! After writing has been completed, your documents will be put through a Quality Assurance Assessment process before being sent to you for revision.

We are the essay letter scarlet, only service in Australia that offers this Quality Assurance process, ensuring you receive the highest standard of targeted documents. 4. Additionally we offer an politics competition, amendment period of opm resume one week to ensure your satisfaction and the overall professionalism of your new documents. You can take this opportunity to make amendments to the wording, formatting and structure of your documents until you are satisfied with the final products. 5. Politics! Once amendments to on to racial your documents are completed , you are ready to politics competition start applying, but rest assured we are still here to essay responsibility support you. Competition! At this stage your 30 days of email support and essay kill, access to the Job Search Success Program will commence. Politics Essay Competition! Additionally if purchased, our Career Coach will be in contact to essay a mockingbird schedule your coaching session. Next Step – Enter your details to find out more + Claim the politics essay competition, 10% Discount ! PS Have you got an urgent job application? If you need to get a resume done overnight, you may want to check out our Resume Templates. PPS – If you would like some more information, we have created this short VIDEO: Learn about the 5 Mistakes Your Current Resume is Probably Making Right Now + 5 Triggers to Make the Hiring Managers Call You! Our certified resume services have demonstrated proven success in on to racial helping people all over politics essay competition Australia to take the next step in their careers, and secure their ideal job within record time.

Holding a 7 year solid reputation for on corporate responsibility providing unparallelled service and career support, you can trust that we have the skills and experience to politics competition help you with your career transition. You’ve come to the right place if you want to on to kill a mockingbird racial get your resume, cover letter and politics essay, LinkedIn profile written to a high quality that will give you job interviews for the jobs you want.

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42 Resume Dos and Don#39;ts Every Job Seeker Should Know. If things are supposed to get easier over time, why hasn’t the task of resume-writing gotten simpler? Actually, it feels like we’re heading in the opposite direction—every month, we learn about a fresh resume commandment, like “Thou shalt not use a resume objective statement” or “Thou shalt not send a traditional resume to a creative company.” It’s enough to make any professional a little frustrated. Fortunately, we’ve rounded up the ultimate list of resume dos and don’ts, from the politics essay traditional rules to cample, the brand-spanking-new ones. Essay! Take a look, then pull up your resume and make sure it’s recruiter-ready. 1. Do Highlight Your Most Relevant Experiences. Rule #1 of resume writing is that you should be turning in essay on corporate social responsibility a different version for essay each role you apply to, tailored and targeted to the position. After all, your resume should demonstrate you have the letter scarlet specific set of essay skills, experience, and question on corporate social responsibility accomplishments necessary to do the job—not just a set. Make it easy for competition the hiring manager to see why you’re the right fit.

2. Essay Kill Racial! Don’t Freak Out if You Have No Relevant Experience. Whether you’re fresh out of college or switching to a brand-new industry, you can help bolster your lack of relevant work experience by politics essay competition listing your transferable skills, related side projects, and relevant coursework. Read more about how to do this here. 3. Do Optimize for Applicant Tracking Systems. Many large organizations (and even some smaller ones) use applicant tracking systems to weed out essay unqualified applicants. Politics Essay! The systems scan your resume for contextual keywords and phrases, mathematically scoring them for relevance and sending only the most qualified ones through for human review. As you can guess, this strategy isn’t perfect. Social Responsibility! To ensure your resume makes it past the ATS and into the hands of a human, keep your formatting simple, include the right keywords (but don’t go overboard), and quadruple check for spelling mistakes. (More on politics essay competition, how to essay on to racial, do it right, here.) 4. Don’t Steal the Job Description’s Exact Wording. That said, you shouldn’t take exact phrases straight from the essay job description.

If a company says it’s looking for cample cover candidates who “learn rapidly” and “have a diverse knowledge of competition programming languages,” your skills section shouldn’t read “learns rapidly” and “has a diverse knowledge of programming languages.” Instead, find a different way of define research paper saying the same thing—maybe devote a resume bullet to a software you learned in two weeks, or list the seven different programming languages you’re familiar with. You’ve probably heard that recruiters love reading resume bullets with numbers, like “Increased sales in Northern region by 300%.” And they do! So use them whenever possible. Oh, and don’t worry if your job doesn’t really involve numbers—with our guide, you can quantify any accomplishment. 6. Don’t Include Anything Confidential. Seems like a no-brainer—but Google’s Head of essay HR says he sees confidential info on resumes all the time. When deciding whether to leave something on your resume, use the New York Times test. In other words, if you wouldn’t want it published next to your name on the front page of define paper a major national newspaper, take it out. The “quantifiable accomplishments” technique also works for politics soft skills. Make sure each bullet point describes a skill the hiring manager is looking for, then use facts and figures to show—not tell—just what a “skilled manager” or “effective communicator” you are. Check it out: “Developed and independently initiated new mentorship program to alleviate high turnover of new staff members, resulting in the matching of 23 mentor-mentee pairs and a significant reduction in staff turnover.” Sounds like a “skilled manager” to us!

Because everyone assumes you know how to use Microsoft Word. And the internet. Use your valuable resume space to highlight skills that actually make you stand out. 9. On Corporate Social Responsibility! Do Consider Volunteer or Other Non-Work Experience. Politics Essay! Although it’s nontraditional, if volunteer work has taken up a significant chunk of your time or taught you skills applicable to for a thesis, the job you’re applying for, think about putting it on your resume. Side projects, pro bono work, or temp gigs can also be a unique way to bolster your resume and show off other skills. 10. Politics Competition! Don’t Include Work With Controversial Organizations. Maybe that volunteer work was fundraising for a politician, or answering the phone at a LGBT-resource organization.

Some experiences are pretty divisive, so read our tips on define research, whether or not you should put them on your resume. 11. Do Include Personal Accomplishments. If you’ve done something cool in your personal life that either shows off your soft skills or engages your technical skills in essay competition a new way, you should definitely include it. Maybe you’ve run a couple marathons, demonstrating your adventurous spirit, strong work ethic, and desire to challenge yourself. Or you’ve won some poker tournaments, which shows you’re a quick thinker and good with numbers. Learn more here on how to include these in the right way. 12. Don’t Include Random, Unrelated, or Off-Putting Hobbies.

That said, remember that hiring managers probably don’t care if you love basketball, are active in your book club, or are a member of essay a Dungeons and Dragons group. Eliminate anything that’s not totally transferable to competition, work-related skills (or a really, really epic conversation starter). Essay Question Social Responsibility! 13. Do Think of New Ways to Frame Your Accomplishments. Don’t have the exact experience for the job you’re applying to? You can actually tweak how you frame your accomplishments to show off vastly different things. Career expert Lily Zhang explains with examples here. Essay Competition! Meaning: Don’t oversell your high school babysitting experience.

In fact, anything from high school should probably go. 15. Do Show How You Moved Up (or Around) at Past Companies. Cample! It can be tempting (and more simple) to combine multiple roles at one company, but you should actually be highlighting your different job titles. Politics! After all, it says a lot about you if you were promoted within an essay kill a mockingbird racial, organization or were able to transition your role.

Learn how to show this off without making your resume look disorganized here. Essay! 16. Don’t Use an Objective Statement. There’s only one situation in which you need an objective statement: when you’re making a huge career change. Essay! Making the essay competition leap from, say, business development to marketing means your resume could definitely use a clear explanation that you’re transitioning roles and have the necessary transferable skills. But if you’re a PR rep applying to a PR firm, an defence, objective statement will just waste valuable space.

17. Do Consider a Summary Statement. Politics Competition! A summary statement, which consists of a couple lines at the beginning of your resume that give potential employers a broad outline of your skills and kill experience, is the most ideal if you have years of experience you need to tie together with a common theme. They’re also good if you have a bunch of disparate skills and want to make it clear how they fit together. Competition! Here’s more on paper, when you need one and how to put it together. While it’s okay to politics competition, glaze over gaps a little (for example, by just using years to letter scarlet, show dates of employments instead of months and years), you should never outright lie about politics essay them. Instead, be honest and essay kill a mockingbird confident when explaining unemployment periods.

Whatever you did while you weren’t working—traveling, running a household, helping your community—it’s almost certain you picked up some skills that would help you in the job for which you’re applying. So mention them! For obvious reasons, anything that’s not 100% true doesn’t belong on your resume. Because hiring managers are really, really tired of seeing descriptions like hard worker, team player, or detail-oriented on resumes. You should also be careful about any industry or role-specific jargon you use. Politics Competition! In many companies, if you want to your resume to land on the hiring manager’s desk, you’ve got to get it past HR first—which means putting everything in terms a layperson can understand.

Using unnecessarily big words doesn’t make you sound more intelligent or capable. Essay! Not only are hiring managers totally aware of what you’re trying (and failing) to politics, do, but “resume speak” can obscure your real experience. So, instead of “utilized innovative social media technique to boost readership and engagement among core demographic” say, “posted on Twitter three times a day and brought follower count from 1,000 to 3,000.” You should also be careful of using words with negative connotations—even if you’re using them in a positive light. Cample! Saying “met aggressive sales goals” or “fixed widespread communication problem ” will subconsciously make recruiters think less of you. Instead, write “delivered on ambitious number of sales” or “proposed and implemented solution to make company communication easier and more efficient.” Skip the competition tired and all-too-frequently used “led,” “handled,” and “managed,” and cover go for verbs like “charted,” “administered,” “consolidated,” or “maximized,” which make you look both confident and competent. Essay Competition! We’ve compiled 181 options of unique verbs to use, so no matter what you do, you can find the define paper right word. 24. Don’t Include “References Upon Request” It takes up room you could otherwise use for politics competition experience and skills.

And, um, it looks presumptuous. Pretty basic, but you’d be surprised how many job seekers put together an amazing resume—and then don’t include enough “here’s where to find me” info. This section should have your name, email address, phone number, address (or just city), LinkedIn URL, and personal website, if you have one. Also, make sure you’re using your personal contact info, rather than your work. Because that’s a recipe for disaster. 26. Don’t Include Anything That Could Be Discriminated Against. While it’s illegal to preparing for a thesis, discriminate against a job candidate because of his or her age, marital status, gender, religion, race, color, or national origin, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen subconsciously. Don’t give recruiters the chance, and just leave these details off. Recruiters read a lot of resumes, so they don’t want to politics essay, have to spend a ton of time looking over yours. Cut it down to the most relevant information and keep it short and succinct.

Laszlo Bock, Google’s senior vice president of define research people operations, recommends one page of resume for every 10 years of work experience as a good rule of thumb. Politics Essay! That being said, don’t try to essay letter, squeeze as much information as possible into that one page. If you manage to pack in more information—but in a size 8 font and with no white space on the page—you might as well have not added that information at politics competition, all. Cut it down to an amount of information you can comfortably fit on the page, in a readable font and with enough white space to make it easy on the eyes. 29. Do Consider a Creative or Digital Resume. Resumes that look like infographics, data visualizations, or even videos or multimedia presentations can be a great way to stand out defence from the crowd. If you think this might be the right route for you, check out some great options here. Politics Essay! (Note: This is define paper, generally a better option when you’re applying to politics, smaller, more creative shops—traditional companies will still likely want traditional resumes.) 30.

Don’t Spend All Your Time on the Design. While making your resume look nice is research, important, recruiters say job seekers spend far too much time worrying about it (that is, unless you’re working in a design field). Focus on essay, the content, make sure the right information is highlighted, and on corporate just make sure it looks nice enough to make the information easy to digest. Want your resume to look well designed—without the extra time? We’ve found 41 of the best resume templates ever. Essay Competition! They’ll make formatting a breeze.

And really, it’s best to stick to one basic font. Unless you’re a designer and know a lot about opm resume typography, it’s easy to choose fonts that clash or are distracting. 33. Do Make Sure Your Job Titles or Companies Stand Out. Of course, you want to make sure the most important information stands out and is easy to politics essay competition, skim. Instead of using a different font to do this, use bold or italic text, a slightly larger font, or your layout to help make sure this information is on to kill racial prejudice, findable. 34.

Don’t Go Overboard With Text Effects. If every other word is bolded , italicized , or in politics competition ALL CAPS, at scarlet, best, your resume will be distracting—at worst, annoying. Use emphasis sparingly, for your most important info. Essay Competition! 35. Responsibility! Do Align Your Dates and essay Locations to the Right. This small change will make your resume way easier on the eyes. You should be able to make a “column” of dates and locations for letter scarlet each job by politics essay competition creating a right tab. Opm Resume! 36. Don’t Use More Than Two Lines Per Bullet. This strategy will make your resume easier to essay, skim (which is cample, good, because most hiring managers will spend less than 20 seconds reading it). Essay! Again, cut it down to the most important information.

Because 4 and 22% take less time to read than “four” and “twenty-two percent.” Plus, using digits saves you space. 38. Don’t Send it as a Word Document. Letter! Sending your resume off as a .doc file will most likely result in essay all of this careful formatting getting messed up when the recruiter opens the file. Save your final version as a PDF to make sure everything stays just as is.

39. Do Swap Resumes With Colleagues. Look at how they describe their duties and the company. Chances are, you’ll get some inspiration for your own descriptions. Plus, having some fresh eyes look at your resume is always beneficial. On To Racial! Ask a few friends what about your resume makes an impact and what is boring, confusing, or too vague. If the same things keep popping up, it’s probably time to edit. And proofread. Multiple times. Essay! For help, check out this editor’s guide to thesis defence, perfecting your resume. Remember rule number one on tailoring your resume?

Well, creating a master resume that includes every position you’ve ever held will make that task much quicker. Politics! You’ll never send your master resume to anyone, so it doesn’t matter how long it is. Just write out each and every job experience you’ve ever had. With all of the possible corresponding bullet points. Then, when it comes time to apply to opm resume, a job, you can copy and paste the relevant sections of your master resume into essay competition a new document. Want to research paper, make sure you’re spending enough time on the right things in your resume? Run your resume through a word cloud generator like TagCrowd. This will create an politics essay, image representing the most frequent words, with the scarlet most common ones showing up larger and essay darker.

With a quick glance, you’ll be able to research, see what terms employers will most associate with you—and whether you need to do some adjusting to have the right message shine through. Photo of typewriter courtesy of Shutterstock. Aja Frost is a freelance writer specializing in politics competition business, tech, career advice, and productivity. Check out her website or say hi on Twitter. Essay On To Racial Prejudice! Hmmm, seems you#39;ve already signed up for this class.

While you#39;re here, you may as well check out all the amazing companies that are hiring like crazy right now.

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English Booklet for IGCSE Exams Essay. This standards booklet for IGCSE First Language English consists of candidates’ scripts written for the May 2009 session. Each script is accompanied by the marks that were awarded and brief commentaries explaining the strengths and politics competition, weaknesses of the answers. In this way, it is define, possible to understand what candidates have done to politics competition, gain their marks and what they still have to do to improve their grades. The annotations made by the Examiners that accompanied the on corporate responsibility, scripts are not included here. These annotations consisted of recognition that candidates had used appropriate reading material from the passages set for study, and indications that this material had been adapted effectively. Other annotations indicated the politics essay, errors in the writing (in Papers 1 and essay on to a mockingbird racial, 3 only). Competition? The commentaries make general references to the amount and essay scarlet, seriousness of the error. The commonest errors are those of punctuation, especially sentence separation, and politics essay competition, awkward or ungrammatical expression.

Otherwise the most frequent errors are those of tense. Spelling varies, but may often be quite good. The scripts are arranged in essay ascending order of overall merit, and the progression in quality is often clearly shown. It may be helpful to read the least good script first, followed by one more from the middle of the range and then the best. This will clearly demonstrate the range of performance at Grades E, C and A (Paper 2), G, E and C (Paper 1) and the whole range (Paper 3). The performance-related grids in the mark schemes are generic, which means that they do not vary except in politics competition the smallest of details from session to session. The Content and Structure grid for Section 2 (Composition) of Paper. 3 clearly states what the Examiners are looking for in the argumentative/discursive, descriptive and narrative writing and can be used as a useful teaching tool. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 1: INTRODUCTION.

Reading Passage – Core Tier. All sub-questions in Question 1 test candidates’ reading skills. Letter? For this reason candidates do not deprive themselves of marks because of inaccurate written expression here, unless this is politics essay, so bad that the intended meaning becomes obscured. The sub-questions in Question 1, test a range of reading skills. For example, in this session, questions (a), (d), (f) and (h) require understanding of explicit textual details. Questions (b) and (i) test the candidates’ understanding of essay letter scarlet vocabulary contained in essay the passage, whereas responses to questions (e), (g) and thesis defence, (j) require not only understanding of vocabulary but also an appreciation of the implicit suggestions in the writer’s choice of words. Finally, Question 1 (c) tests the politics, candidates’ ability to essay, identify relevant points and use them to politics, write a summary of a section of the passage. It is important that candidates read the passage and the questions carefully before writing their answers.

Examiners commented on the fact that many candidates apparently failed to recognise that Peru’s National Bird and the Cock of the opm resume, Rock were one and the same thing which resulted in the loss of one mark for Question 1 (a). Essay Competition? Similarly, some candidates failed to respond adequately to the writing task as they described imaginary experiences on the boat journey home, rather than focusing on the question’s actual requirement to write about their thoughts and feelings during the cycle ride through the letter, Andes. Competition? Candidates should be aware that close attention to the wording of the questions is important if they wish to achieve the highest marks. Examiners commented favourably on the standard of research candidates’ written expression, stating that the essay competition, best scripts contained a wide range of appropriately used vocabulary, were well structured and mainly accurate in research the use of spelling and essay, punctuation. However, the less successful responses were marked by uncertain spelling of basic vocabulary and other such errors as the use of commas rather than full stops to separate sentences, and uncertain and on to kill, frequently incorrect use of the apostrophe. Erratic paragraphing was also a feature of responses that fell into the lower mark bands for the writing task. Overall, most candidates focused their responses on the events of the essay, journey, but it was necessary to develop these by including appropriate elaboration of the references to thoughts and define paper, feelings (and especially to politics, an exploration of what had been learnt from the experience) to achieve marks in the highest bands. See Mark Scheme on pp 7-10 for essay a mockingbird prejudice, further guidance. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

PAPER 1: QUESTION PAPER. Read the following passage carefully, and politics essay, then answer all the questions. Ariana Svenson works for Apus Peru Adventure Travel Specialists, a company that offers you opportunities to essay question on corporate social responsibility, visit little-known places. Here she writes about a cycling journey across the Andes Mountains in South America, through varied scenery. OK. I admit it, we go looking for adventure. We had always wanted to visit the essay competition, Manu region but it had seemed hopelessly expensive so we had the idea of opm resume cycling there, seeing Peru’s National Bird, the politics competition, Cock of the Rock, and then going home. It was low season and although it was totally the wrong time of year to be crossing mountain passes, we set off, armed with an excess of wet weather gear, and brimming with enthusiasm. Cample Cover Letter? 5 Two minutes after we had reached the top of a mountain pass it was hailing and we were drenched. Our descent would have been truly exhilarating in good conditions – when it’s freezing it is hellish.

Our hands, though gloved, were the first part to competition, lose feeling – not good when you need to for a defence, be able to feel your hands to apply the brakes on hairpin corners! Your lips go numb first, and 10 then your nose starts running and your knees begin to freeze up in the cold. It was pure agony. An Andean village, that appeared to be warmly welcoming from competition, above, was coldly abandoned and shut up as we passed by closed doors. About three hours later, bedraggled and miserable, we arrived at Colquepata.

There they told us it was only another forty minutes downhill to Paucartambo: it took us over two hours! At least the 15 journey was downhill and at its best there were smooth roads, good gradients and essay question on corporate, high speeds. We passed through pretty farmland, groups of eucalyptus trees and herds of cattle and sheep on their way home at essay competition, the end of the day. Paucartambo emerged around the for a defence, corner, a charming place, with cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and whitewashed houses. People in skirts and draped in colourful blankets added an old 20 world charm and we felt that we had stepped back centuries. Later we arrived in San Pedro to essay competition, see the Cock of the Rock birds doing their mating dance. We camped on a nice man’s soccer pitch, and woke up at midnight to the sound of rain – incessant, heavy, continuous rain that pelted the tent with a somewhat dismaying regularity. Opm Resume? We roused ourselves and trudged through the muddy quagmire to see the politics essay, Cocks’ dance again, wondering 25 how many would look for a mate in this foul weather. We were right – very few!

Following a flat tyre, brake adjustments and load rearrangements, we were jolting our way downhill again, through ever more beautiful and warm jungle. Soon we were racing along through pampas luxuriant with grasses – the rich moist air of the letter, jungle filled our lungs which felt as if they had been starved in the Andes. Politics Essay? It was heady and cample letter, intoxicating – and we just wanted to competition, 30 smile and laugh, out of sheer happiness. Great flocks of letter scarlet big, bright, buttercup-yellow butterflies were feeding on the road and when we passed they fluttered up and surrounded us, so we were cycling in a haze of butterflies – utterly dreamlike! We continued to the village of politics essay Pilcopata where we managed to get some necessary repairs done to the bikes. Letter? We decided to politics, travel further by local bus but had to wait because all the 35 buses out of the region were full, and there were no more for two days. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

In those long hours of waiting we developed the art of conversation with complete strangers. In our time-oriented society, it’s not something that we usually do. Everyone is far too busy or has lots of friends. However, in the heat of the jungle people aren’t in essay a hurry and competition, are happy to discuss things with strangers. I got into a conversation with an old woman who had lived all her 40 life in the region. She exclaimed, “Do you know how much tourists pay to visit Manu?” She added, without bitterness, “Not a cent reaches our town. They come with all the food they need – even bread and water!

And all they leave is rubbish!” It struck me then just how important it is to define research, buy locally, and be environmentally conscious in all our actions. I am glad that when we travel we buy at essay, small shops and eat in local restaurants. You can’t please everyone, but you can 45 make a difference. (a) From paragraph 1, give two reasons why the writer wanted to visit the Manu region. (b) Explain, using your own words, what is meant by “truly exhilarating in good conditions” (line 8). (c) Re-read paragraphs 3 and 4 (“Our descent…end of the day”) and then write. a summary of what the writer found unpleasant and what she found enjoyable about the downhill journey. Write a paragraph of about 50-70 words. (d) Explain, using your own words, why the writer says that they felt they “had stepped back centuries” in line 21.

(e) Why do you think the writer described the cover, owner of the football pitch as a “nice” man (line 23)? (f) From paragraph 6, what reasons do you have for thinking that the writer found the Cocks’ dance to be disappointing when she saw it the second time? (g) Re-read paragraph 7, “Following a flat tyre…utterly dreamlike!” (lines 27-33). Choose three words or phrases which the competition, writer uses to for a thesis, describe her enjoyment of this part of the journey. Politics? Explain how each of essay racial prejudice these words and phrases helps you to imagine this pleasure. [6] (h) Why did they have to wait for a bus in politics essay Pilcopata (paragraph 8)? (i) Which two-word phrase in the final paragraph tells you that the cover, old woman did not feel angry towards the tourists who left litter? (j) Explain, using your own words, what the writer means by: (i) “trudged through the muddy quagmire” (line 25); (ii) “time-oriented society” (line 38); (iii) “environmentally conscious” (line 44).

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Imagine you are one of Ariana Svenson’s companions on her journey. Politics Essay Competition? You are now on a boat on the way home and are writing your impressions of the adventure in your journal. Write your journal entry in which you describe what you think were the good and bad points of letter your journey. In your journal entry you should include: your thoughts and feelings. what you have learnt from the experience. You should base your ideas on what you have read in the passage, but do not copy from it. You should write between 1 and 1? sides, allowing for the size of your handwriting. Up to competition, ten marks are available for the content of your answer, and up to ten marks for the quality of your writing. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 1: MARK SCHEME.

NB: All Examiners are instructed that alternative correct answers and. unexpected approaches in candidates’ scripts must be given marks that fairly reflect the relevant knowledge and skills demonstrated. (a) From paragraph 1, give two reasons why the writer wanted to visit the Manu region. • To see Peru’s National Bird/the Cock of the Rock (1) For adventure (1) (b) Explain, using your own words, what is meant by, “truly exhilarating in define paper good conditions.” (line 8) A genuinely exciting/uplifting experience (1) when the essay competition, weather is fine (1) (c) Re-read paragraphs 3 and 4 (“Our descent…end of the essay letter, day”) and then write a summary of essay what the writer found unpleasant and what she found enjoyable about the downhill journey. Write a paragraph of about 50–70 words.

It was freezing cold. Their hands lost all feeling/could not feel handlebars. The hairpin corners were dangerous. Their lips/knees froze/pure agony. Their noses ran.

The village was abandoned and shut up. Excessive time taken for the journey/took 3 hours/2 hours. The roads were smooth. They could reach good speeds (on the gradient) The countryside and scenery. Seeing the animals.

Give 1 mark for each of these points up to a maximum of 7. (d) Explain, using your own words, why the writer says that they felt they “had stepped back centuries” in line 21. The appearance of the a mockingbird racial, streets and politics, houses (1) The clothes of the cample letter, people were like those of an earlier time (1) Give 2 marks for a clear explanation and 1 mark for some sense of understanding. (e) Why do you think the politics essay, writer described the thesis, owner of the football pitch as a “nice” man? (line 23)? Because he was welcoming/kind/hospitable in allowing them to essay, camp there Allow a convincing explanation that the writer was being sarcastic. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (f) From paragraph 6, what reasons do you have for thinking that the essay racial prejudice, writer found the Cocks’ dance to be disappointing when she saw it the second time? • The weather was wet and miserable (1) ‘Very few’ birds were involved (1) (g) Re-read paragraph 7 “Following a flat tyre…utterly dreamlike!” (lines 27–33).

Choose three words or phrases which the politics essay competition, writer uses to cover letter, describe her enjoyment of politics this part of the journey. Explain how each of these words and on to a mockingbird racial prejudice, phrases helps you to imagine this pleasure. Ever more beautiful and warm jungle. Luxuriant with grasses. Filling the lungs as if they had been starved. Heady and intoxicating. Wanted to smile and politics competition, laugh. Big, bright, buttercup yellow butterflies. A haze of butterflies.

Give 1 mark for each of any 3 of the above and 1 mark for an adequate explanation of it. (h) Why did they have to wait for a bus in essay question responsibility Pilocopata? (paragraph 8) • All the essay competition, ones on that day were full/there wasn’t another one for 2 days. (i) Which two-word phrase in define research paper the final paragraph tells you that the old woman did not feel angry towards the tourists who left litter? (j) Explain, using your own words, what the writer means by: (i) “trudged through the muddy quagmire” (line 25) walked laboriously through wet/sodden/soggy ground. (ii) “time-oriented society” (line 38) our way of life which is focused on the clock. (iii) “environmentally conscious” (line 44) aware of the politics essay, need to preparing for a thesis, respect the politics competition, natural world. Give up to two marks for an explanation in define research paper own words of each of the three phrases. [Total: 30] 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Imagine you are one of Ariana Svenson’s companions on her journey.

You are now on a boat on the way home and are writing your impressions of the competition, adventure in your journal. Write your journal entry in opm resume which you describe what you think were the politics competition, good and bad points of your journey. In your journal entry you should include: • your thoughts and feelings. • what you have learnt from the experience. You should base your ideas on what you have read in the passage, but do not copy from define research paper, it. You should write between 1 and 1 ? sides, allowing for the size of your handwriting. Up to ten marks are available for the content of your answer, and politics competition, up to ten marks for the quality of your writing. General notes on task.

The most successful responses are likely to research, provide a clear and convincing account of the main features of the journey from an appropriate personal perspective and to pick up on the references to the understanding of a different way of life and the importance of preserving that and the surrounding environment. Less successful responses are likely to essay, be over cample reliant on the contents of the competition, original passage and to lift sections of it without making any detailed references to what the writer had learnt. Look for and credit an essay question on corporate social responsibility, attempt to write in an appropriate register. Marking criteria for Question 2. (a) READING (Using and understanding the politics essay, material) Use the following table to question responsibility, give a mark out of 10. Uses and develops several ideas, both factual and inferential, from the politics essay, passage and shows the writer’s thoughts and cample, feelings. Politics Competition? Demonstrates and develops suggestions about what the writer may have learnt from the journey. Refers to several details from the passage, showing awareness of the writer’s thoughts and feelings, and makes some mention of what the opm resume, writer may have learnt.

Offers some judgements about what were the good and bad points of the journey. Repeats some details from the story about the politics essay, journey itself and may make reference to the writer’s thoughts and feelings. Cover Letter? Focuses on the question and on the passage, but uses material simply and partially. There is politics essay competition, some relevance to preparing, the question with a tendency to retell the original rather than to comment. Politics? Makes simple references to details of the on to kill, journey. May retell the story or give occasional relevant facts.

There may be examples of misunderstanding or lack of clarity in attempting to use the essay competition, passage. Very little/no relevance. General misunderstanding of task and passage. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (b) WRITING (Core tier) Use the following table to give a mark out of paper 10. Sentences are fluent and there is essay competition, a fairly wide range of vocabulary. Overall structure is essay letter scarlet, good and sentences generally follow in sequence. Most full stops are correct and errors are infrequent and politics, minor.

An appropriate register is established. Sentences are correct, though relatively simple. Vocabulary is adequate and correctly used. There are some sentence separation errors and quite frequent other errors, although minor. There are some hints of an research, appropriate register.

Sentence structures and vocabulary are simple, but meaning is politics competition, never in doubt. The order is reasonable. Error may be frequent, but it does not blur meaning. There may be an inconsistent attempt at an appropriate register. The answer is very simply written and define, there are occasional examples of blurred meaning. The structure can usually be followed. Politics Essay? Some error is serious, affecting meaning. The answer is difficult to understand. The extent of grammatical error seriously impedes meaning.

The answer cannot be understood. Add the racial prejudice, marks for Reading and Writing to give a total mark out of competition 20 for Question 2. For A Thesis? [Total: 20] 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 1: SCRIPTS WITH EXAMINER COMMENTARY (CANDIDATES A–J) Candidate A. in orde to politics essay competition, see the essay social, bird, the Cock of the Rock, and going home. 1 mark: The reference to essay, seeing the Cock of the Rock is correct. Cample? (b) The atmospheric condition is bad at then top of the. 0 marks: The answer is incomplete and incorrect. (c) Truly exhilarating in good condition It is freezing while our hand are gloved, not good when you need to be able to feel your hands.

You lips go numb first it was pure agony above the cloudy We arrived. 2 marks: Unpleasant: freezing; numb lips. No points made about the enjoyable aspects of the journey. (d) Because the place was not developed it is the paucartambo with place with emerged arround the cones. 0 marks: The answer contains no relevant reference to the passage and the candidate’s linguistic limitations make it difficult to understand what is meant. (e) Because he gave the pitch to as so as we could build up ower tends and spent the politics, night, he is honnest that the research paper, way he give use the essay, pitch. 1 mark: Some acceptable explanation is given as to why the man is referred to as ‘nice’. (f) The first time. 0 marks: The answer is incomplete and incorrect. 0 marks: No answer is for a thesis, given. (h) Because she tried to. 0 marks: The answer is incomplete and incorrect.

(i) Do know how much tourists pay to vist mann. (ii) And all they leave is rubbish. 0 marks: The correct two-word phrase is not identified. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (i) trudged through the politics essay, muddy quagmine. (ii) time oriented society. al the question responsibility, past time, past thing that have to been do in our age. (iii) environmentall conscious.

This is the taking care of politics competition our environment by no throuqhing waste material every where after using. 1 mark: The answer relating to ‘environmentally conscious’ shows a limited understanding of the phrase in the statement ‘no throuqhing waste material after using’ and was awarded 1 mark. Total for Q 1: 5 out of preparing defence a possible 30. ON THE WAY BACK HOME. On my way to home it now afternoon the sun is ontop with a bright light and a strong wind blowing from politics essay, East it is an adventure to me because it is the frist time to cover letter, board a boat while traveling. About two hour is the essay competition, time estimated to reach the final destination this transporting means are very cheap but a they a know with a high rate of essay on corporate social accident I am so scared what will I do when at the middle of the water their is essay competition, no high land nearby which can be seen from far I can see a cargo ship slowly moving. This means of transport give a hard time in thinking if an accident occurs what should I do the are only five safety jacket which have been hept at. alown under the engine. It is a bit a long journy far, their are not under the passanger’s seat and the captain told us he is letter, going to do fishing when we are near the destination. Suddenly the politics essay competition, engine stop runing my heart bets went very fast it was now noon where by the fisherman started fishing so as to go sell where we are heading to.

I think I never enjoyed before like this day travelling me and my bags. the waves where now moving faster after some while the fishing was finished where they caught many colorful fish and many kinds of fish. I think there is no a good communication while you as a passanger should be provided with, the are many types which are many accident happening because may be their is chance of weather condition we need to use. The requirements of the question have not been clearly understood and the candidate has failed to define research, write about the journey described in the passage but, instead, has focused on politics the response on an imagined account of the letter, boat journey home. Politics Competition? There is, therefore, a limited relevance to the question with only a glancing reference to the journey itself. However, the candidate, despite obvious linguistic limitations, has written at some length and there is some attempt to develop the situation on opm resume which he/she feels that the task is based, with the result that the response was given a low Band 4 mark of politics competition 3 for Reading.

Written Expression is of a similar standard and although it is possible to follow the gist of what is being said, the opm resume, errors and uncertainty of idiom cause meaning to essay competition, be blurred in much of the response, and this aspect of the task was also awarded a Band 4 mark of 3. Total Mark: 11 (Grade Unclassified) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) She wants to visit unknown places and she may enjoy cycling journey on. Andes Mountains in South America with varied scenery. 1 mark: The reference to on corporate social, visiting unknown places shows some understanding of the wish to look for adventure. (b) It means that their condition of descent were really bad. Essay? Causing problem by temperature and weather. 0 marks: The phrase has been misunderstood. (c) Before they reach Andean Village, they were physically mentally tired causes of cample letter weather and temperature but when they reach Andean Village, their causing problem were gone.

About three hours later, they arrived at Colquepata and politics, they were on the way to Paucartambo, road was smooth and opm resume, downhill. And they met nice farmland groups of eucalyptus trees and herds of cattle and sheep. 3 marks: No points have been made about what was unpleasant in the journey. Enjoyable: smooth roads; pleasant farmlands; the cattle and sheep. N.B. The point about the downhill gradient is not awarded as there is no reference to the speed that was achieved. (d) It is essay, because streets were made by cobblestone, narrow Alleys and white washed houses. And the paper, way they wear the essay, skirts. And drapped in colourful blankets. It seems like 20th century.

2 marks: There is clear reference to cover letter, both the appearance of the village and to the clothes of the inhabitants; th. there is no penalty for the candidate’s apparently thinking that the 20 Century was a long time ago! (e) The nice man let them camp on his soccer pitch. 1 mark: A reason is given as to why the man was ‘nice’. (f) It is because this Cock of the Rock Birds doing dance for finding the mate of them. But they haven’t so she disappointed. 0 marks: There is insufficient clear explanation as to politics essay, why the writer was disappointed. On To A Mockingbird Racial Prejudice? (g) Utterly dreamlike: Writer let us know that the scenery is like a dream. 1 mark: Only one relevant phrase is quoted and the attempt to politics, explain simply reiterates the original phrase and so cannot be rewarded. (h) They managed to repair their bikes. 0 marks: The statement does not give a reason as to cover, why they were delayed but states what they did as a result of the delay. 1 mark: The appropriate phrase is correctly identified.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (i) Means that they were very curious. (ii) In their country’s life, society and life style. (iii) Have to careful on their actions. Means that they refuse that throwing rubbish simply. 1 mark: The attempt to explain the first phrase is incorrect; the answer to politics competition, the second has a glimmer of essay a mockingbird awareness but is too unfocused to be rewarded; the statement that they should be ‘careful on their actions’ deserves 1 mark as an explanation of ‘conscious’ (of the environment). Politics? Total for Q 1: 10 out of a possible 30.

When we had to cycle, I was so worried because I been never cycle for essay on corporate, a long period. Politics? but I had to, there were no way. While we trevel by opm resume cycling I saw a lot of new things and politics, made me really happy. We had a lots of problems too, weather problems and money. I think that people are learning a lots of on to racial things when they had mistake or problems. And also one grandmother gave me new respectation when we travel.

This is a very limited response, both for Reading and Written Expression, and. its brevity means that it cannot be marked at a high level for politics, either aspect. There is some relevance to the question and some attempt to refer to the writer’s feelings, but this is insufficiently developed for anything more than a Band 4 mark of essay on corporate social 3 to be given for politics essay, Reading. The same mark was given for Written Expression; although the cample cover letter, meaning is generally clear, there are some serious errors which blur communication in places and there is insufficient evidence of the writer’s linguistic ability to justify the essay, award of a mark higher than 3 for this element of the task. Total Mark: 16 (Grade G)

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) The writer decided to go to Manu region because they were looking forward to adventure and having the opm resume, idea to politics competition, cycle. 1 mark: The point about looking for adventure is given. (b) Truly exhilarating in letter good conditions means that the politics essay, journey the writer took would end up being a good one. Research? Despite the weather turning out to be cold. A challenge willing to take. 0 marks: The phrase has been misunderstood. (c) What may have seemed unpleasant for the writer was that the Manu region was terribly cold, to the point of freezing temperatures. Every part of the body had been cold. Also the time it took the writer to essay, arrive at Colquepata, how miserable she felt. The enjoyable part to the writer was that the on to a mockingbird racial prejudice, people in the Andean Village were welcoming and warm from the politics, top, although it had been abandoned.

Even though the journey had been downhill, the sight of seeing farmland and animals was enjoyable. 4 marks: Unpleasant: terribly cold; the cample cover, time taken to reach Colquepata. Enjoyable: the competition, farmland; the animals. (d) It had been the climate of the area and atmosphere that made all this seem like going back into centuries. Just gazing at the view. 0 marks: No relevant explanation is given. (e) Perhaps the man had been very generous to allow the writer to stay or camp out on the pitch. Letter? 1 mark: An acceptable reason for the man’s ‘niceness’ is politics, stated. Scarlet? (f) The writer found the Cock’s dance to be disappointing due to the heavy rain and weather conditions that were left behind and that the tent pelted with dismay.

1 mark: The reference to the bad weather is correct, but the small number of birds appearing is not stated. Competition? (g) The three phrases of the writers enjoyment: – sheer of happiness. – the moist of air. – Surrounding haze of butterflies. The moist air of the jungle, by just being in that atmosphere it already makes you feel in a calm pressance. For A Defence? Almost desert like where your lungs dry out and in thirst of water. The sheer of utter happiness makes one feel at peace out in competition the jungle, just exploring and cample cover, being adventurous. Bringing the utter surrounding of butterflies, almost giving the spring feeling where you driving by and the breeze of winds is essay competition, blowing around you. This is what brings out the haze of butterflies.

5 marks: Three relevant phrases are quoted. Define Research Paper? Despite some limitations of vocabulary and essay competition, expression, the candidate has made a genuine attempt to explain the effects of these phrases and the comments on ‘sheer happiness’ and the experience of riding through butterflies contain sufficient glimmers of appreciation for a further 2 marks to be awarded. (h) They had to wait for the bus in Pilcopata because the other buses out cover of the region were full. 1 mark: A correct reason for their having to wait is politics essay competition, stated. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. The two-word phrases that tell about the define research paper, old woman and her feelings towards littering were the costs to visit Manu region and how people don’t care. The payment and not a cent is given to essay, the town.

0 marks: The correct two-word phrase is not identified. (i) “trudged through the muddy quagmire” – took a sneak peek through the muddy quagmire that the weather left behind. (ii) “time-oriented Society” – In that society of Pilcopata, time waited for no one, every stop one took, you’d have to wait to get there or the opm resume, journey was long. (iii) “Environmentally conscious” – Even though tourists came there to Pilcopata and litter; not a cent is added to the town, they are still wealthy and other people who care about the politics essay, environment are calm throughout. Also meaning the people worry about their. environment, despite the habbits. 1 mark: The final sentence of the explanation of ‘environmentally conscious’ shows understanding of the preparing, second of the two words. Total for essay, Q 1: 14 out of a possible 30. On the kill racial prejudice, journey to the Manu region in Peru had surely being a trip to the unknown. I had mostly been looking forward to the cycling adventure, this is one of the reasons for politics, heading this way. Hearing about the national bird, the Cock of letter Rock brought utter excitement and yet hearing that they have a dance too. Politics Essay? The journey was long I must say, while getting nearer to essay question social, the city, the weather became unbearably cold.

Then again what is a journey like without exploring the adventure that goes along. After three hours, we. finally reach Colquepata. It had been a success. The city of politics essay competition Paucartambo made the area look like the on to a mockingbird racial prejudice, old centuries and being able to pass by competition through the roads and overlooking the farmland and letter scarlet, animals. I never imagined my successful, journey to be this glamorous. Later, while entering San Pedro to see the cock Rock show, we met up with the soccer pitch man whom offered us to camp out on the pitch, I really thought that was generous of essay him. Essay Social? However seeing the Cock Rock shown again wasn’t that exciting, it gave a rather boring site. Hence, the weather did not give us the excitement of actually having a good time. While on the long journey again, we caught a flat tyre, yet that didn’t stop us from having a good time.

We explored the warm jungle, the rich moist of atmosphere, enough to politics essay, make you thirsty though still on the right track. The other enjoyable fact was the surroundings of the butterflies all around making you feel at peace and relaxed. The hours of the trip had been long, but still worth the while. The environmetally conscious of the place was the question on corporate, people, there was no worry as to the one’s who littered. Politics? Although at least others were there to do a better job.

The adventure was extraudinary, I would gladly like to take this event soon. The boat now had just been a relaxed and calm breeze, And ready to reach home and cample, spread the news. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. There is some attempt to focus on essay the task, but the response is opm resume, somewhat haphazardly organised. However, it does make some reference to details from the passage relating to what the writer may have thought or felt. These are not particularly consistent, so the response was awarded a Band 3 mark of 6 for Reading. There are obvious limitations in politics competition the writer’s linguistic expression which result in some blurring of define research meaning and the errors are serious in places.

The limitations of essay competition linguistic expression, along with the uncertain structure, resulted in a Band 4 mark of 4 being given for Written Expression. Total Mark: 24 (Grade F) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) To see peru’s National Bird. The cock of the rock. 1 mark: Only one relevant reason is identified. (b) Their descent was looking good and clean. 0 marks: The quoted phrase is not correctly explained. when its freezing it is hellish.

Your lips go numb. good gradients and define research paper, high speeds. pass through pretty farm land. groups of eucalyptus trees and herds of cattle and sheep on their way home at politics essay, the end of the day. nose starts running. knees began to define paper, freeze. hand went frozen with gloves on.

7 marks: Unpleasant: freezing; lips numb; nose ran. Enjoyable: smooth roads; reach high speeds; pretty farmland and eucalyptus trees (scenery); cattle and sheep. (d) Because the politics competition, clothe what the letter, people was wearing drapped and colourful blankets. 1 mark: The point about the politics essay, clothing of the opm resume, people has been understood. (e) because the man let them camp their. 1 mark: There is politics, just about an adequate explanation as to why he was a ‘nice man’. (f) Because the went through the mud to see the cover letter, cock do the same old dance. 0 marks: The precise details of the bad weather and the small number of birds are not mentioned. (g) • they just wanted to smile and laugh, out of sheer happiness – they were really enjoying their self. they just couldnt belive what they see.

Great flocks of politics essay big, bright, buttercup-yellow butterflies were feeding on the road – I could imagine how nice that did look. beautiful and warm jungle.- 4 marks: Three relevant phrases are quoted; the essay, explanation of the politics competition, first of these is adequate for research, a further mark. (h) they had to essay, wait because all the buses out of the region were full.. 1 mark: a correct reason is given. added without bitterness. 1 mark: Although there are actually three words quoted, the appropriate phrase is clearly identified. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

(i) walk through a muddy path. (ii) in spear time. (iii) Be very worried. 1 mark: This is essay on to kill a mockingbird, a very limited response, but overall there are sufficient glimmers of understanding of parts of the first and third phrases for politics competition, 1 mark in total to be awarded. Total for Q 1: 17 out of a possible 30. My adventure was a really good one, I feel that Manu region was a really good place because their was really nice scenery and nice people. Their was a nice scenery were really smooth roads, really pretty farmland, and define research, also groups of trees and herds of Animals, we went through a beautiful jungle which was very warm, also their were bright, butter cup yellow butter flies were eating on competition the road as we passed through. The people were nice people first the all wave strangers, every body has lots of friends, the define research paper, warmness from the jungle the just sit their and politics essay, discuss things with strangers. Also the was an old woman who had lived in the region all her life, she told me about the tourists and essay question, how they treat the politics essay competition, place with rubbish. I have learnt alot from this journey firsh of cample cover all i will not ride on a bike down that road again because, we had gloves on and our hands were still frozen, our lips went numb, nose start to run, that go cold and politics, frozen, and when we went into the jungle it was like we ride in to somebodys house door and in their house.

The ride to us over two hours, but at least it was all down hill, also the people who live at manu region do not live the same way we do. But the people who lived at manu region are very kind and nice. But the poople was wearing skits and draps in opm resume colourful blankets. Although this response relies heavily on the content of the politics competition, original passage, it is clearly focused on the task and does attempt to give a limited. explanation of what the writer learnt from the experience.

It was placed in responsibility Band 3 for essay competition, Reading with a mark of 6. The linguistic expression is not fully secure; both structures and vocabulary are simple and although there are frequent errors, meaning is generally not in doubt. The mark for Written Expression was a low Band 3 mark of 5. Total Mark: 28 (Grade E) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) the reason why they wanted to visit the Manu region was because they were looking for define, adventure. the second reason was that they have always wanted to visit the Manu region. 1 mark: Only one correct reason (looking for adventure) is identified. (b) “truly exhilarating” basically means that it was extravagent. It was something new and very interesting. Something different. 0 marks: The attempted explanation suggests that the phrase has not been understood. (c) the writer thought that the temperature really affected them, their moods, and it was very frustrating having to essay, cycle through the cold weather becase everything become so much more difficult. Mentally and physically they were challanged.

But in the end it was al worth it becas they passed beautiful scenery and they really enjoyed seeing nature. Define? Seeing the farmers with their sheeps and seeing and smelling the eucalyptus. 3 marks: Unpleasant: the cold weather. Enjoyable: beautiful scenery; the essay competition, sheep (animals). The statements ‘everything become so much more difficult’ and essay on to kill a mockingbird racial, ‘mentally and physically they were challanged’, although showing some general understanding of the experience cannot be awarded marks because they do not contain specific references to details from the passage. (d) the reason why the writer said that they felt like they had “stepped back centuries” was becase it was very cosey, the white whashed houses with the narrow streets. the people were dressed with very calou colours just added to the whole stepping in time. 2 marks: Both the appearance of the village itself and the clothing of the inhabitants are clearly identified. (e) I think that the writer described the man as “nice” is becase he let them camp on his soccer field so that they can see the Cock of the Rock doing the mating dance. 1 mark: An acceptable explanation is given. (f) the reason why the writer thought that Cocks dance was dissapointing was becase it was not the right season for them to mate and essay competition, the weather was horrible so there were just a few cocks doing the essay letter scarlet, dance. they’ve expected a bit more. 2 marks: Both reasons (the bad weather and there being only essay, a few birds) are clearly stated. Essay Scarlet? (g) *More beatifull = the this shows that the place was even more beatifull than before *the rich moist air of the jungle filled our lungs which have been starved in the andes = this indicates that they were struggeling with the oxygen in the Andes and that now they have had a great a cleen and fresh feeling becase the air is politics essay, so pure. *Great flocks of opm resume big, brighs, buttercup-yellow butterflies = this is truely magnificant becase when Cyas experience that you just can’t believe how beatifull it really is.

5 marks: 3 relevant phrases are quoted with two acceptable explanations. Politics Competition? That for cample, the ‘rich moist air etc.’ is somewhat literal but reveals a clear understanding, whereas the comment that ‘you can’t believe how beautiful it is’ referring to the experience of riding through butterflies, shows a good appreciation of the effects the writer is politics competition, attempting to convey. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (h) they had to wait for the bus in opm resume Pilcopata becase they were all full and the next bus arries two days later. 1 mark: Both acceptable reasons are identified but there is a maximum of 1. mark for the question. (i) “Do you know how much tourists pay to visit Manu?”

0 marks: The correct two-word phrase is not stated. (i) they had to go through the politics essay, muddy soil which is really hard. (ii) the cover letter, writer means that back where they come from they usually do not tend to speak to strangers. (iii) the writer says that they should not litter becase it is very bad for the environment, so they have to think. 3 marks: The explanation of ‘muddy quagmire’ shows understanding of both words; that of ‘environmentally conscious’ shows understanding of politics ‘conscious’. Total for Q 1: 18 out of a possible 30. I think that I really deserved this all that hard time working, and then to come to Peru where I have seen most triumphant things, such as the landscaps there completly green, the sound of the crickets in the back-ground which I had to get used to for a while. Opm Resume? it just gave me an excellent feeling of purity and it gave me some time to do alot of thinking by myself. This was a very good experience, it is just one of politics essay competition those once in a lifetime opportunity. I do not regret anything even though we have faced hard and unexpected situations. for example when we were cycling and it was extremely cold up there in the andes, but still we have monoged not to give up and quit and we have continued. the villages were simply amazing. they are such simple people who also enjoy life to the fullest even though they might not have all the resources.

It was a very nice and cultural trip. the people seemed very nice and delicate. Sometimes I still had thought abat going home but then I started to realize that did not want to miss anything, and that if I went home, then I would have missed out on many things such as the butterflies. Just one of thse things that I would never trade for gold. When I think about on corporate responsibility it I also did alot of exercise and it looks as if I have lost a couple of pounds.

Overall I was extremely happy and it was a bodacious experience, and I recomend it to everyone. But on the other hand I am estremely pleased about going back to see all my friends and family and competition, I can’t wait to scarlet, tell them all about competition my trip to Peru. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. This is a response which is on the borderline of Bands 3/2 for both Reading and Written Expression. Letter? The writer makes some attempt to develop details from the original passage and to make appropriate comments to reveal his thoughts about the journey and the people he met. However, the response is not well structured and there is no clear reference to what was learnt as a result of the essay, journey. Essay Letter Scarlet? A mark of 6 was awarded for politics, Reading. There are frequent errors and slips in the written expression and the paragraphing is somewhat haphazard. However, meaning is seldom in research paper doubt and this response was awarded 7 for Written Expression. Essay? Overall, a total of 13 was awarded for scarlet, this response.

Total Mark: 31 (Low grade D) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) The writer wanted to visit the Manu region because they wanted to see Peru’s National bird and they also wanted to see the Cock of the Rock. 1 mark: The only reason identified is that of seeing the Cock of the Rock – the candidate has apparently not realised that the Cock of the Rock and Peru’s National Bird are the same thing. (b) ‘Truly exhilarating in good conditions’ means that if the weather was better they would have had a better time. 1 mark: There is politics essay, insufficient explanation for for a thesis defence, the full 2 marks to be awarded, but the point about the better weather has been understood. (c) What the writer found unpleasant was the weather, it was to cold, at the time, everything starts to essay, get numb.

You can’t feel any of your fingers, even when wearing gloves, then your lips. After that your nose runs and the last thing is your knees. Research? She did find the downhill journey enjoyable because there were so many smooth roads, there was good gradients and politics essay, high speeds. Also you passed through really nice farmlands and groups of eucalyptus trees. There were many sheep and define, cattle too. 7 marks: Unpleasant: too cold (freezing); lost feelings in fingers; lips numb; nose ran. Enjoyable: smooth roads; reach high speeds; pretty farmland and eucalyptus trees (scenery); cattle and sheep.

The answer actually makes 8 relevant points but there is essay competition, a maximum of 7 marks. (d) ‘Had stepped back centuries’ means that they didn’t fell like they were in their time zone because of their house and how the people their dressed. 1 mark: There is insufficient explanation of either the appearance of the village or of the people’s clothes, but the general statement reveals a glimmer of understanding. (e) They described the man, that let them sleep on hes soccer pitch, nice because they man didn’t have to define research, let them sleep there and he could have been mean about it. 1 mark: The reason is clearly explained. (f) The writer found the Cocks’ dance to be disappointing because there were not as many birds there because of the foul weather. 2 marks: Both points (the few birds and the foul weather) are clearly identified. (g) ‘Through ever more beautiful and warm jungles’ gives off a. seens of calmniss and peaceful. ‘The rich moist air of the politics, jungle filled our lungs which felt as if they had been starved in essay on to kill a mockingbird racial the Andes’ makes it seem like everything is so clear nad fresh. ‘When we passed they fluttered up and surrounded us, so we were cycling in a haze of butterflies – utterly dreamlike’ This shows how peaceful and calm everything is, and how bright, beautiful and wonderful everything is.

4 marks: Three relevant phrases are quoted. The explanations are generalised, but those for the second and politics essay, third quotations show sufficient awareness of the writer’s choice of kill a mockingbird words to politics essay competition, justify a further mark being awarded. (h) They have to wait for the bus because the buses going out cample cover letter of the region were full. 1 mark: The reason is correctly identified. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. The two phrase that show that the essay competition, old woman did not feel angry towards the on to kill prejudice, tourists who left litter are ‘It struck me then just how important it is to buy locally and be evironnentally conscious in all our actions’ and ‘I am glad that when we travel we buy at small shops and eat in local restaurants.” 0 marks: There is no reference to the correct phrase. (j) ‘trudged through the muddy quamire’ means that they had to walk through a muddy field. Competition? ‘Time-oriented society’ means that in our time zone and in our society. Essay Scarlet? ‘environmentally conscious’ means we are always thinking about the envirment for everything we do. 2 marks: The attempt to explain ‘time-oriented society’ shows a glimmer of understanding just about worth 1 mark and ‘thinking about the environment’ is a secure explanation of ‘conscious’. Total for Q 1: 20 out of a possible 30. On my journey’s for the past couple of days, were great, exhastiling and thrilling.

We got to essay, visit alot of diffrent places. The first place we went to was Colquepata. It took us two hours to get there from Paucartambo. It is so beautiful there. We did a downhill journey it was the best because you got to pass the beautiful farm lands and groups of thesis diffrent tree’s, you also got to see sheep and politics, cattle. While we were doing and seeing all that we were riding on a nice smooth road. After we went to Colquepata, we went to San Pedro to see the a mockingbird racial, Cock of the politics essay competition, Rock birds doing their dance. It was so much fun to watch and essay on to kill prejudice, we meet a really nice man, he let us camp on his soccer pitch.

In the middle of the night it started to rain so bad we had to find shelter, I was not happy about politics essay competition that. The other place we went to was Paucartambo, It was so diffrent there, all the people wore beautiful skirts and had blankets draped over them. The blankets were so colourful and opm resume, bright. I had an amazing time there because it felt like I went back in politics competition time. Overal I had one of the best trips ever because I meet so many new people and did so many new thing. Even though I did have an awsome time there were some things I wanted to change like the weather because I was so cold I couldn’t feel anything and thats really bad because it was hard to drive my bike and also it rained alot. Opm Resume? Which I really didn’t like but other then that I had a wonderful time and I would do it again. I have to go now because I’m in politics essay a boat on my way home and the water is very bummpy. This is question on corporate responsibility, a generally straightforward response which is on politics essay the borderline of cover Bands 3/2 for both Reading and Written Expression. The content is relevant but closely based on the original passage with only limited development. There are details of what the writer felt (although these refer mainly to politics, physical rather than mental feelings) but no real attempt to opm resume, explain what was learnt.

The response was awarded 6 marks for Reading. Politics Essay Competition? There are frequent errors of spelling and punctuation (incorrect use of the apostrophe, for. example) but meaning is seldom in doubt and sentence structures are generally sound, if simple. Essay On Corporate Social Responsibility? The response was placed just in Band 2 for Written Expression with a mark of essay competition 7. As with Script E, an overall total of 13 out of 20 for the response as a whole was awarded.. Total Mark: 33 (Grade D) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) 1 To see peru’s National Bird. (cock of the Rock) 2 Because they go looking for adventure. 2 marks: Both reasons (looking for adventure and to see the Cock of the thesis defence, Rock) are clearly identified. (b) Exhausted. 0 marks: The phrase is incorrectly explained. (c) Although their hands were gloved, their hands were the first part to lose feeling.

Also, their lips went numb, nose started to run, and knees began to freeze up. Finally, they found a village called ‘Andean village’, which was abandoned to enter. But as they went to downhills, they found roads were smooth, had good gradient, therefore they could move faster. In addition, they saw pretty farmland, groups of eucalyptus trees, herds of cattle and sheep. 7 marks: Unpleasant: lost feelings in hands; lips numb; nose ran; abandoned village. Competition? Enjoyable: smooth roads; reach high speeds; pretty farmland and eucalyptus trees (scenery); cattle and sheep. The answer actually makes 8 relevant points but there is a maximum of 7 marks. (d) They felt as if they were in another world, which is simillar to back centuries because they saw ‘cobblestone streets’, ‘narrow alleys’, ‘whitewashed house’ and ‘people in skirts and draped in colourful blankets added an essay question, old world charm’. 2 marks: The quotations from the passage are concise and essay, focused revealing a. clear understanding of why the essay letter, writer felt they ‘had stepped back centuries’. (e) Because they camped on politics essay that football pitch and in research fact, they borrowed it from the politics, owner although they didn’t ask for any permission. 0 marks: The response is scarlet, a speculation and not based on competition details from the passage. Kill A Mockingbird? (f) Because they had to get thorough muddy quagmire to politics essay competition, see the dance but there were only few birds that were dancing because of the bad weather. 2 marks: Both reasons (only a few birds and the bad weather) are clearly identified. (g) 1.

Ever more beautiful and warm jungle. The writer described the region was very cold, however, the writer described the jungle as beutiful and ‘warm’. Especially the word ‘warm’ enables reader to realize they were enjoying the define, journey since it was first time that they were under good condition during the journey. Smile and laugh, out of sheer happiness. This phrase clearly proves that they were enjoying the journey. Smile and politics essay, laugh have somewhat simillar meaning therefore the writer wanted to exaggerate his moods by essay on to kill a mockingbird repeating the words that have simillar meaning. This phrase also shows clearly that they enjoyed the journey. The word ‘dreamlike’ tells us that the writer was dreaming of the moment. In addition the word ‘utterly’ exagerates the politics competition, word ‘dreamlike’. 4 marks: Three relevant phrases are clearly identified but only the comment as to how the choice of define research vocabulary (‘smile’ and ‘laugh’) in the second phrase is adequate for politics essay, a further mark for explanation to be awarded.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (h) Because all the buses that were out of region were full. 1 mark: The reason is clearly identified. 1 mark: The two-word phrase is correctly identified. (i) managed to get through the muddy roads. (ii) busy society. (iii) be aware of environment. 2 marks: ‘Managed to get through’ reveals an understanding of ‘trudged’ and ‘aware and careful of’ explains ‘conscious’. Total for Q 1: 21 out of a possible 30. Although it wasn’t good time to visit the Manu region, we dicided to cycle there, and define paper, overall, We all enjoyed the journey.

As we expected, the way to the Manu region was very harsh. Our hands were gloved but it wasn’t good enough to keep our hands warm. My nose started to run and my other body parts started to freeze up too. When we finally found the essay competition, Village called ‘Andean’; we thought we could rest there, however, the gate was blocked. Fortunately, the way on opm resume downhills was smooth, it had good gradient and politics essay, we could move faster. For A Thesis? As we went down, we saw a pretty farmland, groups of eucalptus trees and essay, herds of cattle and sheep. We really enjoyed these although it took two hours to reach Paucartambo. On To Kill A Mockingbird Racial? Paucartambo was amazing. It.

had cobblestone streets, narrow alleys and politics essay competition, whitewashed houses, which made us to think that we went back to centuries back. Finally when we went to see the cock of the Rock birds doing their mating dance, we were quite dissapointed. Kill Racial? Only few birds were doing ‘mating dance’ because of the politics, bad weather. And then we decided to go to research, the downhills to go back and we could see the most beautiful jungle that we’ve ever seen before. Politics Essay Competition? The jungle was warm, in essay question responsibility other words, it was perfect because that moment was actually the first time that we were under good condition during the journey. There were butterflies around us with fresh air. I had been dreaming of the moment. We were so glad. and enjoyed the journey. During the journey, we had to talk to essay competition, many strangers, and cample cover, they were kind enough to discuss with us no matter how much time it took from them. I remember that one old woman said that tourists often leave garbage on the streets. Although she wasn’t angry, I felt sorry for her. and essay, though myself that I would have to be more careful about an environment that we visit.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. The content of this response stays very close to the original text and there is little attempt to elaborate on relevant details. It does, however, remain focused on the writer’s experiences and thoughts, although there is no convincing attempt to explain what was learnt as a result of the experience. It was placed in Band 3 for Reading with a mark of 6. Overall, the written expression is reasonably secure, and meaning is never in doubt. However, there is question on corporate social, some idiomatic uncertainty and unforced errors of spelling and punctuation, which resulted in a Written Expression mark of 8 (Band 2). Total Mark: 35 (Grade D)

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) The reasons why the writer wanted to visit the Manu region were because he was looking for an adventure and he wanted to see “Peru’s National Bird, the cock of the rock”. 2 marks: Both reasons (looking for adventure and to see the Cock of the politics essay competition, Rock) are clearly identified. (b) I think “truly exhilarating in good conditions” meant in essay question responsibility good weather you can see true beauty beyond imagination. 2 marks: The statement ‘true beauty beyond imagination’ is sufficient to show some understanding of the transporting effect suggested by ‘exhilarating’. (c) I think the things the writer found unpleasant were very well illustrated. The writer announces that the journey was freezing and hellish. Their hands lost feeling, knees began to politics essay, get stiff and nearlly impossible to move. He describes that your lips go numb and your nose will have continous runs.

The trip was “pure agony” and cover letter, they felt “bedraggled and miserable”. When all hope was almost lost the downhill part came, “smooth roads” and they were able to accelerate at high speeds. They passed through picturesquely views noticing “pretty farmland, groups of eucalyptus trees and politics competition, herds of preparing for a cattle and sheep.” 7 marks: Unpleasant: freezing; lost feelings in hands; lips numb; nose ran. Enjoyable: smooth roads; reach high speeds; pretty farmland and eucalyptus trees (scenery); cattle and sheep. The answer actually makes 8 relevant points but there is a maximum of 7 marks. (d) I think the writer meant that he had stepped back into the past and he remembered all the good times that he had and this could add to that list. 0 marks: The answer does not contain reference to any specific details from the original passage.

(e) I think the writer described him as a nice man because if he hadn’t let them on the pitch they might of had nowhere else to go. So they use the term “nice man” as kind of politics competition a way to thank him. 1 mark: The reason for the man’s ‘niceness’ has been clearly understood. (f) I think the writer found the cocks dance to be dissapointing for kill a mockingbird racial, the second time because the rain came back. After seeing the birds doing there mating dance in a nice weather, it was probably joyfull to watch. When the rain came few if not none could do the dance at all and it just wasn’t the same.

2 marks: Both reasons for their disappointment (the bad weather and the small number of birds dancing) are included. Although the expression of the second point is ungrammatical, it is important to politics essay, note that when assessing Reading tasks, linguistic errors are not penalised as long as the opm resume, candidate’s intention can be understood. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. “smile and laugh”. This suggests that they were laughing and joking about with enormous smiles on their faces expressing that they have had a fantastic time. “Beautiful and essay competition, warm jungle”. This phrae tells me that the cample, jungle was full of beauty, and just like at home when you get a warm feel is how I think they felt cycling through this luxoriuus landscape. “Utterly dreamlike”. This illustrates to me that their heads were like kaleidoscopes of jumbled thoughts.

They were seeing things that they only thought they saw in there dreams. Competition? Things that are surreal. 6 marks: Three relevant statements are quoted, each with an explanation that shows the effects the author intends have been understood. Paper? Although the word ‘warm’ is essay competition, used by the candidate to define research paper, explain the phrase ‘beautiful and warm jungle’, its association with feeling suggests that the metaphorical. implications of the writer’s language have been understood. (h) They had to wait for essay, the bus because all the buses were full in the region and there were no more for two days. 1 mark: Both acceptable reasons are identified but there is a maximum of 1 mark for the question. (i) The old woman did not feel angry towards the preparing, tourists who left litter because she was “happy to discuss things with strangers”. 0 marks: The phrase ‘without bitterness’ has not been identified. (j) (i) “trudged through the muddy quagmire”. I think this means they trecked through mud and slush which was hard to walk through. Politics Essay Competition? (ii) “Time oriented society”. I think this means in todays worlds. (iii) “evironmentally conscious”.

This tells me that the carefull and cautious about the. 3 marks: 1 mark was awarded for each part of the question. In the first part, ‘trudged’ has been explained but there has been no attempt to explain ‘muddy quagmire’; the second part has a glimmer of understanding in essay scarlet the reference to ‘in todays worlds’ and the third part has a very clear explanation of politics essay competition ‘conscious’ (‘carefull and cautious’). Overall, the response is more deserving of 3 marks.. Total for Q 1: 24 out of social responsibility a possible 30. As we started our extravagant journey I noticed that the relentless downpour was thick and wild but I was full of enthusiam.

Wet and drenched, I was detirmined to reach the end. Competition? I reached the essay scarlet, top, my head was spinning and i thought that i was going to pass out. I had a saw throat and a killing cold which was hard to with stand. The other cyclists talked of politics competition a stoppoing point with a restraunt. The look on my face changed immediately after glancing at. the closed doors. I felt my whole body was disheveled and impossible to move. Ariana then shouted that there was a downhill part which I had not yet seen, due to letter, me lagging behind. Politics Essay Competition? I had never seen so much beaucty. For A? We saw animals and farmland which almosted hypotised me, i felt so locked on.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Paucartambo had people dressed in many colours which began to make me hallucinated. As time floated we eventaully saw the cock of the rock birds doing there mating dance. This is what i was waiting for. I had read of such birds with talent and they didn’t dissapoint me even after the second time. My Bike collapsed and i could nut go on any further, the chain had unexpectedly come off. A few of the politics essay, others had a flat tire, so we decided to take them to thesis defence, a shop who would fix them for us.

Back on the road and i felt so much better. This so far was a terrific adventure. Suspense began to grow like air going in to politics, a balloon waiting for it to go bang! I met a man who lived in this town. He told me stories which i wasn’t sure whether to believe. Essay Scarlet? This man had long ginger hair and politics essay competition, a scar which tracked its self down one side of his face and got lost in a long volcanic beard.

As i got home into bed i thought to essay on to kill a mockingbird racial, myself that i had never had so much fun in my life. The most exciting experience which i would advise everyone to politics essay, try. This was an experience that would never ever vanish. This is a somewhat mixed response; the candidate makes some references to the details of the passage and refers to feelings inspired by letter the journey; there is, however, no clear statement to what has been learnt as a result of the journey and much of the politics, response gives an account of opm resume it rather than focusing on the thoughts and feelings of the writer. There are also some additional details (the man with long, ginger hair, for politics, example) which do not derive organically from the original passage. For A? This response was placed at the top. of Band 3 for Reading and given a mark of 6. Although meaning is never in doubt and the sentence structures are mainly correct, there are frequent, minor errors in the written expression which led to politics essay competition, the response being given a mark of preparing for a thesis defence 7 (Band 2) for this aspect. Total Mark: 37 (Low grade C)

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) They were looking for adventure and politics competition, wanted to see Peru’s National Bird, the Cock of the rock. 2 marks: Both reasons (looking for adventure and to see the Cock of the Rock) are clearly identified. (b) It means that the descent would have been really exciting and essay question on corporate responsibility, fun if the weather was good. 2 marks: The answer explains both ‘exhilarating’ (‘really exciting’) and ‘in good conditions’ (‘if the weather was good’). (c) The weather was cold and freezing parts of there bodies. Politics? It was hard to use parts of your body when they are needed but so cold. The village looked warm and welcoming, but was cold and abandoned. They arrived at Colquepata miserable. They went to the next village downhill and on good smooth roads. They passed lovely farmland groups of trees and essay kill a mockingbird racial, herds of cattle. 6 marks: Unpleasant: freezing; hard to use parts of body when so cold; village was cold and unwelcoming; Enjoyable: good, smooth roads; lovely farmland (scenery); herds of cattle. (d) The writer felt like that because the people were dressed in old fashion clothes which looked like they were from centuries ago.

1 mark: There is a clear reference to the old-fashioned clothes of the politics, people but no mention of the appearance of the cover, village itself. (e) she describeds him like that because he let them camp on the football pitch. 1 mark: The point about the essay, man’s kindness is clearly explained. (f) They found it disappointing the second time because of the weather and the failing of the birds to find a mate using the dance in letter them conditions. 1 mark: The point about the bad weather is understood (the comment ‘in them conditions’ makes it clear) but the fact that only a few birds appeared is politics competition, not sufficiently explained. (g) Beautiful and warm jungle. This shows that she is enjoying cycling if these are the kind of things she is seeing.

Just wanted to social, smile and laugh. the air was so intoxicating in a good way and they had been starved of good air for a while it felt good to essay competition, breath in. Utterly dreamlike they felt that riding through the butterflies felt unreal like a dream, really enjoyable. 5 marks: Three relevant statements are quoted; however, although the explanations of opm resume ‘wanted to smile and laugh’ and ‘utterly dreamlike’ are sufficient to politics essay, show an appreciation of the writer’s choice of words, the a mockingbird racial prejudice, attempt to explain ‘beautiful and warm jungle’ is too generalised to be rewarded. (h) They had to wait because all the buses were full. 1 mark: A correct reason for their having to politics essay competition, wait is given. 1 mark: The two-word phrase is quoted and no more – exactly what is cover, required!

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (i) They struggled to essay competition, walk through the muddy fields. (ii) everyone in that society works by the time. (iii) To give a thought for the environment. 4 marks: The responses to all three parts of the question are somewhat perfunctory although there is research, evidence that all the phrases have been understood. 2 marks were awarded for (i) and 1 mark each for the other two attempts – the candidate was given the benefit of the doubt and it was assumed that ‘that society’ referred to that of the writer of the passage and not that of the villagers.

Total for Q 1: 24 out of a possible 30. Everyone at the start of the essay competition, adventure was raring to go! I think we knew the conditions that were going to be facing us but we didn’t care, we were ready for anything including myself, but felt abit nervous as we set off. Essay Letter Scarlet? We had not really started and politics, the rain, or should I say hail was already drumming down on us. I felt so cold as we cycled with the opm resume, hail and the cold wind chill hitting us. Every simple task became harder. Pulling the brakes was even difficult. It was one of them moments when I wish I had never come on the journey. We kept riding for another three hours before we came to a village called Colquepata. Politics Essay? We were soaked and everyone was on a low like myself, but we carried on to the next village. The roads were lovely and smooth plus the rain had stopped.

There were some great farmlands that reminded me of when I was little, warm and essay, very pleasant feelings started to fill me. When we got to the village it just felt better than the last place, more culture and friendly people. I was starting to like the journey more and politics competition, more and thought it could get even better, I hoped. We arrived later to see the Cock of the rock doing its mating dance, this was what I wanted to see and it didn’t disappoint until the weather turned bad again. I was starting to get abit anoyed at the weather and really wanted it to stay nice, but I don’t think I was going to get my wish. A Mockingbird? A few repairs to the bikes and we were off again, and the further we went on, the jungle become more and more beautiful. By then I was on a real high and thought this trip had really come into its own. We got a bus to take us further but we had to wait an politics essay competition, age for one, they were all full but I was so pleased with the trip it didn’t bother me. I got talking with a few locals and I thought very highly of essay letter scarlet them because of there Culture and strugges living there, they got me thinking and I may have leart a great deal from the whole experiance, that you have to go a great distance to politics competition, find and experiance fantastic things! This is a typical Band 2 response for both Reading and research, Written Expression.

The candidate has a clear understanding of the requirements of the task and essay competition, although the content is focused mainly on opm resume the details of the original passage, the account, nevertheless, reworks much of this material and includes some original details. The writer clearly describes thoughts and essay, feelings inspired by the ride and makes a deliberate attempt to refer to what was learnt from the experience. The mark awarded for Reading was 8. However, there needs to be a greater development of this aspect and more additional details to reach Band 1. The written expression is generally fluent and competent, but the structures are a little lacking in range and variety and there are some unforced errors of spelling and punctuation, which keep it to a top Band 2 mark of 8. Total Mark: 40 (Grade C) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) The writer wanted to visit the Manu region because she was looking for an adventure, and she wanted to see Peru’s National Bird, the Cock of the Rock. 2 marks: Both reasons (looking for opm resume, adventure and to see the Cock of the Rock) are clearly identified. (b) In line 8, the competition, words “truly exhilarating in good condititions” means that when the tropical wheather is at fine temperature.

and sunny the journey would be a pleasure, but the writer states that the wheather was freezing, and research paper, soon it was raining and hailing. 2 marks: The answer explains both ‘exhilarating’ (‘would be a pleasure’) and ‘in good conditions’ (‘fine temperature and sunny’). (c) Ariana Svenson found both extenessive adhesiveness and admiration on her journey. She was unpleasantly suprised by freezing, wet wheather conditions, and politics competition, disliked the unintroduced hail. For A Defence? Unfortunately Ariana lost feelings in her hands and sore lips first, and as if not being in enough agony, her nose ran as if she was suffering from an uncurable disease, and competition, her knees went totally stiff.

Completely exhausted, she full of thankfulness, arrived at Colqueta. She was decieved as it turned out the downhill journey took two hours, no fourty minutes, as she had been informed. Ariana finally was pleased that the downhill journey was on pleasant flat roads, and that she did not have to master further hills. She discovered and admired the beautiful farmland as she passed, and admired tropical eucalyptus trees and felt content as heards of thesis sheep and cattle joined her on her path. 7 marks: Unpleasant: freezing; lost feelings in hands; lips sore (numb); nose ran; journey took longer than expected. Enjoyable: flat, pleasant roads; farmland and eucalyptus trees (scenery); sheep and cattle. The answer actually makes 8 relevant points but there is a maximum of 7 marks. (d) Using the words “had stepped back centuries” the writer means that the seemingly village she reached seemed so antique, unmodern and essay, traditional (trough traditional skirts and colourful blanckets). 1 mark: The answer does not clearly identify either point (the cobbled streets etc. of the village and the traditional clothes of the people); however, there is enough general understanding conveyed for 1 mark to be awarded. (e) The writer described the owner of the cample cover letter, football pitch as a “nice” man because the amiable man let Ariana and her group camp on his football pitch, to politics, see the Cock of the Rock birds do their mating dance.

1 mark: Straightforward point, clearly understood. (f) The writer found the Cocks’ dance disappointing when she saw it a second time, because due to the bad raining wheather, there were so few birds in sight. 2 marks: Both reasons (the bad weather and there being only a few birds) clearly identified. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (g) The writer uses the phare “ever more beautiful . . Essay Letter? . warm jungle” to describe her enjoyment of this part of the journey. Politics Essay? By “ever more” she states that she was quite unexpectant she could find the jungle anymore beautiful than she had before. She truly admires it. The writer uses the cample letter, phrase “luxuriant with grasses” to describe the essay, scenery as luxurious and rich – concerning the beauty of the scenery. The writer also states “we just wanted to smile . . Essay Kill Racial Prejudice? . Competition? laugh, out of sheer happiness” as a phrase showing her pure enjoyment. She feels so incredibly happy as if she had absolutely nothing to cover, worry about. She is engulfed it the truly mesmerizing scenery.

6 marks: Three relevant statements are quoted, each with an politics competition, explanation that shows the effects the author intends have been understood. The explanation of ‘luxuriant with grasses’ is conveyed by essay scarlet the word ‘rich’ which shows an appreciation of the writer’s choice of vocabulary. (h) They had to wait for a bus in Pilcopata because all the other buses out of that region were full, and there would have been no more for a few days. 1 mark: Both acceptable reasons are identified but there is a maximum of 1 mark for the question. (i) The two word phrase that tells me that the essay competition, old woman did not feel angry towards the opm resume, tourists who left litter is competition, “not a cent reaches our town. Essay A Mockingbird? They came with all the food they need – even bread and water! and all they leave is rubbish!” 0 mark: The answer fails to identify the correct two-word phrase. (j) (i) By the phrase “trudged through the essay, muddy quagmire” the writer means that the group and herself slunshed through the muddy earth that was soaked in water. “Trudged” would mean that they tried to pass through with difficulty. (ii) By the phrase “time-oriented society” the preparing for a thesis, writer means that the people the politics essay, group encountered were all still living in their traditional, unmodern lifestyle. This whole society seemed so “stuck-in-time” and were concious but happy living in such, to the modern world, backward conditions. (iii) By the phrase “environmentally concious” the writer means that they themselves lead a stereotype role of tourists, who came to this magnificent cultural villiage and seemingly only leave litter. The villiagers are concious to this and find this unpleasant, as they themselves are so aware to opm resume, their beautiful surroundings, their environment, and to politics essay competition, not wish it harmed. 3 marks: There is essay racial, a good explanation of politics competition both ‘muddy quagmire’ (earth that was soaked in water’) and ‘trudged’ (‘pass through with difficulty’) which gains 2 marks.

However, the explanation of ‘time-oriented society’ is incorrect and the attempt to explain ‘environmentally conscious’ is rather vague, scoring 1 mark for the last sentence. Total for Q 1: 25 out of a possible 30. Now this is it. My incrediable journey I untertook in cover exiting Peru has come to an end. The experiences I had, and everything I learnt has affected me, and I truly believe I have become a better person, being more knowledgable about my surroundings, has really opened my eyes. From the start of our journey I knew I was engulfing into an adventure, which I enthusiasticly approached. My lovely group members and politics competition, I started our excursion by embarking upon hills that seemed to become even steeper. It was not soon until I began to doubt if I made the right choice 34. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

for me, going on essay a mockingbird prejudice this already tedious trip. As the wheather went from bad to politics essay competition, utterly disgusting, including the whole tropical package of rain, hail, humidity and on to racial, muddy pathways, I told myself I must maintain a positive mind, I order to gain from the entire experience. It was a definite challenge for me, this complete exhaustion which never seemed to essay, fade, but which I did manage to define research paper, forget at times, Days where we went downhill pleased me, as I got a chance to concentrate on the beautiful surroundings. Through the essay competition, entire journey, the scenery was breath-taking. Tropical plants, especially eucalyptus trees, alinged the pathways, and gave off refreshing and essay responsibility, interesting odours. At the magnificent traditional villiage San Pedro, we camped on an amiable man’s soccer ptich. On an essay competition, early walk, through nearly unpassable muddy paths, we watched, for the second time, out for Cock of the Rock birds to perform their mating dance. Under the warm temperature, I felt so happy and felt so free as I never did before.

Seldom animals joined us on our journey, like the buttercup yellow butterflies that had us in a dream-like state. From this unforgettable experience I learnt a complete new respect for nature, I have decided to support endangered species from now on. I witnessed an preparing defence, unbelievable nature experience, the Cock of the Rock bird’s mating dance. I cherish that I have met friendly villiage inhabitants of Peru, people that had got me thinking of my life and the world from a complete different perspective. Through this experience I learnt in an unbelievable amount. I grew more environmentally concious, experienced extreme team-work and survival skills, and definately grew more conscious to me, and my surroundings. Politics Competition? Not only was I physically challenged, but mentally too, benifiting from the plethora of variety of experiences. I believe I have become a better person. I had not expected this trip affecting me in essay such deepness. And yes, I really have become a new and essay competition, improved self.

This is an ambitious Band 1 response for both Reading and Written Expression. The candidate has clearly understood the requirements of the task and has very effectively adapted details from the original to craft an individual account. The description of thoughts and feelings about the journey are clearly focused and the writer has skilfully blended into kill a mockingbird prejudice, the account. appropriate comments about politics competition what has been learned from the experience. The response was awarded the full 10 marks available for Reading.

Overall, the Written Expression is mainly secure, although there are some examples of uncertain idiom. Spelling and punctuation are generally good (but with some slips) and there is preparing for a thesis, a wide range of ambitiously chosen vocabulary. This response is on politics essay competition the Band 1/2 borderline for Written Expression, but the positive merits of the vocabulary in particular, just tip it into Band 1 with a mark of 9. Total mark: 44 (Grade C) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 2: INTRODUCTION.

Reading Passages – Extended tier. This paper is mainly a test of reading, for both explicit and implicit meaning. Define Research? Forty out politics essay of the fifty available marks are given for the various ways in which candidates respond to two passages of cample cover letter approximately 600 to 700 words each. No marks are given (or lost) on this paper for spelling and essay, punctuation (provided that the errors do not impede the define, expression of politics competition meaning.) A clear and appropriate style and opm resume, structure for each response will be awarded credit. Question 1 invited a response to Passage A in the form of essay competition a letter. Candidates were expected to social responsibility, appreciate ideas and details from the text and to modify and politics essay competition, develop them in a new genre. When assessing the candidates’ reading, the Examiners looked for: • relevant references to the text. • development of the references to essay on to a mockingbird prejudice, suit the competition, context of the task • adaptation of selected material to match the character/voice of the essay question social, persona. When assessing aspect of politics competition writing, the Examiners looked for the ability to structure and sequence the response and to express ideas convincingly. Question 2 invited candidates to select words or phrases from essay question social responsibility, parts of. Passage A and to comment on essay competition its effectiveness in the context, i.e. the response evoked in the reader.

The Examiners looked for: • choice of a range of relevant vocabulary for both parts of the essay question, question (up to 3 marks) • conveyance of an understanding of the essay competition, meanings of these choices, perhaps including reference to define research, relevant literary terms (up to 6 marks) • ability to explain the effects of essay these choices, and to appreciate the define research paper, overall aim of the use of this language (up to 10 marks). Question 3 invited candidates to summarise an aspect of Passage A and Passage B. The passages and questions were linked thematically but there is no requirement for a comparison to be made. (Candidates who did try to compare the passages were still credited for the individual points made.) The Examiners looked for: • any 15 relevant points (from the politics essay, possible 25 in the mark scheme), recognisably expressed • ability to write concisely, with focus on the question, and in own words. See mark scheme on pp 41-46 for further guidance. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 2: QUESTION PAPER. Read Passage A carefully, and then answer Questions 1 and cover letter, 2. Passage A.

Our parents were over-indulgent towards us, and we were happy but not particularly well-behaved children. Maybe they felt guilty because, on one occasion, they had to leave home for two weeks on business and politics essay, invited our Aunt Pegg to look after us. She accepted the on corporate social, challenge eagerly. Politics Competition? Vile Aunt Pegg! Leering, sneering, peering Aunt Pegg! We would be enjoying a friendly fight or just sitting doing nothing when she would pounce on us like a cat, and savage retribution would follow. As we stood in the corner of the room. with hands on heads, she would snarl, ‘How dare you! Making my tidy room messy, wasting your time. I saw you!’ Aunt Pegg had eyes on sticks.

How she saw us we never knew: one moment she wasn’t there, the kill, next she was on top of us. She was a wizened, tiny woman of great muscular strength and energy, and her mouth was like an upside-down new moon without the hint of a smile. She constantly spoke of her ‘philosophy of life’ but we only experienced the superficial features of it. She kept us occupied at all times, sweeping the yard, tidying the house and politics essay, learning to cook tasteless, crumbling cakes. On the first day she blew a whistle to order us downstairs to a breakfast of chewy, sugarless oat cereal.

The sugary, salty foods we loved were locked away, and eating our morning bowlful was a lonely marathon. If we didn’t eat it all up, we were given extra cleaning to do. By day two we were very mournful children. Nostalgia set in as we remembered our happier past. We went about our daily tasks like little zombies. We became uncommunicative and cample cover, even forgot (to our Aunt’s extreme pleasure) to insult each other.

Both of us longed for the day when our dear parents would return and unlock the barred doors of our prison. On day three we were introduced to politics, our educational programme. She set us impossible mental arithmetic sums at tremendous speed and always finished with ‘And twenty-nine, add ’em all together and take away the number I first said’. Cover? Then there was ‘Reading Improvement’, which consisted of moral tales from the nineteenth century, and ‘Practical Farmwork’, which mostly involved the identification and eradication of weeds. We were not allowed to re-enter the house until we had successfully whispered the competition, name of the plant into Aunt Pegg’s good ear. If we did not use the official Latin name she would snap at us. ‘You wicked child!

It is certainly not Hairy Stinkweed. I’ll not have swearing in on to racial my house!’ Of course we attempted to break free. It happened on a visit to town, while we were carrying the heavy bags with Aunt Pegg marching behind, tapping her walking stick like an officer in the army. At a mutual sign we dropped the bags and ran for it. Competition? Our Aunt seemed prepared for this. She blew her whistle and shouted ‘Stop thief!’ and we were painfully restrained by several burly.

members of the define research paper, public. When we reached home we were given a stern lecture on competition ‘philosophy’ and define research paper, ‘morals’ and sent to bed with just a slice of bread, some cheese and politics essay competition, a lettuce leaf. Paper? We hated lettuce. Essay? Apparently much of essay Aunt Pegg’s philosophy was connected with diet. She must have thought that we were lazy, naughty children who needed strong routine and discipline to prevent the competition, rot from setting in. How we cried with joy when our smiling parents returned, bearing presents and hugging us tight.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Imagine you are Aunt Pegg. After one week of looking after the children, you write a letter to their parents in which you: give your impressions of the children; give an account of your progress with them so far; tell your plans for the next week. Write your letter. Base it on what you have read in Passage A. Preparing? You should write between 1? and 2 sides, allowing for the size of your handwriting.

Up to fifteen marks will be available for politics essay competition, the content of your answer, and up to five marks for the quality of your writing. Re-read the descriptions of: (a) Aunt Pegg in paragraphs 2 and 3; (b) the cample letter, children in paragraph 5. Select words and essay, phrases from these descriptions, and explain how the writer has created effects by using this language. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Question 3 is cample cover, based on both Passage A and Passage B. Read Passage B carefully, and re-read Passage A. They come in all shapes and sizes, are young and old and may or may not have children of their own, but the only thing that matters about uncles is politics competition, whether they are good or useless. Good uncles show you love and attention, because they are part of your family but know that they do not have the cover letter, long-term responsibility of parents. They probably only appear briefly for essay, a week or two at for a thesis defence, a time and are unlikely to competition, find you irritating. When they do come they bear presents, not necessarily expensive ones, but welcome presents that your parents avoid buying, such as noise-making objects.

Remember too that uncles are on preparing for a defence holiday and are available to whisk you away to the places that you love to go. Not being responsible for your diet, they feed you on essay competition fatty foods and define paper, burgers that they call ‘treats’, knowing full well that your parents disapprove on health grounds. They encourage you to do risky things like climb up high walls, and they rescue you when you can’t get down. Here now is a simple test by which you can identify a useless uncle. Politics Essay? On such occasions, watch for a jittery blinking of the eye and listen for these telling words: ‘I think that’s enough. It might be dangerous.’ These uncles have even less confidence than your parents and have failed at the first hurdle. Useless uncles spend too much time sitting in preparing for a chairs doing what they call ‘holiday reading’, usually of books called ‘Lives of the Great Philosophers’ or ‘How to Solve the World’s Economic Problems’. If you ask them for a game of essay football, they reply, ‘Later! I’m too busy at the moment.’ A real uncle shows no sign of being able to read at opm resume, all.

For example, he ignores all signs that say ‘No Ball Games’. As soon as he sees a ball, you and competition, he are away to the nearest open space. The reason for this enthusiasm is that most good uncles are keen to opm resume, play games and they see you as an ideal opportunity for them to show off. Because uncles are not your parents, they have lived separate and politics competition, maybe exciting lives. Essay Letter Scarlet? You know all your parents’ stories, at least those they are prepared to tell you. Useless uncles will have spent an unadventurous, sheltered life and anyway are unaware of anything that you might find interesting about them. An enterprising uncle will tell you about politics his life among the gorillas or how he saved his companion’s life by driving off a charging rhinoceros. Maybe these stories are not strictly true, but that is not the point. Good uncles have an imaginative, creative spirit and a talent for fiction, such as the kill a mockingbird, adventures of a Mr Snodgrass who lives in an obscure corner of politics your house and who only emerges when you are asleep.

No doubt a useless uncle will try to entertain you as follows: ‘I once read about preparing for a defence a chap called Proust who went on a journey to politics essay competition, …Oh dear, I’ve totally forgotten where.’ It is clear that such uncles have no qualities that appeal to children and they should be locked up in a library surrounded by volumes written in Latin until they crumble amongst the question on corporate, dusty pages. Sooner or later it is time for your uncles to depart. Essay Competition? Bad uncles will shamble down the drive bearing two old suitcases full of extra underwear, old woollen garments and half-read books. Good uncles wave their arms, smile big smiles and wink at you to promise more wickedness next time. When you turn. back to the care of define research paper your parents, you will discover that your good uncles have left gentle hints which, if followed up, will be of at competition, least a little advantage to essay letter, you. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) what makes a good uncle, as described in Passage B; (b) what the essay, children disliked about their aunt, as described in research Passage A. Use your own words as far as possible. You should write about 1 side in total, allowing for politics essay competition, the size of your handwriting. Up to fifteen marks will be available for the content of your answer, and up to five marks for the quality of your writing.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 2: MARK SCHEME. Note: all Examiners are instructed that alternative correct answers and unexpected approaches in essay kill a mockingbird prejudice candidates’ scripts must be given marks that fairly reflect the relevant knowledge and skills demonstrated. Imagine you are Aunt Pegg. Politics Competition? After one week of looking after the children, you write a letter to their parents in which you: give your impressions of the children; give an account of your progress with them so far; tell your plans for the next week. Write your letter. Research Paper? Base it on what you have read in politics essay Passage A. You should write between 1? and 2 sides, allowing for the size of opm resume your handwriting.

For this question, 15 marks are allocated to politics essay competition, assessment of Reading Objectives R1–R3 (see syllabus); 5 marks are allocated to assessment of scarlet Writing Objectives W1–W5 (see syllabus). General notes on politics possible content. Note: there are two parts to a complete answer. The impressions may be fairly general, so look for some introductory development. Racial Prejudice? The main part will be about progress, and the best candidates will try to make some sense of what is meant by her philosophy to tie it all together.

Clever candidates will use the competition, reading clues well to predict next week’s programme. The final mark is cover, based on the quality of the answer. It is most important to reward a consistent letter. Remember, Aunt Pegg may be at least partially right – for essay competition, all we know, the children may be little devils. Also, some very clever candidates might tone down what she says for fear of alienating the parents – this should be made obvious in the wording. However, the content must be clearly related to and derived from the passage. Candidates may use the following ideas: Mark A (Impressions) lazy (‘sitting doing nothing’/getting up in the morning/maybe slow to define research, do tasks (her explanation of ‘like zombies’) naughty/indisciplined (fights/what she thinks is swearing/episode of bags in.

the street) spoilt (over-indulgent/allowed to eat sugary foods/leave food) untidy (‘making my tidy room messy’) NB Look for politics, overview and good development. Mark B (Progress) keeping watch/control (eyes in the back of her head!; blowing whistle) punishments (extra cleaning/stand in corner/early to bed/no proper food) tasks/keeping occupied (cleaning/sweeping/tidying) education (cooking/arithmetic/‘good’ books/nature study) diet (lock away salty and sugary foods/make them eat lettuce) NB Reward references to and exploration of ‘philosophy’ and ‘morals’. 41. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Mark C (Plans for the next week) reward more of the same e.g. extensions of define paper education programme, tightening of discipline, more dietary ideas. or what Aunt Pegg sees as some relaxing of the regime, realising that the parents will be returning; perhaps she has some ideas of rewards.

or some other, invented happening that Aunt Pegg has lined up for the children which relates to her expectations of them as shown in the passage. make sure that you can discern some relation to the content of the passage before rewarding NB Allow candidates’ interpretations of the time scale e.g. the politics essay competition, visit to town and all of paragraphs 7–10 may be used as content for the next week. A: CONTENT (EXTENDED TIER) Use the following table to letter scarlet, give a mark out of 15. The answer reveals a thorough reading of the passage. There is an appropriate amount of supporting detail, which is well integrated into the letter, contributing to a strong sense of purpose and approach.

Candidates create a consistent attitude for competition, Aunt Pegg and make some reference to her ‘philosophy’. Candidates take on the role/character of the writer. Original. ideas are consistently well related to the passage. There is evidence of cample cover a competent reading of the politics competition, passage. The candidate does well to research, represent Aunt Pegg’s attitude and some character, and to essay competition, integrate some of the material with occasional effectiveness, and without repeating the passage. There is essay a mockingbird racial prejudice, some development, but the ability to sustain may not be consistent. There is some supporting detail throughout. The passage has been read reasonably well, but there may be some weakness in assimilating material.

There may be evidence of a mechanical use of the passage. There is focus on the task and satisfactory reference, but opportunities for development and politics competition, interpretation are not always taken. Some reference to the text is made without much inference or more than brief, factual development. Answers may be thin, lack originality or in places, lack focus on the text, but there is some evidence of general understanding of the main points of the passage. Answers are either very general with little specific reference to the text OR lift sections of the essay question on corporate social, original. Content is insubstantial and there is essay competition, little realisation of the opm resume, need to modify material from the politics competition, passage.

There is little or no relevance to on corporate social, the question or to the passage. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. B: QUALITY OF WRITING: STRUCTURE AND ORDER, STYLE AND LANGUAGE Use the following table to give a mark out of 5. Language is essay, mainly fluent and there is clarity of explanation. There is essay, a sufficient range of vocabulary to express thoughts and feelings with some precision. Competition? There are occasional hints of character or appropriate voice. Essay Question On Corporate Responsibility? The letter is mainly well structured. Language is clear and appropriate, but comparatively plain, expressing little character. Individual points are rarely extended, but explanations are adequate. There may be flaws in politics structural presentation, such as very plain beginnings and opm resume, ends. There may be some awkwardness of expression and language is essay, too limited to racial, express shades of meaning.

Look for politics competition, structural weakness in essay question social presentation of material. There are problems of expression and structure. Language is weak and undeveloped. There is little attempt to politics essay, explain ideas. The language of the letter has character and sounds real, possibly as Aunt Pegg might write or speak. Comments are very clearly expressed and enhanced by a wide range of effective and/or interesting language. Structural presentation is sound throughout. Sentence structures and language are unclear and the work is difficult to follow. Re-read the descriptions of: (a) Aunt Pegg in paragraphs 2 and define, 3; (b) the children in paragraph 5. Select words and phrases from these descriptions, and explain how the writer has created effects by using this language.

For this question, 10 marks are allocated to assessment of Reading Objective R4 (see syllabus). General notes on politics essay likely content: This question is marked for the candidate’s ability to select effective or unusual words and for an understanding of ways in which the language is question on corporate responsibility, effective. Expect candidates to select words that carry specific meaning, including implications, additional to general and to ordinary vocabulary. Alternative acceptable choices and politics essay, explanations should be credited. Mark for the overall quality of the answer, not for the number of words chosen. The following notes are a guide to what good candidates might say about the. words they have chosen.

They are free to essay, make any sensible comment, but only credit those that are relevant to competition, the correct meanings of the words and that have some validity. Question Social Responsibility? Candidates could score full marks for excellent comments on three words from each part of the question. Mark and credit what is positive. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) Aunt Pegg in paragraphs 2 and 3. Most candidates should give an overview of Aunt Pegg as utterly unpleasant to the point of politics competition savagery, and cample, the best will wonder whether the politics competition, description is an exaggeration, perhaps representing the point of essay on corporate social responsibility view of the two disaffected children.

Candidates in Band 1 must make valid comments about the images, starting with the image and competition, applying it to the meaning in the passage. The description starts with an outpouring of hatred. Candidates should pick out the strength of vile. The ugly rhyming leering, sneering, peering that follows should suggest that the list of preparing thesis rhymes is for unusual emphasis (like a chant) but good candidates will unravel the meanings, which are appropriate to the rest of the description. For example, peering goes with eyes on sticks. Competition? Candidates should be careful to see the strange visual image here, but also explain it as being able to see in all directions and particularly out in front, so she saw everything. Question On Corporate Social? Leering and sneering go with the lack of a smile and the upside-down new moon. This is a strongly visual image, the opposite of a happy smile.

The third image is that of politics essay competition pounce like a cat. Essay Social? To get the strength of this they must start with the cat, consider its strength, the way it preys and essay, the sharpness of define research its steel claws. In fact this is another exaggeration, as is snarl, which prolongs the politics, cat image and the sneer. For A Defence? An alternative interpretation has to do with a cat that watches the children all the time. It is unlikely that she was literally ‘on top of us’ though it might mean no escape because she was so near. These words all fit together, leaving wizened and politics essay, muscular strength, which can only define research, really be explored for meaning. (b) The children in paragraph 5.

Note that there is less in (b) than in essay (a) so do not be strict about balance. However, there are two good images and candidates should discuss mournful and nostalgia. Essay Scarlet? There is more exaggeration here, as if the children had been transformed from their former state into politics competition, something lifeless. Mournful sounds as if something has died, and that ‘something’ is the happier past. So the children grieve for it. Nostalgia is another way of looking at the same thing. It is an essay letter, odd word to politics essay, use since you would expect it to apply to a faraway past, but perhaps a few days in Aunt Pegg’s company are like a different age.

Give plenty of reward for any candidate who gets to grips with this word in any depth. Similarly, reward candidates who discuss the on to kill a mockingbird racial, image little zombies with some success. Zombies are animated bodies without souls (or more popularly, undead corpses). In voodoo they cannot exist without a master – in this case, undoubtedly Aunt Pegg. So they mooch around doing their chores under control, without any reaction. A result of this is their new habit of being uncommunicative, suggesting that they were too miserable, or traumatised by essay competition the woman, even to talk to each other. Candidates should also refer to the barred doors of our prison, barred because there was no one to essay question social, turn to, ironic because it was their own house, perhaps like a prison because they had a warder and were under constant surveillance. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Marking Criteria for Question 2: READING.

Use the following table to give a mark out of politics essay competition 10. Reference is made to a number of words and opm resume, phrases, and some explanations are given and effects identified in competition both parts of the question. Images are recognised as such and the candidate goes some way to cample, justify them. Essay? There is cover, some evidence that the candidate understands how language works. A satisfactory attempt is made to identify appropriate words and phrases. Candidates mostly give meanings of words and any attempt to suggest and explain effects is weak. One half of the question may be better answered than the other. Candidates may identify linguistic devices but not explain why they are used.

Explanations are basic or in very general terms (or may be virtually ignored). Candidates select a mixture of politics competition appropriate words and cample cover, words that communicate less well. Politics Essay? Explanations are only partially effective and occasionally repeat the language of the original, or comments are very general and do not refer to specific words. The choice of define research words is partly relevant, sparse or sometimes unrelated to the text. While the politics essay competition, question has been understood, the candidate does little more than offer a few words and make very slight, generalised comments. The answer is very thin. Wide ranging discussion of language with some high quality comments that add meaning and associations to words in both parts of the question, and demonstrate the writer’s reasons for using them. May group examples to demonstrate overview of meaning/inference/attitude.

The candidate tackles imagery with some precision and imagination. There is evidence that the candidate understands how language works. The answer does not fit the question. Preparing For A Thesis Defence? Inappropriate words and phrases are chosen. (a) what makes a good uncle, as described in Passage B, and. (b) what the children disliked about their aunt, as described in politics essay competition Passage A. Use your own words as far as possible. You should write about 1 side in total, allowing for the size of essay letter your handwriting. For this question, 15 marks are allocated to assessment of Reading Objectives R1–R3 (see syllabus); 5 marks are allocated to assessment of Writing Objectives W1–W5 (see syllabus).

A: Content: Give one mark per point up to essay, a maximum of 15. What makes a good uncle (Passage B) Give love and attention/spend time with them. Don’t find children irritating/enjoy their company. Take them to preparing, places they like. Let children have burgers etc./favourite food/junk food. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. 5 Let you do daring things/have to rescue you/take risks – CHILDREN 6 Keen on essay competition ball games/games in general. 6a Are energetic.

7 Not interested in preparing for a thesis defence reading books. 8 Live exciting lives. 9 Can make up stories. 10 Cheerful on departure/indicate more of the same next time/promise to return 11 Make suggestions to your parents on your behalf. 11a Disobey rules/ignore notices/reckless/risk takers – UNCLES What the children disliked about their aunt (Passage A)

12 Verbally unpleasant/snarls/tells off/snaps. 13 Never smiles/always grumpy/in a bad mood. 14 Spies on children/sneaks up. 15 Gives out politics jobs/cleaning/weeding/daily tasks. 16 Gives horrid, chewy food/food they dislike (lettuce)/eating rules/locks up treats 17 Educational programme/mental arithmetic/boring books/names of essay letter scarlet plants 18 Makes them carry heavy shopping bags. 19 Gives punishments/sends them to bed without proper meal/stand in corner/hands on head 20 Her whistle/military style. 21 Goes on and on/her ‘philosophy’/‘morals’/lectures children 21a Forbids fighting. NB Not just ‘strict’ which covers most of the above. B: QUALITY OF WRITING (CONCISION, FOCUS AND WRITING IN OWN WORDS) Use the following table to give a mark out of 5. All points are made clearly, concisely and fluently, in the candidate’s own words (where appropriate). The answer is strongly focused on the passages.

and on the question. Both parts of the politics essay, answer are concise and well focused even if there is an on to kill prejudice, inappropriate introduction or ending. Own words are used consistently (where appropriate). There are some areas of essay concision. There may be occasional loss of racial prejudice focus. Own words (where appropriate) are used for most of the answer. The candidate may use some quotations in competition lieu of explanation. Answers may be list-like, not well sequenced. The answer is mostly focused, but there may be examples of comment, repetition or unnecessarily long explanation, or the answer may obviously exceed the permitted length. There may be occasional lifting of phrases and sentences.

The answer frequently loses focus and is wordy, or is grossly long. It may be answered in the wrong form (e.g. a narrative or a commentary). There may be frequent lifting of scarlet phrases and sentences. Over-reliance on lifting; insufficient focus for Band 5. Grossly long. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 2: SCRIPTS WITH EXAMINER COMMENTARY (CANDIDATES K-U) I’m writing to say how un-manord your children are. As soon as I walked through the politics essay competition, door they were sqobbling, arguing and dishing out insults that in my opinion were highly inapropriate. To be quite honest with you I find it apauling.

They don’t have an responsibility, ounce of respect, always making a mess of the house, leaving toys everywhere and politics competition, dirtying anything that comes in cample cover contact with them. I am a woman of disipline I wont take to kind to this. I have removed all of their indugences. The amount of sugar they were eating was rotting their teeth so I have replaced it with only nutrition. They did not enjoy this in the slightest but they have learnt tears will not get them their own way and have learnt that I most certainly not a push over. They children have learnt how to plant the finest roses and nurture them at a high standard. They are currently learning how to cook the favorite dish of mine ‘White Wine Chicken’.

The effort put in competition has increased due to the fact, they mess it up, they eat it. I shall have no wastage. Because of their foul language and preparing for a thesis, dissabediance last Tuesday they are spending the week in the garage cleaning and essay competition, sorting everything in there dreadfully unorganised box’s with all the useless trash you have in opm resume there. I dont see why you have a mass amount of consoles and CD players in there. Instedd of wasting your money why don’t you teach your children something useful for I don’t aprove of their lazyness. I am sure you will realize a change in their attitude, this should of been.

delt with years ago. I am going to have to leave it at that as the children are playing in leaves compleatly makin the politics essay, garden look a bombsite. A range of selected points for the first two sections is given, but there is research paper, little attempt to essay competition, develop ideas or to deal with the third section, and research paper, there is some drifting away from the politics essay competition, passage in the fourth paragraph. There are frequent insecurities of expression, but meaning is clear. Mark: 6 (reading/content) + 2 (quality of writing) (a) The writer uses alot of words and phrases that describe Aunt Pegg. “She would pounce on us like a cat, and savage retribution would follow.” Here the writer uses this short description to show how unothodox her actions are and by using savage retribution the writer implies how dreadfull her punishments are. The writer also uses comparasons to cample cover, show certain aspects about this lady. “her mouth was like an upside-down new moon without a hint of a smile.” Here the writer compares Aunt Peggs smile to a upside-down new moon, which obviously implies that she dosn’t smile to politics essay competition, often. This brings humor to the text. (b) The writer uses phrases to show what a bad time these children are having. Essay Letter Scarlet? “we went about our daily tasks like little zombies.” Here once again the writer adds humor to the text.

He’s trying to show how misserable these children are and compares them to an slow moving, effortless creature. Politics? The author also describes the change in the children. “We became uncommunicative and even forgot to insult each other.” Here he shows how from having nothing on cample cover letter their minds but to insult each other to suddenly forgetting to essay competition, that they well and truely are ‘zombies’. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Some relevant choices are made, and there is some attempt to comment on general meanings, though these are not always convincing, as in the case of the ‘new moon’ simile. The choices take the form of long quotations rather than specific words and phrases, and preparing for a thesis, this reduces the focus on politics specific language. The choices are insufficient in number, and some of the most significant ones, in both parts of the a mockingbird racial, question, are not identified. (a) In this text it shows you how a uncle is almost like the older brother you never had, taunting and amusing A good uncle is someone who can show you a good time and endlessly cracking up wise jokes to keep that amused smile on your face. Even if you have just fallen out of the tree he told you that you couldn’t climb because your are such a girl.

A good uncle makes you want to show off your new football tricks, then he just embarreses you be doing an even cooler trick. This test compleatly shows what and how a good uncle should be like even if he does encourage you to politics competition, play on the ‘no ball games’ area. (b) The most disliked thing about their aunt I thik was the fact they expeariance dissapline. Along with Aunt Peggs jobs she made them do the also detested the fact that everything they now had to eat had zero sugar in so obviously the kids disliked her for that. And even if they attempted to opm resume, slack off she would be there like a flash sending them straight to the naughty corner! I dont there is anything to like about politics her. Only five points were correctly identified. The summary lacks focus, and own words are used too loosely for points to be securely made.

Mark: 5 (reading/content) + 1 (quality of writing) Overall comment: The script shows some understanding but is generally brief. and thin. It uses only a fraction of the letter, available material, and thus conveys the impression of being the result of only a cursory reading. Total Mark: 19 (Low grade E) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. I am writing to you about the week I spent time with you’re children. Essay? They are good at times especially when they listen to me. Research? you are very lucky to have children whom obey you, however if you think this is impossible certainley its from all those sugary sweets you feed them.

What you should do, like what I’ve did is simply feed them healthy snacks. of course if they say no or attempt to politics essay, not finish you’ll just have to be stricked with them by thesis throwing in some chores. Competition? Although I had I see their fake smiles upon me it was quite the fun I had. Once they even tried to run away now you see what I mean. Really just a quick disiplin would do the trick. I am very happy to say you’re children do listen and thats all because of the care you give them, however you must in research any cercumstances give them the look that way it will be easier, now I’m not saying their not dears because they are its just too much love you show them. okay my plans for the next week well I will just have to carry on with healthy food, chores but of essay competition course a small snack can also be rewarded. Maybe I might even throw a camp out question social where the children can learn to survive out in the wilderness catching their own food to eat if not I do have my homemade delicacy. by that I mean healthy. These children really should understand that I love them but I’m just doing it for their own good for competition, the future. I’m sure and I know in the future when they are all grown up you’ll be sure to know that they’ll thank me for this.

I’ll be the letter, one that proven to essay, them that disiplin isnt too bad. Not to worry too much I’m sure you’ll get used and so will the children. P.S I left some homemade snackes in the fridge just follow up the recipe and feed that to the children. It is cover letter, healthy and politics essay, good but surprisingly I dont know why the preparing thesis, children don’t think so. The number of points is limited, and politics essay competition, there is question on corporate social responsibility, little detail used.

However, each aspect of the task is covered, with occasional development, and essay competition, there is an attempt to give ideas for the following week. The material is integrated, and there is overall structure, but internal sequencing is weak because of opm resume a lack of linkage between paragraphs, especially in the second half. The expression is sometimes awkward or over-casual (e.g. ‘Okay’, ‘well’, ‘Not to worry’), but occasional sense of character is conveyed, as in ‘would do the trick’. Essay? Mark: 6 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of letter writing) (a) the writer gave a rythem to the words leering, sneering and peering very interesting as it juggles the politics competition, readers mind to make us be very entertained. Saying that aunt pegg being a leering sneering peering person just shows how horrible she can be as a Aunt. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. peernig means when someone or sombody just spys on you without you knowing or if you just happen to preparing defence, be watching you will be very uncomfortable. The same goes for sneering its just someone being sneaky around you and then again you will feel very uncomfortable. leering just means someone who spots you and just goes around being nosy or. just looking which again makes you feel very uncomfortable. “pounce on us like a cat, and savage retribution” this expression gives the essay competition, audience a very clary imgery of Aunt pegg being a person with the essay letter scarlet, six sense of a cat and would just spy on politics essay competition you with every move you happen to make. “Aunt pegg had eyes on opm resume sticks” showing how much shes protective over essay and will just want to look out to you incase of any harm or if you’re up to something.

Aunt pegg was very clearly discrbed as if she was a spirit or something she was able to do without people knowing in paragraph 3 the way the writer made her sound was like she is very controlling. Aunt pegg was described to be a very cruel like image upon readers mind. (b) the children were detrutly in misery as they were suffering from a horrible Aunt. The children even says its like being in prison with her. “Zombies” which could describe the children working without sleeping or just wanting to die. instead of carrying on with this horror. Some vague meanings are offered, and some of them are accurate. There is an attempt at an overview for part (a), but the first phrase is dwelt on excessively and repetitively. The second part lacks sufficient choices, though the two which are offered are relevant, if underdeveloped. Mark: 5. (a) What makes a good uncle, as described.

a good uncle is never the cover, boring simple person he is more likely to be a humerous entertaning guy who sticks to you like glue whilst having the time of your life. Politics? a good uncle will have a very cool and Awesome personallity. Sharing lots of adventures with you and also having to preparing for a, prove that he is the best uncle ever especially when he gets you gifts now theres something our parents may not agree on. he may even give you the highlights of your journey. A person who doesent mind eating junk and shareing you with every exictng journey you enbark on. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (b) What children disliked about their Aunt. a bad Aunt would keep you at home feeding you the most unbareable food which for us children we dont consider calling it food.

Keeping us at home like prisoners, watch every move we make and on top of politics essay competition that giving us chores. Aunt pegg was stricked and would have us obey every rule she has upon essay responsibility, us. Politics Competition? Question 3. Only three points are made in research each section, and the use of material from the politics essay competition, passages is highly selective. Expression is imprecise and colloquial, e.g. Define Research Paper? ‘cool and Awesome’. There is some confusion between the actions of the children and those of the uncles.

Mark: 6 (reading/content) + 2 (quality of writing) Overall comment: This candidate shows occasional understanding of the passages and awareness of the requirements of the tasks, but responses are not sustained or consistent. Total Mark: 22 (Grade E) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. I have been looking after your children for the past week and I have noticed that your children are not well-behaved and they are too noisy around the politics competition, house. Opm Resume? I do not like them much but I will try my best to educate them with my philosophy of life hoping that it would make them more well-mannered. Essay Competition? I have also noticed that your children’s diet is unacceptable.

They only enjoy eating very sweet foods and very salty foods. I am currently trying to opm resume, lead them into a healthier diet by politics giving them oat cereals with less sugar and teaching them to a mockingbird racial, bake cakes that contains less sugar than ones that can be bought outside. Politics Competition? I also gave them lots of vegetables to eat, for for a thesis defence, example lettuce, they may not like the taste of lettuce but it is all for their health. I have also been training their minds by politics essay giving them arithmetic sums to do so it would improve their mathematics. Also, I had them learn the names of the weeds in Latin so it would give them both knowledge of the weeds and learning another language. I made them do extra cleaning if they don’t finish their foods because it would teach them the importance in eating all the food and not wasting any. Starting next week I am planning to define, give them more mental arithmetic sums and let them identify a larger variety of weeks to train them to do sums faster and to politics essay competition, give them knowledge of more weeds. I will increase the punishment in not finishing food to reinforce the importance of not wasting food. I will also give them food with even less sugar in it as they should be used to the food they had this week and ready to take on healthier foods.

And I am going to tell them more morals tales in an attempt to teach them some manners and teach them to behave sensibly. I believe that they need strong discipline and routine to get them out of their laziness. Regards, The response shows reasonable understanding and there is cample letter, some use of detail, which is occasionally effective, as in the case of the diet description. Essay? However, there is little attempt to develop more general ideas or to convey the character of the research paper, writer. The lack of paragraphs is indicative of weak sequencing of ideas and gives a list-like quality to the letter. The expression is clear and appropriate, although rather plain and lifeless. Mark: 7 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of writing) In paragraphs 2 and 3, the writer uses various words and phrases to describe Aunt Pegg. Politics? “She would pounce on us like a cat” is a metaphor used to describe Aunt Pegg as the cat and them as the mice getting chased at an “pounced” at like kids playing with toys. Question On Corporate Social Responsibility? “Savage retribution” is a. hyperbole describing the consequences of “enjoying friendly fights or just sitting doing nothing”. Once the children gets caught Aunt Pegg would “snarl” at them, which creates readers’ sympathy. Aunt Pegg’s mouth was like “an upside-down new moon without the hint of essay a smile” is a metaphor describing how Aunt Pegg’s face always looked so grumpy.

In paragraph 5 the writer uses various phrases to describe the children. For example, they were doing their daily chores like “little zombies”, this is define research paper, a metaphor that shows how unemotional the children had become. The response is brief and unbalanced; it selects only one choice for part (b). Only some of the choices in part (a) are accompanied by meanings. For instance, we are told that the reader’s sympathy is evoked by essay competition the word ‘snarl’, but not what it means. ‘Hyperbole’ is a correctly used term, but ‘metaphor’ is not, on any of the preparing, occasions it is used. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. As described in passage B, the things that makes a good uncle is politics essay competition, that they buy presents most, if not, everytime they visit and it is thesis, usually presents that parents disappoves of. Good uncles may take you with them on their holiday and treat you to eating unhealthy foods. Good uncles will take you to do risky but fun activities which parents may not allow you to do. Good uncles will also want to play games with you as they might want to show off their skills or maybe they just like playing with you.

They also ignore government rules like “No ball games” just to play ball games with you. Politics Competition? Good uncles are imaginative and likes telling exciting stories of their life or like making up stories to tell you. As described in preparing for a thesis defence passage A, the children doesn’t like their Aunt because she. gives them mathematical questions that are almost impossible for them to do. And she gives the children foods that they dislike, usually involving in tasteless foods.

The children dislike their Aunt to this extent because she does not allow them to play and does not let them into politics, the house until they get the correct names of weeds in Latin. They hate her so much that they wanted to essay racial, escape even though they eventually fails. This brief response contains 8 points, only 2 of which are for part (b). There is a loss of politics focus at the end, which becomes general comment. Mark: 8 (reading/content) + 2 (quality of writing) Overall comment: This response seems to have been done somewhat cursorily, with a lack of thoroughness generally and an inattention to cample letter, detail in essay competition questions 2 and 3. Expression is clear and letter, concise, but unambitious and competition, without stylistic variation for the different tasks and audiences. Total Mark: 24 (Grade D) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Dear Janice and David,

It has already been one week looking after Chris and John. Have you been doing well on preparing thesis defence your Business excursion to essay, Thailand? Anyway, I am writing to inform you the progress with your children so far, and to essay, elaborate on the routine and targets I have set for your children that will be enforced on the coming week. Hopefully, they will change their behavior and be responsible kids after your return. Sadly, your children had been performing irrationally and require serious discipline. Firstly, I realize their habit of having occasional fights. I. was unsure of what they were fighting after, however I would give adequate punishment, such as telling them to stand in the corner with hands on heads, that way they will never fight again. Furthermore, I’ve noticed your children have too much free time and usually ‘sit and do nothing’, thus I have managed to keep them occupied by assigning household chores which include sweeping the yard, tidying the house, and teach them how to bake scrumptious cakes as a treat. I also offered them healthy meals as currently they are devouring excess junk foods.

Additionally, I have taught them to be conservative with their food and musn’t have left-overs, otherwise they will have extra cleaning to do. Apart from politics essay, household chores, I have introduced to them an ‘educational programme’ as an alternative they were provided with mathematics session followed by ‘Reading Improvement”. Under my supervision, your kids will guarantee be more productive and have better timemanagement. Lastly, I must mention, your kids tried to opm resume, break away on a day we went shopping in town. Luckily, I was well-prepared and was able to negate their evil plan to escape. Politics Essay Competition? They were severely punished afterwards of course.

By the way, I got to go, your kids are making tremedous noise downstairs. Although they had been a hassel and essay letter, remained naughty throughout. Hopefully under my intensive routine they will be as good as angels once you’re returned. There is an appropriate introduction and a range of points for the first two sections, including a little detail, but no reference to plans for the coming week. The style conveys an occasional sense of voice through a range of suitable phrases (e.g. ‘elaborate on the routine’, ‘assigning household chores’). However, it is not consistent and the expression is sometimes unconvincing or awkward, for instance ‘kids’, ‘hassel’, ‘to be conservative with their food and musn’t have left-overs’. Mark: 7 (reading/content) + 3. (quality of writing) The writer utilizes many literary devices and descriptions to depict the appearance of politics essay competition Aunt Pegg in paragraph 2 and 3 and the feelings of the children during their time with Aunt Pegg.

Firstly the writer uses assonance to create a sound and atmosphere of displease of the children impression of Aunt Pegg, shown as “leering, sneering, peering Aunt Pegg!” The repetition of e sound gives a slightly discomfort tone to the passage, also the dictions used gives a negative connotation on the presentation of Aunt Pegg. Furthermore, the writer uses simile to describe how she treated the kids, “pounce on essay question on corporate responsibility us like cats”. This simile shows how the politics essay, kids are being treated roughly and like animals. Later on she was described as having “eyes on sticks”. This metaphor demonstrates she is cample, very prudent and well-aware of the kids’ actions and behavior. This implies that she possess the essay competition, ability, similar to God, she is all-knowing and on to kill, was conscious about every movement and intention of the kids. This in-turn shows her superiority over essay competition the kids and 54. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. the reason for them to be scared of Aunt Pegg.

Subsequently, she was shown as “all-powerful”, by the quote, “tiny woman of great muscular strength and define paper, energy”. This acts as a contrast and essay, juxtapose someone which is small in size but has powerful, muscular, superhuman strength. This also effectively shows the unique quality and irony of this character. Then, her mouth was described as “upside-down new moon”. The simile used creates a negative image of her appearance which shows she’s strict and mysterious as moon is essay letter, often associated with night and darkness which implies her spooky and unpredictable personality. The feelings of the children were conveyed using strong descriptive texts, they were “very mournful children”. The intensifier followed by adjective with negative connotation. Essay? This emphasize how despair the kids were. They undertook daily task “like little zombies” which shows they were given dull and boring chores. They kids lost interest in their tasks as the descriptions of zombies on kids show the lack of energy and fascination whilst kids are supposed to be feisty and lively. Finally, they were described as being taken into custody and longed for essay social, their parents to “unlock the barred doors of our prison”.

This metaphor implies the kids are trapped and their only hope to competition, escape are their parents. This phrase gives a negative tone and mood to the reader as the kids are seemingly convicted, making the reader sympathise for the kids. Question 2. The response is focused but relies on paper the identification of literary terms in politics competition part (a), and is vague about meanings in some cases, such as in research paper the comments on ‘leering, sneering, peering’ . However, there is a good range of choices and some valid effects are offered at the end of part (b), in addition to occasional touches of essay overview throughout. A good uncle will continue to care for you and love you unconditionally. They will dedicate their time on you regardless of how busy they are. They will never find you annoying and are always willing to buy any toys for you that your parents will never think of buying. Essay Responsibility? Uncles will give and take you to any fast-food restaurant and make sure you are fully content. They may even urge you to do dangerous and politics essay, exiciting activities and will always be there to for a thesis defence, save you when you are at competition, risk.

A good uncle will be keen to take you to football game without moaning how busy they are. They will also keep you entertained by telling anecdote of something they have done particularly remarkable. Good uncles will allow you to do basically anything without any rules or limit. They are your good friends and will always be there for you. Children often dislike their aunt because they are very strict and forces you to obey their rules. Preparing For A Thesis? They give you little, or no freedom and will never let you do the politics competition, activities you like.

They will never let you eat fatty food and treat you with healthy, tasteless foods. They are very boring and tells you philosophy of life which you have no interest about. Your Aunt will have total control over you and life is boring and opm resume, odd. This brief response contains 9 points in all, but only 2 of them are in politics essay competition the second part. The style lacks concision, and there are some generalisations in both parts. Mark: 9 (reading/content) + 2 (quality of writing) Overall comment: This is a reasonable script in its demonstration of reading and essay question on corporate, writing competence, but it does not go far enough in politics essay competition its use of the relevant material available. There are signs of potential in each answer, but all three demonstrate some form of weakness.

Total Mark: 28 (Grade C) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. I have been looking after your children for a week now. My first impression would be, they need to be taught discipline, they must be prepared for life. Luckily, I am here to teach them. Research Paper? They put a mess in politics my room, don’t they anything about respect, besides, they could have been doing much more useful things instead. They are obviously very naughty and disrespectful. I think it is about time to teach your children about life. Since they must be prepared for life, I began the week with strict rules and tasks.

They must not waste time, there is always something to do around the define research paper, house, whether it be cleaning the house or cooking dinner. I would also like to say that eating sugar all day does not help either. Politics? First of all they get too exited and secondly, it is very dangerous for thier health. Which is why I locked all sugary foods away and bought much healthier food instead. Doing this was proved to be the on corporate, right thing, by day two, they were already much calmer and stopped midlessly fighting with each other, and your house is already starting to politics essay, look much better now they are not wasting thier time. argueing with each other. I also thought they need to be more educated, which is why I thought up of an educational programme. My first observation is that they lack mathematical skills, which I find unacceptible. They also have to start reading real books, instead of reading useless comics. They need books which teach them lessons on life.

However, theory is not all that should be taught, you should be happy to know they can now distinguish weeds just by looking at them or even just by smell, which was a very difficult task to letter scarlet, them. However, all this discipline is not enough, they still try to essay, avoid or escape from me, but this will not happen again, I am ready for essay social responsibility, any situation. Essay? By the end of the week, they won’t even think of doing so. For the following week I have already planned everything. They will be taught the “philosophy of life”, which I think they lack. I will keep teaching them maths, with very strict rules so they have motivation. Define Research? Thier diet will be fixed and controled, this way they will stay healthy and avoid fatal diseases. Politics? I will enforce my regulations with more severe punishments to on to kill a mockingbird prejudice, guarentee success. Essay? When you get home, your children will have changed. They will be more polite and essay question, respectful.

They will be fully independent. Your house will be twice as nice and clean as when you left off. Aunt Pegg. The introduction sets the tone and the voice of the character is largely convincing. Reading comprehension is reasonable overall, but the third bullet is dealt with rather vaguely. There is some awkward expression, but the language is generally clear and appropriate, and essay, there are some effective turns of phrase.. Mark: 9 (reading/content) + 4 (quality of writing) (a) Throughout paragraphs 2 and 3, the essay letter scarlet, children describe Aunt Pegg in many different ways, all of which are negative remarks.

The first line saying “Vile Pegg! Leering, sneering, peering Aunt Pegg!”. This is how we are introduced to her. Politics Essay? This gives the reader the direct impression that she is some sort of pest. Essay? The phrase is essay, repeated but with different adjectives, this shows that the cample, children needed to 56. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. add some more words to try and politics essay, describe her. The reader also has the immedeate reaction that the children do not apreciate her, the explanation mark also emphasises this. There is also a repetition of the “ee” sound, to give more impact.

The next phrase saying how she “would pounce on us (children) like a cat”. This also emphasises that she is question on corporate, a pest who is essay, always trying to find the oppertunity to punish them, followed by a “savage retribution”. This also makes her seem evil and doing this just to annoy them, or trying to cample cover letter, feel powerful. Politics? “hands on head”, this also shows that she uses severe physical punishment techniques, treating them very badly. When it says “wasting your time, I saw you!”, it also shows how she punishes them even when they do not do anything, she is just trying to punish them wherever possible. On the thesis defence, second paragraph, the children say she has “eyes on essay competition sticks”, which also shows that the sole reason she is here is to punish them. “One moment she wasn’t here… was on top of us”, this also shows she really tries to scarlet, wait for oppertunities, she is smart, she makes sure the punishment is justified. “Tiny woman of politics great muscular strength”, possibly meaning she experienced her childhood like she is thesis, teaching, which explains the politics essay, strength, or perhaps related to opm resume, physical punishment, what other way would the children know her strength? “Upside-down new moon”, this describes not only her mouth but also her attitude. It shows she is never happy and simply dislikes the children overall. A “new moon” is also very thin, meaning keeps her mouth shut to emphasise how unhappy and angry she looks. (b) Paragraph 5 describes the children after having suffered through this intense “training”.

They are said to be “very mournful children”, which shows that they are very depressive and possibly very tired too. Politics Competition? “Nostalgia set…”. This emphasis how bad this week is starting, as if Only one day took very long for them. They already forgot how thier lives used to be and how lucky they were. They are also described as “zombies”, which emphasises how tired they are and how they changed. It gives the reader the image of the children moving slowly with gray faces without any emotion. They have been turned into mindless drones.

They also became. “uncommunicative”, which shows that they have lost contact with thier old lives, now they wake up from bed to work, and sleep knowing this will repeat for days. They have lost the ability to communicate like real humans. “Even forgot to… insult each other”, this shows that the children have changed completly, they even stopped doing what they did best. It also shows the way Aunt Pegg has them always doing tasks and leaving no time to think. “Unlock the question social, barred doors of our prison”, this phrase is very strong and compares thier life with aunt Pegg with prison. Thier only way out is thier parents coming home. Thier only hope is for the week to essay, end. Both parts contain relevant choices, and part (a) touches on cample cover letter effects, though without fully explaining them. The quality of comment is inconsistent and the content is rather thin overall. Essay Competition? Part (b) is weak and does not go beyond the identification of choices.

There is a loss of essay kill a mockingbird racial focus at essay competition, the end, and insufficient attention to how language works throughout. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (a) According to Passage B, what makes a good uncle is mainly being spoilt and treated very nicely and letting you do what you want, freedom. The good uncles are the essay letter scarlet, ones who care for you and are happy to be with you, they always make you happy, whether it be to politics essay competition, give you treats or just to play with you. They should let you do things your parents never allow you to do.

They should have the kill a mockingbird racial, mind of a young child, interacting with you on all possible occasions. They also tell you stories of thier childhood, stories which you can relate to or simply to amaze you. They should also show no signs of adulthood, they are just like you, but can supervise and control. You only meet them for a short time, and they do the best to make it a very memorable moment. (b) The children really dislike Aunt Pegg. To them she is politics essay, a pest, always looking to make them feel bad. She never smiles or shows any signs of happiness. She is pure evil to them. They mainly dislike her because she expects them to be perfect, always working.

They have absolutely no free time or freedom. She makes thier lives very tough and unenjoyable. Thesis? But what they really dislike is the punishments, making a slight mistake and you face severe consiquences. During the essay, two weeks, the only thing they thought was when this will end. They also hate the way she teaches them how to live thier lives. Define? The children see her as being plain evil rather than to teach them things, this is just used as an excuse.

Overall, they dislike every aspect of her. Being with Aunt Pegg is a nightmare for politics, them. Only 9 points are made, and responsibility, they are not made concisely. There are gaps in politics focus in both parts. The ending is generalised. Mark: 9 (reading/content) + 2 (quality of essay on to racial writing) Overall comment: The candidate demonstrates competent reading and writing skills, but there is essay, a tendency to vagueness and a lack of cover substance which prevent the essay, marks being higher. Total Mark: 29 (Grade C)

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. For this past week I have been taking care of your dear children and we have done many interesting things. These kids seem to be a bit unbehaved and indisciplined. During some days of this week they have been fighting and insulting each other and by doing these activities They made my tidy room messy. They were naughty and lazy children so I decided to put them against the corner with their hands on their heads. In order to make them more disciplined, hard-working and behaved children, I decided to give them small lectures about essay question on corporate responsibility life so they learn. They have made a lot of progress over this week as I made the essay, sweep the on to racial, yard, tidy the house, and I even tought them how to cook cakes!

Everyday I served them a nice healthy breakfast made of cereal; and if they didn’t finish it, I would give them extra cleaning so they become more disciplined. They seemed to essay competition, be more calm as they stopped insulting each other which really pleased me. However, on the third day they decided to run away while we were visiting town. They dropped the essay on corporate responsibility, shopping bags and politics essay competition, started to run away, but I was prepared and I blew my whistle and some generous people retained them. Essay Question On Corporate Responsibility? After this incident, I took them back home and essay competition, gave them a lesson about philosophy and morals so they don’t repeat this ever again. I sent them off to bed after a healthy dinner. Throughout the week I used my educational programme which consisted of making them clever boys. I set them some mental math exercices. I also gave them books to read to improve their language and they also learnt the define, names of some weeds. For the next week I have planned to continue with a similar programme like this one and maybe have a more relaxed week with cultural excursions such as going to the zoo. Competition? They will see many animals for the first time and get to know more about this world.

I also planned to go to a museum, so they can find out about all the research paper, famous painters and discover the famous paintings. I will keep giving them some math problems to resolve and at the end of the week, as a reward I might take them to politics essay competition, play football or maybe even go to a restaurant. I look forward to social responsibility, see you soon. Sincerely, Aunt Pegg. The letter uses a range of politics passage material and covers the three task sections, though without much development or inference.

The sentence structures and vocabulary are clear but simple, which gives a listlike quality to the response. Define Research Paper? Explanations are adequate but rarely extended. There is essay, only a little sense of character, and some of the preparing thesis defence, expression is awkward. Mark: 8 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of writing) The writer of this passage used a lot of descriptive and emotive language to try and explain the pain and politics, suffering of the children while they were taken care by Aunt Pegg.

In paragraphs 2, 3 and 5, the writer creates an effect of prison and claustrophobia as the children had to work hardly and research paper, barely had any free time for themselves. In paragraph 2, the author of this passage describes the feeling of injustice of the children as they were being punished for competition, doing barely anything. They would be “just sitting doing nothing” when the Aunt would “pounce on them like a cat” and would punish them, “savage retribution would follow”. By using these similies and essay, emotive words, the politics essay competition, writer describes the unfair unjustice that the children recieved. In paragraph 3, the writer describes the Aunt and creates the effect of fear by the children to the Aunt, and also their feeling of having no privacy. The author says that “Aunt Pegg had eyes on sticks” which makes this use of metaphor, create an effect of children having no privacy at all, 59. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. and no freedom as the Aunt would always be watching them and controlling them.

The Aunt is on to a mockingbird, also described as an unhappy and a scary woman. “great muscular strength” and “without the politics competition, hint of a smile”. This description makes. the readers understand the preparing, fear of the politics essay competition, children as Aunt Pegg is a mockingbird prejudice, described as a scary woman. In Paragraph 5, the author describes the grief and sadness of the essay competition, children in preparing for a their wish of their parents coming back. The writer refers to the children as “little zombies” as they had no private life because they had to work the politics essay, whole day. He also suggests the imprisonment of the scarlet, children by saying that they want their parent to come back and essay competition, “unlock the opm resume, barred doors of our prison”. By using this emotive language, he creates the effect of suffering of the politics essay competition, children and defence, their grief in their wish of their parents to come back. In conclusion, the writes creates the effects of essay competition lack of research freedom, fear, grief and unjustice that the children felt while being with their aunt. He used emotive and descriptive language along with similies and metaphors to create the effect of being in essay competition a prison that the children had during their week. There is an introductory overview. The first part has sufficient relevant choices, although they could have been better explained, rather than just being quoted descriptively.

The comments are vague and question on corporate social responsibility, make only general, summary observations, for instance the comment on essay competition ‘little zombies’. Two choices only are offered in part (b). The final paragraph provides no new ideas. Define Research Paper? Literary terms are given, but they do not lead to analysis of individual words and phrases and how they work in competition the particular context. Mark: 5. A good uncle would usually be described as an uncle that spend a lot of time with their nephew and have fun with you. They would also most likely bring you a little present whenever they come to visit you. A good uncle would also most likely take you to kill, a place where you want to go so much but your parents can’t take you because they are too busy.

Since good uncles are not responsible for politics essay, what you eat, they usually feed you with hamburgers and pizzas. Good uncles would also encourage you to do risky, dangerous things. which are fun to do which parents would never let you do. They would also be full of interesting stories about their adventures and always want to play games with you. However, a bad aunt, such as the one that the children hated in Passage A, would be very boring and wouldn’t give you any freedom. The children also disliked the fact that they had to work a lot and do many mental and preparing defence, physical effort.

A bad aunt such as the one that the politics, children had would never give the children good, tasty food, and would always talk about boring subjects for the children such as philosophy and morals of life. They also didn’t like the fact that their aunt would never go out with them and play games, and instead would make them read old books. They didn’t like the fact that she was always spying them and cample letter, overall, they hated their lack of freedom. The summary includes 12 points, evenly spread and politics essay competition, sometimes expressed concisely. There is insufficient focus in on corporate social responsibility the second half to deserve a Band 2 writing mark. Mark: 12 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of writing)

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Overall comment: The candidate shows understanding of the passages and of the competition, requirements of the research paper, tasks, and demonstrates reasonable reference to material throughout. Essay? However, the responses lack the fluency, complexity and thoroughness required for a higher mark. Total Mark: 31: (Low grade B) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Dear John and Rachel,

I have now spent one week with the children and I have started to see what they are like. Research Paper? I was walking through the living room and I see the two fighting each other like animals, what type of politics essay behaviour is opm resume, this? They should look after each other not fight. Politics Essay? At times I would see them doing nothing, they are so young, they have so many things to define paper, do yet they sit at home doing nothing, lazing about watching television. Competition? I also noticed that the lack appreciation at breakfast they leave half of the bowl to through away, they do not stop and think about the cample letter, importance of food and also the cost of politics essay competition buying more of it. However I am glad to say that over the week I have been making small progress, I have now made sure they do not just sit about and do nothing. I have given them jobs to do, minor tasks such as baking cakes, cleaning up the house teaches them to not make such a mess in the first place. Also I have made sure that they started eating healthy food I have locked away all these horrible foods filled with artificial substances.

One thing Im glad about is the fact I have altered their vocabulary as before they did have the tendency to use foul language which I do not tolerate. Essay? I had also given them a educational programme which included; Maths, Reading Improvement and also Practical farmwork, which I combined with some simple latin and I made sure they studied as with every error I would increase the amount in the bowl for dinner, so this gave them some motivation and so discipline which was needed. But I must say I am seeing a gradual improvement so they are learning which is important. Next week I have the intentions of giving them more educational lectures maybe include some languages as it is very important nowadays. Politics Essay Competition? I also wish to try for a second time taking them into town as last time they tried to run from me, but now I believe I can trust them. I hope everything is going as planned at your business meetings and you need not worry about me and the children as everything is under control. Hope to hear from you soon!

The letter uses supporting detail, but not consistently. There is some attempt to develop ideas, particularly in relation to diet, and there is occasional use of vocabulary which conveys character (‘horrible foods filled with artificial substances’, ‘the tendency to use foul language’). Mainly, however, the style is plain and preparing, the expression somewhat repetitive. Politics? There is an overall structure, but internal sequencing is not strong, as can be seen in the second, overlong, paragraph. Mark: 9 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of writing) (a) From the descriptions in paragraph 2 and 3 we can see that Aunt Pegg is very controlling and always observant, the define research paper, author describes her sudden movement by saying “she would pounce on us like a cat” showing that she would just up out of essay competition nowhere to tell them off. Also we can see she is very serious in her telling off as it says “savage retribution would follow” which shows how disciplining she is. The author also says that Aunt Pegg had “eyes on sticks” which means that nothing ever got past her. Her physique is cover letter, also described and we know that she is small, wise lady but possessed a lot of muscular strength. This gives a really good and humorous image of the lady, a little old lady who is very strict and disciplining which we know due to her facial expression “upside-down new moon” which is a very serious and grumpy face. Politics? 62. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

(b) From what we can see the behaviour of the children in paragraph 5 changes a lot. We can see that they miss the kill a mockingbird racial, old ways with their parents “we were very mournful” this shows their sadness. The author also says how the children were remembering their “happier past” which shows their unsatisfaction. Also the way they completed their tasks like “little zombies” shows how they did their task without any joy and just did what they were told to do, because the essay, image of zombies is just like a brainwashed creature not even knowing what it is doing. The children were so. gutted and depressed about Aunt Pegg’s strict dictatorship they even stopped “insulting each other” which again shows how they are brainwashed merely doing their set tasks. Defence? Which is quite a sad and grim image as children are meant to be happy and enjoying theirselves which is far from what they are feeling in paragraph 5. Competition? Question 2.

Satisfactory meanings to a range of relevant choices are given throughout the response. Essay Question On Corporate Social Responsibility? These touch on effects at the end. Politics Essay? A general understanding is conveyed of how language is essay scarlet, being used in the passage, but there is some repetition of politics essay competition ideas, and the response lacks focus on and explanation of individual words and phrases. Good uncles always try to make you smile and will do anything to get your attention, whenever they come to see you they come with presents and gifts. Uncles can also take you to many places where you would not go with your parents, and because they are not around you all the time they do not know about the “no fast-food policy” so they take you to eat all the define research paper, things you usually aren’t allowed to eat and also pressure you into doing extreme things like climbing big hills and are always there to essay, come and rescue you as fast as possible.

Good uncles are the opm resume, ones who ignore the essay, signs and essay responsibility, go against them such as areas where Ball games are prohibited he will play football with you, or tell you all kind of exciting stories which might not be true but are enjoyable to hear as they let their imagination and creativity run wild just to get your attention. Also when they leave they always smile with big smiles and give you big hugs and tell you to prepare for another wild and politics essay, crazy time. The children disliked many things about their aunt. They did not like the stern telling offs and the way she was always on their back making sure they were doing something useful if not they could always sweep the opm resume, floors or tidy rooms. Essay Competition? They did not enjoy the fact that they were forced to eat everything or else punishments would follow Also if they got the wrong latin.

name for a plant Aunt pegg would shout at them for getting it wrong. Cample Cover Letter? She would then give them a boring long chat on philosophy and morals which they could not stand and then they would get sent to politics competition, bed with a slice of bread with cheese and lettuce which they hated. Only 11 points are made in this slightly long summary; concision is therefore not well demonstrated. The response is in the candidate’s own words, however. Mark: 11 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of essay scarlet writing)

Overall comment: This script demonstrates confidence and competence across the three questions. It does not have the politics, controlled expression and on to kill prejudice, attention to language and detail expected of a higher grade script. Total Mark: 33 (Grade B) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Dear Tania and Chris.

Your Children has been very badly behaved during the first week when you were away. They do not clean up and eat a lot of junk food. During my stay I have taught them how to do chores such as cooking and sweeping the yard. your house looks just as it was when you left, and a little better because I made them clean up. you should teach them how to be tidy too. I tried teaching them maths, english and biology (farmwork) but they never seem to politics essay, get the cample cover, answers correct.* I think you should teach them to practice and read more. Politics Competition? They are also extremely rude whiles I was trying to define, teach them! Can you please teach them manners? (*they also do not appreciate stories from the nineteenth centuary) They are evil children, they tried to politics competition, run away! but I caught them, dragged them home and gave them a lecture. These kids did not deserve a proper dinner, so I gave them what the letter scarlet, hate most! lettuce! your children are lazy, naughty and unhealthy! they need to be disciplined.

When I was their age, I was trained by my father to clean up, do chores, be respectful, do extra practices on some subjects and to eat healthily. Children theses days lack discipline! but after the politics competition, week, your children should be tidier and healthier. Cover Letter? I did not enjoy teaching them but I would like to continue and discipline these kids by politics essay teaching them how to be responsible. And I will teach them how to cook healthy food, so they will stop eating all the sugary junk! I will also train them physically so they won’t complain about on to a mockingbird doing chores anymore. These kids are too lucky and protected, they are too happy with what they’ve got. So I am going to show them how hard parents have to work to take care of these little pests.

By the time you come home, you’ll not have to do any more chores, because I’d have already trained them to work and be independant. Competition? Don’t worry, I have kept an eye on your children. Best wishes, The letter makes a range of preparing for a defence points, includes some detail, and politics, develops the define research, idea of the need for discipline. The third section is rather insubstantial. The structure of the response is insecure because of the unlinked paragraphs and apparently random ordering of material. Expression is adequate, but does not capture voice or show a command of a consistently appropriate style for the writer, with its use of lists and reference to ‘kids’. Mark: 9 (reading/content) + 2 (quality of writing) (a) the writer described Aunt pegg with the use of assonance ‘leering, Sneering, peering’ it shows that she is very watchful and never smile. this also shows that Aunt pegg is secretive. the harsh double ‘ee’ gives a sense of evil connotation to pegg. Politics Competition? this suggest that Aunt pegg is Strict and nasty like a commander in a troop of soldiers. the writer used contrast to give a clearer image of Aunt pegg as a commander. by using the juxtaposition “friendly” and “fight” reveals the research, roughness of Aunt pegg. the contrast also shows that Aunt pegg is the opposite of friendly. Politics? this gives the reader a. clearer image of the background where Aunt pegg comes from, the army. To further reveal Aunt pegg’s true identity, the writer used simile so illustrate Aunt pegg’s speed. Define Paper? ‘pounce…like a cat’ shows that her actions are as quick as a cat which is similar to leophard (another type of cat). Competition? this gives the reader an image of fast reaction and sneering eyes in the cat. the cover, word ‘pounce’ highlights her actions, showing that she is competition, not gentle but rather rough. the conotation of ‘cat’ reminds the reader of the characteristic of cats, quick, sharp and snappy.

In addition, the opm resume, word ‘savage’ shows that Aunt pegg is crazy as it links to the characteris of cats. showing that Aunt pegg is wild. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. (b) The children are described as ‘mournful’, ‘uncommunicative’ and ‘nostalgia’. this suggest that the children are sad, just like as if someone close were dead. these negative texts give the reader a sense of sympathy to the children. Essay Competition? ‘mournful’ also suggest that the kids feel like they are about to die due to scarlet, the work load. To develop this idea further, nostalgia shows that the kids really feel this way because it gives the politics essay competition, reader an image of the contrasting enviroment between their past and essay letter, their present. This idea is revealed later on in the paragraph. the writer uses imagery to describe the politics, children as zombies, this suggest that the children are emotionless and similar to dead. the use of this negative connotation shows that being with Aunt pegg is just like dying and as sad as a grave. Near the end of the paragraph, the writer described the enviroment as a prison this shows that they have no freedom. It is preparing for a thesis defence, also an irony because prison are for essay competition, bad people but by comparing the place with prison shows that they are wrong and bad in the eyes of Aunt pegg. Opm Resume? furthermore, it also suggest that Aunt pegg was a prison guard. Essay? Question 2. The response gives a comprehensive selection of relevant choices and tries to.

engage with each one, as well as to see connections between them. The conclusions are not always precise enough to be entirely convincing, but an effort has clearly been made to offer effects and interpretations in both parts of the cample cover letter, answer. Politics Essay Competition? There is an opm resume, effective conclusion which develops the idea of ‘prison’. Mark: 8. (a) Good uncles gives you more good than bad. They come during free times to bring children presents that you want. They don’t come for a long time but when they do, they give you all his attention by bringing kids to new places to try new things.

They care for politics essay, children but in a children’s way. Such as giving treats and letting them try things. Thesis Defence? Because he has confidence in politics the kids, but when they do get stuck he will save them. Good uncles will not read but play games with kids. He does not follow the rules and are only excited when it comes to playing with kids. Essay On Corporate Responsibility? They have to be adventurous and have the politics essay competition, creativity to tell interesting stories. Cample Cover? But most importantly, they won’t leave without saying good bye with a smile, wink or hand gesture. (b) Aunt pegg was a bad and boring aunt.

She did nothing and talked about philosophy. Competition? She punished kids and is rude to them. She does not smile and is always strict. Aunt pegg makes children work whilst she orders people around and not do anything herself. She never give kids treats but only tasteless food because of healthy eating. Question On Corporate Social? Aunt pegg lectures kids about strange topics. Politics Competition? She also forces kids to work on thing they dislike and listen to preparing for a thesis, her boring lectures. Aunt pegg does not know anything, not even cooking. Aunt pegg treats children like slaves. The answer contains 12 points, some concisely expressed, and the candidate’s own words are used. The sentences are simple and list-like, however, and therefore lack fluency.

Mark: 12 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of writing) Overall comment: This is a competent script which demonstrates a satisfactory level of comprehension of the politics essay competition, passages and focus on the questions. Opm Resume? It lacks. the thoroughness of reading and fluency of competition writing required for a secure grade A. Total Mark: 34 (High grade B) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. After receiving the define, invite, I cannot describe to you how very privilidged I felt to finally have the politics essay, opportunity of spending some valuable time with your children. However, when I arrived at your home I immediately realised the enormity of the task.

It is a goob job I was prepared for this, otherwise I would hate to think how very differently your children would have behaved throughout the week. I do not understand why children of this age would want to opm resume, treat each other so badly. I have to admit, I had some trouble on the first day stopping them from fighting with each other, or grabbing one another. I soon found the competition, solution to this problem, as I always do. The key to preventing them from harming each other was to cample cover, promote teamwork, and I was able to politics essay competition, do this by preparing thesis defence keeping them busy and occupied at all times.

We all know how much housework there is to essay, do, so from day one I requested all hands on deck and I was very pleasantly surprised to see them all get on define research with the work, without a single complaint. They were a tremendous help when it came to cooking and cleaning. They became so focused and concentrated on what they were doing, it was almost as if they had lost the politics essay, ability to communicate with each other. I also believe that they benefitted greatly from the educational programme I introduced although on one occasion they did plan a great escape, but again I was expecting something like this to happen and was able to deal with it. I am delighted to say that as the week progressed, the children became less violent towards each other and became more aware of preparing thesis defence their tasks and how to approach them. I was fortunate enough to see significant improvements in the form of the cooking, the cleaning and their treatment of politics each other and essay letter scarlet, also of me. It seems as though they realised that my expectations were simply going to be beneficial to them and they accepted this gracefully. However, I am slightly disappointed in politics essay competition you as parents as I feel that they are treated with too much respect and not enough discipline. If it wasn’t for my watchful eye, who knows where they could have disappeared off to, on our trip to town. This coming week I plan to catch up on all of the housework I was unable to compete this last week. There is a house to clean, a garden to opm resume, keep in tact and animals to feed.

I also plan to pay you a visit, and see how the children are getting on. The letter develops ideas relating to the first two bullets; the third section is weaker, however, being brief and vague, and there is little reference throughout to essay, specific detail. The quality of the writing is high: it is essay scarlet, fluent and essay competition, well sequenced, and on corporate social, includes a range of mature and appropriate vocabulary, such as ‘the enormity of the politics essay, task’, ‘all hands on deck’, and ‘accepted this gracefully’, which conveys a strong voice for the character. Paper? Mark: 10 (reading/content) + 5 (quality of writing) (a) The writer uses powerful words and phrases to describe the character of Aunt Pegg in the second and essay, third paragraphs. The verb “vile” is for a defence, used to politics essay, great effect to describe Aunt Pegg. “Vile” is a word meaning that something is negative in question on corporate responsibility its nasty in and unbeneficial nature. Personally, I associate the word “vile” with disturbing images, usually showing how disgusting a person or object can be. Politics Competition? This depicts Aunt. Pegg’s personality greatly, and preparing, helps to create an effect in which we begin to dislike her, and politics essay competition, side with the question on corporate, children. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Also, the politics, verb “peering” helps to create an ominous and uncomfortable effect. Essay Question On Corporate Responsibility? “Peering” means for someone’s presence to be felt, even at times where it is politics essay competition, unwanted. I associate the verb “peering” with people or objects which are not necessarily desired at that moment, but which are constantly evaluating your every action or movement.

Again, this is effective in its context as it describes the character of Aunt Pegg greatly, and gives the impression that her presence can be felt, wherever you are situated within the house. Moreover, the word “pounce” is also used to great effect by the writer. To “pounce” means to on to kill prejudice, forcefully jump on a person or object. I associate the verb “pounce” with creates or characters, such as predators, who have an overwhelming authority which can always be felt. This is politics essay competition, used to great effect in the text, as it portrays Aunt Pegg’s power and influence over the children. (b) The writer also uses extremely effective and influential language, when describing the opm resume, children. The children are described as being “mournful” in paragraph five. “Mournful” is a word used to essay competition, express strong feelings or sentiments of loss. Personally I associate “Mourning” with disturbingly sad images, such as the loss of a close or loved one. This use of strong language once again shows the control and influence the commanding Aunt Pegg has on the children. This disturbing theme is continued in the paragraph as the children are described as being “zombies”, which mean that they have a lack of life, soul and targets to which they can work towards.

I associate “zombies” with creatures or objects with a lack of opm resume purpose. This is effective, as it portrays to use the unhappiness of the children. Essay Competition? This image is further supported by opm resume the fact that the competition, children are described as “uncommunicative”, meaning for someone to be physically unable to cample, express their feelings or opinions. Again, this shows the enormity of the authority that Aunt Pegg has over the children. Question 2. The response demonstrates a close focus on competition individual words. Some of the meanings and attempted effects are rather laboured and imprecise, as in the explanation of on corporate responsibility ‘peering’. Section (b) is more convincingly expressed, however, and overall there is sufficient evidence of an ability to select relevantly and to explain how language works for a top Band 2 mark.

(a) There are many features, which are described in competition passage B, which make a good uncle. A good uncle is one that loves and cares for opm resume, you, and politics competition, is interested in your lifestyle as well as your wellbeing. Their visits are only for essay question responsibility, a limited amount of time, they enjoy your company during this time and able to essay, take you to your favourite destinations. Good uncles are ones that show a lack of responsibility in you, allowing you to indulge in your wants. Opm Resume? it is also important that parents show a disapproval in the way you are treated by good uncles. Moreover, they encourage exciting adventures and expeditions, but are also prepared to rescue you, if needs be. They do not lead boring and unexciting lifestyles, but are active and show enthusiasm in you. Furthermore, good uncles are always prepared to showcase their own abilities and skills to you, and are also capable of sharing stories which they know will please you. Good uncles will make friendly gestures to you, and ensure that you look forward to their next visit. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

(b) There are many aspects that the children disliked about the Aunt, which are described in politics competition passage A. The children greatly disliked their lack of essay a mockingbird freedom, in being able to complete activities which they enjoy. They disliked the harsh treatment they received as part of their punishment, as well as not being granted resting time. The children did not like the fact that she kept a constant watch on them, monitoring their progress at all times. They disliked the derived stories, the amount of household tasks which needed completing, as well as the fact that they were unable to do what they pleased. The extra tasks for bad behaviour, the harsh educational demands and the unimaginative reading of the aunt they did not enjoy. Moreover, the fact that she raised her voice to them on essay several occasions, her preparations of their planned escape and paper, her extremely strict discipline further enhanced the children’s dislike towards their aunt. The answer is slightly overlong and politics, the expression of the 12 points is not always concise.

The style is appropriate, however, and uses own words and define, complex sentence structures which give fluency. Mark: 12 (reading/content) + 3 (quality of writing) Overall comment: This is a more than competent script which has benefitted from planning by the candidate to give a coherent structure to each of the responses. Essay Competition? More concision of expression would have allowed more material to be used in the time and scarlet, space allowed. Total Mark: 38 (Grade A) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

To Mr Mrs Pegg. How is your Business trip so far? I hope it isnt to stressful. Essay Competition? However I cannot say the same about your children. Cample Letter? Those insufferable, spoilt, ignorant pair are constantly up to politics essay competition, mischief but I have kept a stern eye on them and they seem to be accepting to new regime I have put into place for preparing for a defence, them. I believe that you two need to be more strict on them and stop them partacing in this petit, immature, frustrating play fighting that they seem constantly to be doing. Firstly, we had fun sweeping the yard and tidying. the inside of your incredibly messy house. Politics? Shortly after they, your children got the privelige of being taught how to make my wonderful fairy cakes, I think that they really enjoyed it. The next day I made them a scrumptous yet healthy breakfast of essay kill a mockingbird racial prejudice oat cerial and then they set about their daily chores without question.

On the third day I attempted to educate the ignorant brats by giving them a few simple Math equations that they seemed incapable of doing. Politics Essay Competition? When they had failed on scarlet that I begun some Reading Improvement which they did not seem to competition, appreciate. The final educational gesture of the day was a little Practical Farmwork, and with a little push they seemed to respond relatively well to essay scarlet, it. One complaint however. Those little wretches attempted to stage a run away, which was easily quelled by my incredible reaction times. During the week to come, I think I will teach the children a little more about essay life and how they take everything they have for opm resume, granted. I also think that well will participate in the creative writing courses that they are currently teaching at the town hall to try to educate them a little more. Finally, I have arranged for the children to visit a few of my freinds houses to do some chores around the house as there is little more to do in your now clean house. Your Welcome for all the essay, good I have done Your children. Enjoy the rest of your Holiday.

The letter makes competent use of the passage, linking material effectively. Although there is on to a mockingbird racial prejudice, little actual development, the third section contains a range of essay new ideas. The language used is mostly convincing, though there is some inappropriate expression, in the context, such as the description of the children as ‘ignorant brats’ and ‘little wretches’. Mark: 11 (reading/content) + 4 (quality of writing) There are many words and phrases that describe Aunt Pegg. The author describes Aunt Pegg as being “Leering, sneering, peering” and this tri-colon suggest that aunt Pegg is always watching and thesis defence, commenting and lingering around the essay competition, children. This is effective as is shows how annoying and Clingy the aunt is. Preparing Thesis Defence? This makes the reader feel angry as they could most probably relate to politics essay, this and thesis, they know how insufferable it is.

Aunt Pegg is described as having “eyes on politics sticks”, meaning she see’s everything that happens. Cample Cover Letter? This is effective as it gives us the impression of how alert and focussed she is all the time. He makes the audience feel sympathy towards the children as they do not have any privacy. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. The phrase “wizened, tiny woman” show us how short yet smart the old woman is.

It is effective as it may contradict the previous descriptions of her as you would not expect such a powerful woman to be so smart. Aunt Pegg is descried as having “muscular strength” and being full of “energy” and this shows how strong and full of politics essay life she is. This is effective as it shows us that she is physically powerful as well as mentally. This makes the audience feel suprised and they do not expect such a short old woman to be strong and scarlet, full of life. The children are described as being “mournful” and this means self pitying.

This is effective as it shows us how much they miss their parent, and how they dislike living with their aunt. This makes the audience feel sad and sorry for essay competition, the children. The children are also described as being “uncommunicative” meaning they have lost the will to thesis, talk. This is effective as is shows how demoralized they are and how their aunt has sucked all the fun out of their day. There are sufficient meanings overall, and those in section (a) are strong. Some relevant effects are touched upon essay competition, throughout the response. The second part is preparing thesis defence, rather thin, with only essay, two choices selected, and not the most significant ones. Things that make a good uncle are them showing the children love and attention as they have missed you. They should also bring presents and gifts that the parent disapprove of.

Good Uncles must take you where you want to cample letter, go and in doing so buy the children unhealthy food as treats. They must also encourage the children to do risky things that their parents would disapprove of. Uncles should spend time outside playing games and show disregard to any signs that may contradict his nature. Competition? Good uncles must also be imaginative and tell the children stories of letter scarlet their life, and when it is time for them to essay, leave they should wave and smile. The things that the children disliked about their aunt was, how she could sneak up and essay on corporate, suprise them at any time. They also disliked how she made them stand in their own house, in the corner of a room with their hands on their heads.

The children did not like how they were forced to do chores and essay competition, being forced to be taught useless facts and statistics. Futhermore, they disliked what they were feed and how all their nice foods were locked away for Aunt Peggs stay. The children hated the lectures they received about philosophy and letter, morals however, moreover they hated the fact that they were forced to eat lettuce. The maximum marks are given for the 15 reading points and the fluent and essay competition, concise way in which they are expressed, with clarity and precision in the candidate’s own words. Cample? Mark: 15 (reading/content) + 5 (quality of writing) Overall comment: This candidate demonstrates high reading and writing skills, and appreciates the differences in the styles of response appropriate for essay, each task. Throughout the script there is a focus on language. Total Mark: 42 (High grade A) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Dear John and Lisa.

I am flattered that you have asked me to look after your children, and I hope you are enjoying yourselves. Despite your obviously good influence on the children, I find them quite mutinous and cover letter, difficult at politics essay, the best of times. When they are not trying to avoid doing their share of work around the house, they are clearly plotting minor acts of rebellion. I have learned to appreciate a free spirit, however I have never been abused as much as by your children. You will be pleased to know that I have made some progress towards turning them into obedient and well-behaved children, and cample cover, I have no doubt they are benefiting greatly from my influence. I have started to teach them the beginnings of how to manage a household and take care of their property: For example they are becoming quite adept at baking my favourite rock cakes, and have learnt the basics of garden weeds and essay, how to deal with them.

By the end of the second day, they had already stopped using foul language, and essay question social responsibility, have started studying some excellent nineteenth century literature. I was, to tell the politics essay competition, truth, quite apalled at their insolence and ignorance, but I know that if you give me another week I can rectify these problems and drive your children away from the slippery slope that can lead only to their own doom. In the next week I will start to hone the basic skills I have taught them, and also add some talent to their young minds. Essay Letter? I will have them start practising the piano which stands in your drawing room, and teach them about classical painters such as Matisse and a few well-known english artists. My aim in this is to improve their knowledge of their own heritage, of which they know embarassingly little. I will also take them to see the great cathedral at Canterbury on Sunday for grand mass. I hope that they will gain a feel for religion, and maybe even become good, Godfearing people like myself. I will have them pray for your safe return every night and every morning.

With kind regards, There are many examples in the letter of the effective use of politics competition apt and sometimes original detail. Section C is research paper, fully addressed. Although the politics competition, mark edges into define research paper, the top band, it is recognised that the politics essay, passage has been selectively rather than comprehensively used; for instance her philosophy, military routine and punishment regime are not referred to. The style is convincing and the voice strong, as conveyed by such phrases as ‘plotting minor acts of rebellion’, ‘appalled at their insolence’, and ‘the slippery slope’. Cample Cover Letter? The vocabulary is essay, mature and question, appropriate throughout, e.g. Competition? ‘mutinous’, ‘adept’, ‘rectify’, and ‘heritage’. There is cover letter, also a sound structure to politics essay competition, the response and the material is scarlet, sequenced and politics essay, coherent. Mark: 13 (reading/content) + 5 (quality of writing) (a) The description of Aunt Pegg is made very effective in several ways: ‘Vile Aunt Pegg!’ – The brevity of this sentance along with the capitalised words and on to kill racial prejudice, the exclamation mark definately acheive a sense of how passionately the essay, writer feels about her through added emphasis. ‘Leering, sneering, peering…’ is also powerful as the words all have the kill a mockingbird racial, same sound, and make the sentance sound a touch poetic. The repetition of ‘Aunt Pegg!’ which follows also adds emphasis to the whole passage so far. ‘Like a cat’ is politics competition, quite important as it is a similie which can represent countless adjectives; graceful, clever, charming etc., but in defence this context represents Aunt Pegg’s unexpected pounce, and politics competition, the ability of a cat to move silently (and almost become invisible) which we are.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. told by “one moment she wasn’t there…” in kill a mockingbird racial Paragraph 3. The cat-like effect is reaffirmed and politics competition, emphasised towards the end of the paragraph through the use of the word ‘snarl’. Opm Resume? The writer makes the description of Aunt Pegg complete by politics competition describing physical aspects; “wizened, tiny woman…”, “upside-down new moon” This is another similie, which allows us to more easily imagine Aunt Pegg. (b) The children are described through another similie: “little zombies”. This gives us an impression of the monotony of their days, and opm resume, the boredom.

The phrase ‘Nostalgia set in’, puts the whole situation into a slightly more humorous context, as nostalgia is usually felt for something lost along time ago and dearly missed. Politics Essay? In this case it has been two days and scarlet, the things missed are luxuries such as sweets. The writer blows the politics, whole situation out of question proportion, quite cleverly as he writes exactly as a child would have seen it. Question 2. The description of the effects is not only convincing but subtle, and includes comments on sound, sequence and punctuation as well as vocabulary. Some of the choices are linked to explain the sustained imagery of the passage.

The response ends with a summary overview of the narrator having the perception of politics essay competition a child. Though the response is not consistently excellent (the end of essay social part (a) does not explain the similes, and part (b) has only two choices) there is enough proof of a secure understanding of how language works for the top mark to be awarded. What makes a good uncle: As they have no responsibility for your health or welfare, the treat you to fatty foods, fun presents, and dangerous games. They can take you to politics essay, interesting places, and do whatever they think you will enjoy, no matter whether your parents allow it or not. Preparing Defence? As they generally only appear for.

short periods once in a while, they don’t get annoyed, and politics essay competition, devote all of their time to your and your hobbies. Part of the essay on to kill a mockingbird, reason for this is that they like to competition, show of their prowess at games, but also to keep you entertained. A good uncle can spin tall tales to capture your imagination with ease about his adventures or ghosts. When he leaves, a good uncle will hint at more fun to come, and may even drop subtle hints to your parents which may turn out to be to your advantage. Aunt Pegg: Aunt Pegg was a cruel person; she spied on the children, and berated them savagely whenever they did something wrong. She seemed to treat the house as her own, and opm resume, kept the children busy through constant chores involving cooking and cleaning. On the one occasion when she took the children into town, she forced them to carry the heavy bags and marched along behind them.

When they tried to run, she accused them of being thieves so that the public stopped them. She lectured them on morals and punished them when they did a misdeed. She thought they were lazy and naughty but obviously didn’t take into consideration that almost all children were like that. This summary contains more than the politics essay, requisite 15 points, all clearly made and essay letter, closely focused. They are expressed in the candidate’s own words throughout, and with controlled concision. The use of complex sentences allows more than one point to be made per sentence, avoiding unnecessary words and giving the response fluency. Mark: 15 (reading/content) + 5 (quality of writing) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Overall comment: This is undoubtedly a script which conveys a high degree of comprehension, as well as linguistic awareness and politics essay, competence of expression. The length and style of preparing thesis defence each response exactly suits the task, and the language used throughout is mature, controlled, and competition, varied. Total mark: 48 (High grade A)

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 3: INTRODUCTION. Directed Writing and Composition. This paper is essay question social, chiefly an assessment of candidates’ writing skills. The two questions are each marked out of 25. In Section 1 (Directed writing) there are 15 marks for writing and 10 for reading. In Section 2 (Composition) the marks are divided between (a) content and structure and (b) style and accuracy. For Section 1 candidates were asked to turn the information contained in essay a publicity flyer for a teenage jungle challenge, along with details supplied by a school’s three potential finalists, into define research paper, a discussion between the Headteacher and his/her Deputy over the best candidate to competition, represent their place of learning. The Examiners looked for: • ability to write an interactive, natural conversation. • accuracy in the use of spelling, punctuation and grammar • ability to turn given information into an attempt to argue.

In Section 2 candidates are given a choice of argumentative/discursive essays, descriptions and narrative composition tasks, and choose one. The Examiners looked for: • appropriate responses to the conventions of the chosen genre/form • interesting, carefully developed subject matter. • a balanced structure overall, and cample, sound sequencing of politics essay ideas and opm resume, events • a wide range of vocabulary. • well structured sentences. • accurate spelling, punctuation and grammar. See Mark Scheme on pp 78-85 for further guidance.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 3: QUESTION PAPER. Section 1: Directed Writing. You are a Headteacher and have received the publicity flyer printed opposite from the Green Team Challenge management (GTC). You have decided that your school will nominate a student for the challenge, and you have received three recommendations, following a vote by the whole school.

Imagine you hold a meeting with your Deputy Headteacher to decide which one of the three candidates to nominate. Write the politics, dialogue between yourself and your Deputy Headteacher. Letter? In your conversation you should: Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each of the finalists Explain the reasons for your final choice. Base your writing on the ideas found in the publicity flyer and the information about finalists on the opposite essay page. Begin your conversation as follows: Let’s consider what these students have said.

I must let the GTC know today which finalist we have chosen. You should write between 1? and 2 sides, allowing for the size of your handwriting. Up to 10 marks are available for cover, the content of your answer and up to 15 marks for the quality of your writing. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Green Team Challenge. Good news! Your school has the opportunity to recommend one lucky senior pupil to politics essay competition, take part in our exciting new venture: Green Team Challenge. The challenge is to set up an research, education and visitors’ centre in an environmentally unique area of rainforest. We are looking for the most courageous, intelligent and adaptable sixteen to eighteen-year-old from your school.

He or she will need to be physically fit and ready to take part in essay competition the types of challenge facing the team as they live and work together for twelve weeks. After a week’s preparation on how to fish for preparing for a thesis defence, food, keep fires alight, cook a meal, manage first aid, plus basic construction and team-building, they’ll also learn what is and isn’t safe in essay competition the rainforest. They need to be able to absorb all the preparing for a thesis defence, information we give them, solve problems and cope with the everyday conditions of their new environment. Although the competition, rainforest is essay scarlet, hot, it is also tropical, which means storms, heavy rain and long days when, as a group, they will need to get on and communicate well in order to avoid conflict, hazards and even boredom! Choose well for your candidate to have the chance of being selected as one of the 20 lucky members of the Green Team.

This is a unique opportunity for your most suitable student to have a life-changing experience and to act as an ambassador for politics essay, your school. You have exactly one week to inform us of your choice. The three finalists. I am a top candidate. Not only do I exercise and run daily – I’m in training for the 1500 metres which is a test of endurance and speed – but I’m also good with words. I’m on the debating team and I am very convincing when I. want to be!

I’m clever too as I’ve done well in my exams, especially biology. A Mockingbird Racial? I can listen well and politics essay competition, I help stop arguments occurring by solving others’ problems. Okay, it’s true that I don’t like bugs and snakes, but I can deal with them. I’m good at opm resume, canoeing and love being outdoors. I’m proud of my school and want to represent it in politics essay competition a positive way.

This isn’t a challenge for weaklings so don’t choose one! Instead take a look at my muscles. I’ve been body building since I was twelve and have won ten competitions so far. I’m also great at map reading so I won’t get lost, even if the other team members want me to! When I was younger I was in an activity group for boys and we learned how to light fires, swim in rivers and fish for our supper. I’m used to managing our football team; now that needs some tough negotiating skills at essay scarlet, times. I’m also pretty handy with a hammer and I helped my dad build our garden shed. Thanks for all your support out essay there.

I’d like to think I’m an define paper, all round achiever: I keep fit by playing football and cycling everywhere. I’ve just completed my lifesaving badges in swimming and I go rock climbing during my spare time. I’m a keen inventor and politics essay competition, won a prize at the National Science Fair recently. I get on essay letter scarlet well with others and have been part of the Student Counselling Service for over a year. I’m the eldest in our house. Actually I’m the one in charge of all the recycling, and both these factors make me responsible, believe me. I’m a steady person who likes working with others, making new friends and overcoming any obstacles I come across along the way. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Section 2: Composition.

Write about 350 – 450 words on one of the following: (a) ‘Peer pressure makes teenagers feel they have to buy the latest technology and essay competition, fashionable clothes.’ What are your views on this statement? (b) ‘Graffiti: art or crime?’ What are your opinions on preparing for a defence graffiti and the people who create them? [25] (a) Describe a time and place, real or imaginary, when you felt trapped. Concentrate on your surroundings and your feelings at the time. (b) You come across a group of people eating and speaking together around a table. Describe how they reveal their personalities, relationships and emotions. Essay? [25] (a) ‘As they looked in the mirror they were amazed to find two completely different people smiling back at them.’ Use this sentence as the beginning of a story. [25] (b) Write a story in which the central theme is flying. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 3: MARK SCHEME. Note: All Examiners are instructed that alternative correct answers and unexpected approaches in candidates’ scripts must be given marks that fairly reflect the relevant knowledge and skills demonstrated. Section 1: Directed Writing. This question tests writing objectives W1–W5: articulate experience and express what is thought, felt and imagined order and present facts, ideas and opinions. understand and use a range of opm resume appropriate vocabulary.

use language and register appropriate to audience and context make accurate and politics essay competition, effective use of paragraphs, grammatical structures, sentences, punctuation and spelling. AND aspects of reading objectives R1–R3: understand and collate explicit meanings. understand, explain and collate implicit meanings and opm resume, attitudes select, analyse and evaluate what is relevant to specific purposes You are a Headteacher and politics essay, have received the publicity flyer printed opposite from the Green Team Challenge management (GTC). You have decided that your school will nominate a student for the challenge, and letter, you have received three recommendations, following a vote by the whole school. Imagine you hold a meeting with your Deputy Headteacher to decide which one of the three candidates to nominate.

Write the politics competition, dialogue between yourself and your Deputy Headteacher. Preparing Defence? In your conversation you should: Evaluate the essay, strengths and weaknesses of each of the finalists Explain the reasons for your final choice. Base your writing on the ideas found in the publicity flyer and the information about finalists on the opposite page. Begin your conversation as follows: Headteacher: Let’s consider what these students have said. I must let the opm resume, GTC know today which finalist we have chosen. You should write between 1? and essay, 2 sides, allowing for the size of your handwriting. Up to 10 marks are available for research, the content of your answer and essay competition, up to 15 marks for the quality of your writing. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. General notes on cample cover possible content.

Candidates should link qualities/strengths of their chosen candidate to politics essay, the details in opm resume the GTC letter. They should also enter into some discussion as to why the politics essay, remaining two candidates are suitable in some ways but not ideal overall. Opm Resume? There may be some imaginative ideas about the ‘challenges’ candidates will face but these are only acceptable if they are linked to the text. There is no credit for ‘getting the right answer’: the politics essay competition, marks are for essay, fitting the qualities of the essay competition, candidates to the information given in the GTC letter. More obvious points: Most candidates will opt for KIM to win – he/she (deliberately ambiguous) has some humility (‘thanks people’), he/she is cover, a general ‘all rounder’ who keeps fit by playing the politics essay, type of sport others engage in plus he/she must be extremely fit (subtext rather than the overtly boasting Didier) as he/she goes rock climbing and can swim well – life saving etc. The part about him/her being an inventor might throw some candidates but many will pick up on this being a useful/ingenious trait when having to survive and make do with only the cover letter, most basic materials in the rainforest. There’s a play for the ‘green’ vote and/or another strong contender point when he/she talks about being the eldest and essay competition, the one in charge of all the recycling. He/she is also an amenable and unthreatening person – the type who generally does well and gets on with the most ‘difficult’ types of people – he/she is part of the opm resume, Student Counselling Service and therefore will be non confrontational and able to negotiate in the GTC camp. Determination is essay, certainly heavily hinted at in the subtext. MARISSA might get the ‘girl power’ vote but she’s much more obvious and direct and doesn’t tick as many boxes as Kim.

She is fit – training for for a thesis defence, 1500 metres – but apart from useful stamina, doesn’t have such direct links to the challenges. She’s also rather contradictory e.g. she is on the debating team and therefore seen to be good with words, but this is politics essay, not like Kim’s negotiating or listening skills and may be more confrontational, as in ‘winning’ in a debate. Preparing Thesis Defence? Passing exams has little to competition, do with being ‘clever’ in the case of common sense and survival tactics but her knowledge of Biology may come in useful with ‘safe/unsafe’ plants or creatures in the rainforest. Yes, she overtly states she ‘listens well’ and define research paper, ‘can stop arguments’ by ‘listening to others’ problems’ but this is a bit of a patronising ‘add on’. She lets slip about her dislike of ‘bugs and snakes’ which is politics essay, obviously a mistake, though some candidates will appreciate her honesty.

Canoeing and loving being outdoors are better linked. Good candidates will pick up on her sense of pride in the school and will link her wanting to represent it well. to the ‘ambassador’ part of the leaflet. DIDIER tends to boast, and is self-centred – but some may think he’s a bit of a laugh and may even misread his ‘body building’ as a strength and his winning of the competitions as being seriously strong and for a thesis defence, determined, therefore usefully linked to the text. Essay? He has obviously been courting the question on corporate social, girl voters and some candidates might say he’s got this far because he’s big and handsome and popular with the girls – but will any of this facade help him do well in the rain forest?

His map reading could be useful; stronger aspects are that he has learned skills of fire lighting, swimming and fishing – but he suggests it’s some time ago since he put any of these into practice. Competition? His biggest attraction is define, his sense of humour and being able not to take himself too seriously – ‘so I won’t get lost, even if the other competitors want me to’ is another example (though this may be an ironic and sad truism). More serious strengths that candidates should put forward are Didier’s management and negotiating skills from his time with his football team. Also his building/‘pretty handy with a hammer’ skill is directly linked to ‘basic construction’ in the flyer – others may decide that helping his dad isn’t strong enough to be taken seriously. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. The strongest answers will be those which thoroughly discuss most (important) aspects of each candidate and put forward their ‘chosen’ student, highlighting all their strengths and linking them clearly with the text in the flyer. Weaker answers will be less balanced in terms of politics coverage of the three finalists and opm resume, may slavishly link skills stated in the text to those of a finalist e.g. ‘they need good swimmers and Kim is a very good swimmer’, or make basic comments such as these. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. This question is marked out of 15 for Writing and 10 for Reading.

Use the following table to give a mark out of 15 for competition, Writing. Band 1. Excellent, consistent sense of audience; argumentative/conversational style; very fit for purpose. Fluent varied sentences/wide range of paper vocabulary. Strong sense of politics essay competition structure and preparing for a, sequence. Virtually no error.

Sense of audience mostly secure; quite stylish and fluent; sense of politics overall structure; arguments occasionally well developed. Writing is mainly accurate, sentences mostly fluent/complex sentences/range of for a defence vocabulary/occasional error/mostly well sequenced. Recognisable sense of politics audience; mostly written in accurate, if fairly straightforward language; some arguments on define research paper finalists based on politics essay competition material are apparent; mostly quite well structured. Errors minor; language straightforward but effective. Vocabulary fit for task/balanced conversation. Written in an appropriate if sometimes inconsistent style; expression mainly. accurate; factual rather than argumentative; basic structure: has beginning, middle and question social, end. Fairly frequent (minor) errors; language and vocabulary simple with occasional attempts at argument. Functional expression; facts selected and occasionally listed; has a beginning, but main part of the essay, conversation is not always well sequenced.

Some serious errors in grammar and use of vocabulary. Preparing Thesis? Errors slightly intrusive. Language and essay, style not clear; some blurring and lack of opm resume order. Despite some serious errors, can mainly be followed. Simple sentences. Serious inaccuracies and problems with language and grammar are too intrusive to gain a mark in Band 6. Use the following table to give a mark out of 10 for Reading.

Band 1. Most aspects of the finalists are clearly presented and developed – the links between these and the text above are strong and logically made. Ideas grow out of the strengths and weaknesses and are developed to suggest a sound rationale for the strongest pupil. Effective reading between the lines. Many of the politics competition, aspects of the finalists are discussed and there is evidence of essay scarlet linking them to the text above. Strengths and weaknesses are well linked to the text and ideas are developed. Good overall use of material. Acceptable coverage of strengths and politics essay, weaknesses but not many implicit points are developed/mentioned. Comments are linked to the text but are more stated than developed. Some coverage of finalists’ points is kill a mockingbird, noted, but the answer consists chiefly of a retelling/outlining with occasional/slight linking.

The answer as a whole is essay competition, occasionally, though slightly, related to the text. The aim of the linking is partially clear but use of material is erratic. Answer does not relate to essay scarlet, question and/or too much unselective copying directly from the competition, material to gain a mark in Band 5. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Section 2: Composition. Questions 2(a), 2(b), 3(a), 3(b), 4(a) and 4(b) • the preparing for a, first mark is essay, out of for a thesis defence 13 for content and structure: see Table A • the second mark is out of 12 for style and accuracy: see Table B Remember that these marks will not necessarily match and politics, one mark may well be (much) higher than the other. The maximum overall mark for the composition is 25. Write the total clearly at the end as follows (e.g.) C7 + S10 = 17 (C standing for ‘Content’, S standing for ‘Style’). It is important that marking is not ‘bunched’: do not be reticent about define awarding marks in the top and politics essay competition, bottom bands.

(a) ‘Peer pressure makes teenagers feel they have to buy the latest technology and letter scarlet, fashionable clothes.’ What are your views on this statement? [25] (b) ‘Graffiti: art or crime?’ What are your opinions on graffiti and the people who create them? (a) Describe a time and place, real or imaginary, when you felt trapped. Concentrate on essay your surroundings and your feelings at define research, the time. (b) You come across a group of people eating and speaking together around a table. Describe how they reveal their personalities, relationships and emotions. [25] (a) ‘As they looked in the mirror they were amazed to find two completely different people smiling back at essay competition, them.’ Use this sentence as the beginning of a story. [25] (b) Write a story in which the central theme is flying. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. COMPOSITION TASKS: TABLE A – CONTENT AND STRUCTURE.

developed, logical stages. in an overall, at times. Each stage is linked to the. preceding one, and. paragraphs are soundly. There are many welldefined, well-developed. ideas and images, atmospheres with a range. Overall structure is. provided through devices. such as the movements of.

the writer, the preparing thesis, creation of essay competition a. short time span, or the. creation of atmosphere or. tension. There is no. confusion with writing a. story. Opm Resume? Repetition is avoided. and the sequence of. sentences makes the. picture clear to the reader. Each stage of the argument. is defined and essay competition, developed, although the preparing thesis, explanation.

may not be consistent. There is a good selection of. interesting ideas and. images, with a range of. The stages follow in a. are mostly well sequenced, although some may finish. less strongly than they.

These are formed into politics, an. overall picture of some. clarity, and effectiveness. There may be occasional. repetition, and opportunities. for development or the. provision of detail may be. missed.

Sentences are. often well sequenced. There is a competent. series of relevant points. and a clear attempt is made. to develop some of them. These points are relevant,

Repetition is avoided, but. the order of the stages in. the overall argument can be. changed without adverse. effect. The sequence of the. paragraphs is satisfactory, but the linking of ideas. may be insecure.

There is a competent. selection of relevant. ideas, images, and. details, which satisfactorily. address the task. Cample Letter? An. attempt is made to create. The description provides a. series of points rather than. a sense of their being.

combined to make an. overall picture, but some. ideas are developed. sentences are well. The narrative is complex. and sophisticated and. may contain devices such. as sub-texts, flashbacks.

and time lapses. Cogent. details are provided where. necessary or appropriate. Different parts of the story. are balanced and politics essay, the. climax carefully managed. Sentence sequences are.

sometimes arranged to. produce effects such as the. building up of tension or. providing a sudden turn of. The writing develops some. interesting features, but. not consistently so. Expect the use of detail and. some attention to character. Writing is orderly and the. beginning and research, ending.

(where required) are. The reader is politics competition, well aware. of the climax even if it is. not fully effective. Sequencing of sentences. provides clarity and. engages the letter scarlet, reader in. events or atmosphere. A straightforward story (or. part of story) with.

identification of features. such as character, setting, While opportunities for. of ideas are sometimes. missed, overall structure is. competent, and some. features of a developed. narrative are evident. Sentences are usually. sequenced to narrate.

0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Mainly relevant points are. made and they are. developed partially with. some brief effectiveness. The overall argument.

shows signs of structure but. may be sounder at the. beginning than at the end, or may drift away from the. topic. Essay Competition? There may be some. repetition. Research? The sequence. of sentences may be.

Some relevant ideas are. provided and politics competition, occasionally. developed a little, perhaps as a narrative. episodes, but the use of. event may overshadow. Responds relevantly to the. topic, but is largely a. series of events with only. occasional details of. character and on to, setting. Overall structure is sound, but there are examples.

where particular parts are. too long or short. The. climax is not effectively. described or prepared. narrate events and. A simple narrative with a. beginning, middle and end. (where appropriate); it may.

consist of everyday. happenings or fantastic, Content may seem. Unequal or inappropriate. importance is competition, given to. parts of the story. inconsistent. Dialogue may. be used ineffectively. There is no real climax. Sentence sequences are.

used only to link simple. series of opm resume events. There is some overall. structure, but the writing. may lack direction and. intent. There may be. interruptions in the. sequence of sentences. and/or some lack of clarity. A few relevant points are.

made and may be. expanded into paragraphs, but development is competition, very. simple and not always. Content is relevant but. lacking in scope or. variety. Opportunities to. provide development and. detail are frequently. There is weakness of. sequencing overall and.

and a failure to sustain. relevant argument are. The overall structure, though readily discernible, is inconsistent. The. reliance on identifying. events, objects and/or. people sometimes leads to. a sequence of sentences. A few points are. discernible but any attempt. to develop them is very.

Some relevant facts are. identified, but the overall. picture is unclear and. Stories are very simple. and narrate events. are simple and define, lack effect. Overall argument only. progresses here and. there and the sequence of. sentences is poor. There are examples of.

sequenced sentences, but. there is essay competition, also repetition and. The shape of the research, narrative. is unclear; some of the. content has no relevance to. the plot. Sequences of. sentences are sometimes. poor, leading to a lack of. Rarely relevant, little.

material, and presented in. a disorderly structure. Not. sufficient to be placed in. Rarely relevant, little. material, and presented in politics competition a. disorderly structure. Define Research Paper? Not.

sufficient to be placed in. Rarely relevant, little. material, and presented in essay competition a. disorderly structure. Not. sufficient to be placed in. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. COMPOSITION TASKS: TABLE B: STYLE AND ACCURACY. Writing is consistent, stylistically fluent, linguistically strong and accurate; has sense of audience.

• Look for appropriately used ambitious words. • Complex sentence structures where appropriate. Writing is mostly fluent, sometimes linguistically effective and largely accurate; may have some sense of audience. Writing is clear, competent (if plain) in vocabulary and grammar; errors perhaps frequent, but minor. Look for definite weaknesses in sentence structures. Grammatical errors such as incorrect use of prepositions and tense.

Writing is letter, very limited in correct vocabulary and grammar; error is persistent; meaning is sometimes blurred. Look for politics essay competition, simple sentences. Errors of sentence separation. Writing is generally simple in vocabulary and grammar; errors are distracting and sometimes serious, but general meaning can always be followed. Look for mostly correct sentence separation.

Occasional precision and/or interest in choice of preparing thesis words. Writing is competition, clear and accurate in essay kill a mockingbird prejudice places, and expresses general meaning in essay competition vocabulary and grammar; errors occasionally serious. Look for signs of essay question on corporate responsibility a developing style. Some ability to express shades of meaning. Look for politics essay competition, faulty and/or rambling sentences.

Language insufficient to carry intended meaning. Writing is difficult to follow because of letter inadequate language proficiency and error. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. PAPER 3: SCRIPTS WITH EXAMINER COMMENTARY (CANDIDATES V-DD) 1 Headteacher: Let’s consider what these students have said. Politics Essay Competition? I must let the GTC know today which finalist we have chosen. Deputy Headteacher: It is quite right, so How do you think these three finalists. Can you talk about Marissa.

Deputy Headteacher = DH. I think Marissa is essay on to kill, very good girl. She is good at 1500 metres running and competition, other sports. I thinck she gets enough energy for this challenge. She said she is good at words. Her exams results are good as well. Opm Resume? So I think soving a lot of problems and give team a lot of good plans. DH: Oh yeah! She is very good. so do you think she can be leader of the team? H: I don’t think so, because she said she don’t like bugs and politics, snakes.

She said she can deal with them, but I think when the letter, dangerous coming, she may can’t do anything about. DH: I think you very right so how do you think Didier. Oh! He can do “a lot of” things. He can read the map. Politics? He have a lot of cample cover letter good skills on football. He also pretty on the hammer and politics competition, he also have a good body. DH: So do you think he can be the leader?

Definally not. Because he is not very friendly. For A Thesis Defence? He just say don’t choose ole. I think he non be very good to politics essay, the nombers in his team and his football skill and essay on to prejudice, hammer skill can’t realy help us in the challenge. DH: You don’t choose them, so will you choose the Kim. Yes.

I think he will be a good leader in the challenge. He is friendly. Politics Essay? I think he will enjoy on define paper this challenge and help other people. He good at football and cycling i so his body will be very fit. In the free time, he said he learnt how to saving people. DH: I know now, so do you think what things can he still improve. H: Of course. No one is perfect, so I think he need Marissa, Didier and other people as well.

I think this time, it will be fantastic. DH: I really want to politics essay, see how they do their jobs, now. (Both headteachers are larghing now) Whilst the candidate attempts a conversation between both senior teachers, there is essay question on corporate responsibility, no real discussion as such. It is the politics competition, Headteacher who refers to some points briefly, though these are often listed and very similar to preparing for a thesis, the original text. Competition? There is little attempt to link the skills of the candidates to those required by the GTC challenge, except in the case of Didier when there is opm resume, a mention of his football team management skills and his use of politics essay a hammer. Opm Resume? The final sequence of who will represent the school is very confusing; although one 86. 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

person is politics essay, named, it is also decided that the other two candidates must go as well, defeating the object of the essay, discussion. The writing is very faulty and often includes some weak expressions such as ‘I think when the politics essay, dangerous coming, she may can’t do anything about’. Grammar and punctuation are often faulty. Question marks are missing throughout. Mark: 4 (reading) + 3 (writing) Do you think peer pressure makes teenagers feel they have to buy the lastest. technology and fashionable clothes? I think it is partly right.

I think when you read here, you must ask why it is question on corporate social, partly right. Now, I am taking about it. Firstly, I want to essay competition, tell you why feel it is right; Because you know in this years, a lot of family rich now, so in the school, a lot of students will show how rich they are; show what phone they got and show what clothes they wear. So if today some one shows things is better than other children. That children will go back home, tell parents and define, ask them buy more fashionable things…… I think it is competition, quite stupid. I know some reader will not agree with me and ask why I say them stupid, but I will show you why think like that. Essay Social? If children always care what is the latest technology and which clothes is politics essay, more fashionable, they will not concentrate on their studies, theirs results will goes down.

When they grow up, when they use their own money, they will have no money for eating and cover, living. They will use them to but some news clothes and newest technology and when they find good clothes in the Internet at home, they will miss a lot of politics good things and nice things and their body will not good any more. In that time, a lot of parents will say it is peer pressure; I think it is quite right, peer pressure makes a lot teenagers but the lastest technology and opm resume, fashionable clothes, but I still think it is not peer pressure’s falt. I think parents and teachers should remind teenagers as well. If they aviod them buy new clothes, they will have no money to politics essay competition, buy them, and other thing will not happen. Over all, I think peer pressure is not good, We can try to make students don’t feel that, but it is not enough, I think all the opm resume, parent should not give them a lot of money either, if we do that, our children will growth much better. Whilst some ideas are outlined, and can be discerned, the structure of the piece is essay competition, difficult to follow. Most interruptions in the sequencing of essay letter ideas arise from contradictions in many points made or a confused stance about the topic. For example, ‘peer pressure makes a lot teenagers but the lastest technology and politics, fashionable clothes, but I still think it is not peer pressure’s falt’ is very unclear and there are quite a few instances like this. The result is a lack of progression overall. Weaknesses of expression in grammar, agreement and tense are quite limiting.

Some sections are blurred and the candidate struggles to make clear the essay letter scarlet, most basic ideas. Politics? Mark: 3 (content and structure) + 2 (style and accuracy) Total Mark: 12 (High grade G) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. Headteacher: Let’s consider what the students have said. finalist we have chosen. I must let the GTC know today which.

: I’m thinking about cample cover letting Marissa go. Headteacher She exercise and competition, run daily, she is good with her words. Since she has participated on the debating team she will be very convincing. Letter Scarlet? She has done well on her exams and listen well. She is politics essay, also a good canoer. She has to be on research the GTC she will represent us well. Headteacher: But you forgot, she said she “don’t like bugs and snakes”. Being in essay competition the environment you will see snakes and bugs. She is out, she had only question, 7 good characterists since she said she does not like snakes. : Your right, she is out. How about Kim.

Headteacher She keeps fit, earned her lifesaving badges in swimming and politics essay, go rock climbing. She get along well with others and is part of the Student Counselling Service. She is responsible and will overcome any obstacle that comes across her. She has to be the one. Headteacher: (Placing my head into essay question social, my hands.) Yes I agree.

She sounds like a good choice but I counted 8 good characterists about her. Politics Essay? How much did you count. Deputy. : Yes I only counted 8 too. Let’s see what the last finalist put down. Headteacher. Headteacher: He thought of essay letter himself as muscular because he was body building since he was twelve and won ten competitions. He is politics, great at reading a map, so he won’t get lost. He knows light fires, swim in rivers, and preparing thesis, fish for food. Politics? Which is another characterist that nobody else said.

He is used to managing and is handy with a hammer. I picked him. Deputy. : I agree that was the most characterists I got out of someone. Cample? I 100% agree with you.

Headteacher Didier will be our finalist and would be aloud to be in the Green Team Challenge. Headteacher: You don’t have once slight thought that we picked the wrong person right? Because I do not. : I do not this is the person that will represent our school in the GTC. Headteacher. Initially the discussion looks promising as the politics, Deputy introduces the kill a mockingbird, positive aspects of Marissa, albeit in a summative statement, whilst the Headteacher counters with the pertinent point about her dislike of bugs and snakes. However, without further ado, this contestant is dismissed (or ‘she is out’), and the worrying trend of counting good characteristics starts to take the place of discussing points or evaluating ideas. From this point the other finalists’ abilities are merely paraphrased before settling on the student with ‘the most characterists’, Didier. The writing is simple and tends to list rather than attempting to explore ideas in the form of an argument. There are also careless spelling errors and some grammatical weaknesses.

Mark: 4 (reading) + 6 (writing) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet. It was a Sunday afternoon 11:30 a.m. to be exact and could not go anywhere, until finish my work. Politics Competition? I was trapped in my own house, the felt the walls getting smaller, and I was breathing harder. In afew hours I would have to meet up with a friend. But my parents said I need to finish my work first. When they came I jumped from opm resume, my black rolling chair and hit my knee on the brown desk. They said “Are you finished yet, because if your not, you won’t be able to go to your friends”. When she said that a big smile came across her face showing her white teeth. I said Almost, but truly I was nowhere to being done. Politics? They slammed the door and let me finish my work.

With sweat coming down my face, my arms sweating I tried to finish the work, I had to finish. My friend was counting on me to essay kill, be there with him. One lamp was on, my lights to my fan was all out. So it was darker then normal. As my family was in the family room watching tv. I thought to myself, how unfair it that I had my work, when it was summer break. My sister get to go anywhere she want, but not me just to the places they assign me or make me go.

As I my hand did the work my brain kept on going of politics topic. I was thinking about how much my dad shows that my sister is his favorite, what types of movies will be at opm resume, the Ravemotion. The more I thought about the movies the faster I worked. In 1 hour I was done with all of my work. I told my parents but they wanted to watch the game. It was around 1:00 p.m. when the game finally was over. They let me leave but they were like big leeches that won’t get off. Everytime I turned around turned around their they were, right behind me. I understand that they are concern but they didn’t have to be hot on my trale. Politics Essay? When it was time to go I was very angry at them for letter, following us everywhere at the mall.

During the whole day, I felt trapped, trapped in my parents concerned cover or in their big eyes. Essay Competition? When we came home, I gave them a piece of my mind. Preparing Thesis? For 30 minutes straight I talked to them. Describing all of my feelings and describing every little event that made me felt trapped. Politics? They actually listened instead of talked. Cover? In the end we settled on a agrement; they will stop making me feel trapped if I behave in the house and when we go out to places Section 2. Candidates were expected to essay, write a descriptive account of feeling trapped, whilst the emphasis was on surroundings and feelings. There is a promising introduction to this account with the candidate providing some interesting physical and question, emotional details.

Although much of the writing is flawed, and the focus turns to a rather confusing narrative, there are still some attempts to essay competition, provide detail, but in simple and obvious ways. The idea of cample cover letter parents not leaving the writer alone (or ‘hot on politics my trale’) linked to the feeling of being ‘trapped’ is defence, a good one, but the language is not mature or accurate enough to be convincing. There are many errors of expression throughout and basic ‘your’ for ‘you’re’ and ‘their’ for ‘there’ spelling mistakes. Politics Essay? Although the general meaning is fairly clear, errors in tense and letter scarlet, sentence structure become more apparent towards the competition, end of the piece. Mark: 5 (content and essay on to kill, structure) + 4 (style and essay, accuracy) Total mark: 19 (Grade E) 0500 First Language English Standards Booklet.

1. Head teacher: Let’s consider what these students have said. I must let the prejudice, GTC know today which finalist we have chosen. Deputy Head teacher: Well then, lets discuss which candidate we should have go. Head teacher: Marissa seems to be a good candidate, she seems to be physically fit. Deputy Head teacher: But she is also afraid of bugs and snakes, but can put up with them. Essay? Head teacher: Well that’s one choice or possibility, Didier dosen’t seem to for a, be a good candidate choice. Deputy Headteacher: Yes he seems to be muscular but he dosen’t seem to be intelligent or able to work with groups. Head teacher: So now our two candidates are Marissa and Kim. Deputy Head teacher: Well Kim seems intelligent and works well in teams or groups, she is also fit. Head teacher: But Marissa says wants to politics competition, represent our school in a positive way. Deputy Head teacher: This is going to be a tough decission.

Head teacher: Well I think that I am going to vote for Kim because she is. fit, works well in groups or teams and is intelligent. Deputy Head teacher: But Marissa is also fit, is intelligent, loves to be out doors and wants to question on corporate social responsibility, represent our school in politics essay competition a positive way. Head teacher: I think Kim is more fit to essay on to racial, go to the GTC. Deputy Head teacher: Then it is settled, we have agreed that Kim will be chosen to go to the GTC. Head teacher: Yes Kim will go to the GTC to represent our school. This answer provides an element of discussion between the two senior teachers, but the information provided by each is limited and there is very little evaluation throughout. These brief contributions do not do justice to politics essay competition, some of the implicit ideas suggested, such as the essay scarlet, points about Didier, which require a more robust argument. The ‘tennis match’ style of essay competition this discussion is fairly accurate except for the fact that commas are used instead of full stops. There are no complex sentences, but there is an occasional sense of voice. Mark: 4 (reading) + 8 (writing)

2 (b) Is Graffiti an art or a crime? Many people can argue this question, but it can be both. Graffiti can be a crime because the thesis, things and buildings that people graffiti on become rui. University/College: University of California. Type of paper: Thesis/Dissertation Chapter.

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